Cathe Live: Legs w/ Weights & Barre

Legs w/ Weights & Barre is a Live workout I somehow missed. Not sure how–but thanks to a Cathe forum friend, I did not overlook it! This a great metabolic lower body workout. It is deceiving, too. I created my workout card in advance and was surprised that Cathe used 10 pound dumbbells for everything. I chose heavier dumbbells on most of the exercises and got a great lower body workout with a strong cardio element, but I think even with 10 pound dumbbells only it would have been a very effective workout. If not for the actual cardio blasts I might have worn my 12 pound weighted vest–but cardio wearing a 12 pound vest is too advanced for me. I am planning to buy an 8 pound weighted vest to start wearing during lower impact cardio and very metabolic lower body workouts–I think I can handle 8 pounds.

Anyway, after the warm up you do 25:30 minutes of standing lower body work using dumbbells, sliding device and firewalkers. This is a cardio + strength workout and the strength work is fast-paced, high rep and very metabolic. As I mentioned, I created my workout cards in advance and pre-chose my weights. They were appropriate, however, frequently there is no break between exercises, which means I had to miss a rep to grab a different set of dumbbells. Not a terribly big deal since it is high rep, but something to be aware of. After the standing legs, you have approx. a minute to stretch and grab your chair or barre if you have one. Then you go into 15:30 minutes of barre work. Have your firewalker handy for that, too, because she does some hamstring work using the firewalker loop.

Overall, a great calorie burning lower body workout. Several times during this workout the muscles Cathe had me working were really burning out–so I know she was hitting them hard!

Legs w/ Weights & Barre is 52:30 minutes long; 8:30 minute warm up; 25:30 minutes weights, 15:30 minutes barre and 1:30 minute stretch. Equipment needed: a set of moderate weight dumbbells (10’s or 12’s), a paper plate or gliding disc, a fire walker loop and a chair or fitness barre. Cathe used 10 pound dumbbells for everything so the weights listed below are the weights I used. It aired live on 4/28/16 and here is the video clip.

Weighted Legs (25:30 minutes):

  1. Squat w/ overhead press; changes to marching sumos; repeat 4x total (one 15# DB)
  2. Sumo squat to side, pivot into one arm overhead press (one 10# DB)
  3. Alternating reverse pulsing lunges (15# DBs)
  4. Static lunges; changes to pulses (Cathe holds two 10# DBs in one hand, I used one 20# DB)
  5. Reverse lunge into front kick (15# DBs)
  6. Repeat #5 but this time after 4 reps it ends w/ pulsing reverse lunges
  7. Jumping jacks and scissor runs w/ firewalker around ankles; changes to 4 lunge punches alternated w/ 4 jacks
  8. 4 lateral walks to each side, firewalker still around ankles
  9. 4 lateral plie squat walks to each side + pulsing plie squats (12# DBs)
  10. Jump rope + jacks w/ firewalker around ankles; changes to forward/back attack squat jumps
  11. Repeat #8
  12. Repeat #10
  13. Walking lunges (3 pulsing walking lunges + one pulsing plie squat); ends with pulsing plie squats only (12# DBs)
  14. Alternating side lunges; changes to squats; repeat 3x (12# DBs)
  15. Pulsing hover squats (one 15# DB)
  16. Side slide lunges
  17. Single leg deadlifts (12# DBs)
  18. Warrior lunges w/ sliding device
  19. Stay in lunge and slide back leg in and out
  20. Pulsing alternating crossback lunges; changes to singles (one 15# DB)

Barre (15:30 minutes):

  1. Face barre/chair, leaning forward, raise and lower straight leg behind you; changes to pulses
  2. Same position as #1, bend raised leg, and bend and straighten working leg; ends w/ pulses
  3. Repeat 1 & 2 on other leg
  4. Heel raises
  5. Standing pulsing hydrants, leg raised to side; changes to moving hydrant leg forward and back as it pulses
  6. Hamstring presses (firewalker around one ankle and the sole of other foot; bent knee and press foot back); changes to raising and lowering foot/leg
  7. Stand beside barre, raise onto toes and bend knees while lowering bottom and keeping back straight; pulse in this position









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