Cathe Live: Upper Body Boot Camp

I was excited to try Cathe‘s two newest Live bootcamp workouts–this one, Upper Body Bootcamp, and Lower Body Bootcamp, which I will be doing tomorrow. From the previews, they look pretty comprehensive. Having done Upper Body I can say it is a very fast-paced workout, so you are getting your heart rate up while doing it. Not into a cardio range, but you will break a sweat. The structure is 10 circuits total. The first 5 circuits consist of 3 exercises per muscle group and ends with a core exercise. Each circuit focuses on a different upper body muscle group. Then you do 5 more circuits, again–one muscle group per circuit. The second time through you only do 2 exercises for each muscle group. The circuit still ends with a core exercise. And it is nearly an hour long! Excellent use of my morning workout time.

Because it is fast paced and because the exercises are frequently high rep, you cannot go as heavy as you would expect. For example, I created my workout card in advance, not really paying attention to the rep count while creating it–just the exercises. Then I wrote in the dumbbell poundage I assumed I could lift for the exercise. Well, the first exercise is a chest press on the ball. Cathe did a bazillion reps–and at a very brisk pace! I had to drop my dumbbells after more than 20 reps and she was still going! BTW–after rep 16, my reps were slower than hers, too! So I grabbed my 20s to finish it out. So, the first time through, I recommend either using the same weight as Cathe and noting if you can increase your dumbbells the next time you do the workout, or (if you know you usually lift the same as me) use the same dumbbells I used, which are noted below. I felt challenged by the weights I used.

Another excellent upper body and core workout!

Upper Body Boot Camp is 57 minutes long; 4:30 minute warm up and 2 minute stretch. You will need 5 pound dumbbells for warm up. Equipment needed: a stability ball, a medium resistance band with plastic handles, various dumbbells and fitness mat. It aired live on 4/20/17 and here is the video clip.


  1. Chest press on ball (Cathe used 15# DBs, I used 20# DBs)
  2. Chest fly on ball (Cathe used 15# DBs, I used 20# DBs)
  3. Push ups w/ legs on ball
  4. Core: roll outs w/ forearms on ball


  1. Pull overs on ball (15#DBs)
  2. One arm row w/ other hand on ball, 2 sets (Cathe uses one 15# and one 5# DB held in one hand, I used one 25# DB)
  3. Seated T pulls w/ band
  4. Core: standing and holding one DB in both hands and overhead, circle torso to side, floor, side and overhead (one 8# DB)


  1. Overhead shoulder press on ball (12# DBs)
  2. Upright rows (15# DBs)
  3. Seated rear delt flys on ball (Cathe used 8# DBs, I used 10# DBs)
  4. Core: butterfly sit ups (full sit ups with soles of feet together and knees open)


  1. Bicep curls sitting on ball (Cathe used 12# DBs, I used 15# DBs)
  2. Incline bicep curls on ball (Cathe used 12# DBs, I used 15# DBs)
  3. Preacher curls on ball (Cathe used 12# DBs, I used 15# DBs)
  4. Core: plank knee ins (while in plank w/ shins on ball, roll ball in and out)


  1. Seesaw push ups on ball
  2. Seated overhead tricep extensions on ball (12# DBs)
  3. Narrow chest press on ball (15# DBs)
  4. Core: Russian twists w/ ball; changes to arcing ball overhead from one side to the other; repeat both moves


  1. Incline chest flys on ball (Cathe used 12# DBs, I used 20# DBs)
  2. Incline chest press on ball (Cathe used 12# DBs, I used 20# DBs)
  3. Core: standing oblique side-bend crunches (Cathe holds one 20# and one 5# DB in one hand, I used one 20# DB)


  1. Seated Y pulls w/ band (single arm and double arm)
  2. Torso lifts w/ hips on ball
  3. Core: ball exchange


  1. Straight arm lateral raises seated on ball (Cathe starts w/ 8# DBs and lowers to 5# DBs; I used 8# DBs)
  2. Incline straight arm front raises on ball (Cathe starts w/ 8# DBs and lowers to 5# DBs; I used 8# DBs)
  3. Core: lay on side, propped on one elbow, knees bent and hips raised so you are on one knee and one elbow; touch top elbow to top knee while lowering hips then extend both top arm and top leg straight while raising hips


  1. Side lying one arm tricep push ups
  2. Tricep dips
  3. Bent over tricep kickbacks w/ band
  4. Core: lay on back, arms and legs straight and holding ball overhead; sit up and raise one leg, tapping ball to foot; alternate legs


  1. Seated W bicep curls on ball (12# DBs)
  2. Incline hammer curls on ball (Cathe used 12# DBs, I used 15# DBs)
  3. Core: banana holds, holding ball overhead; add scissoring feet while in banana hold




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