Cathe Live: Old School Cardio + Kickboxing

oldschoolcardiopluskickboxing-9-29-16This was a very interesting workout from Cathe Live. Another one I was on the fence about trying and when I finally did, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. But in the end I did. This workout is exactly what the title describes. The first half of this workout is “old school” cardio–think Cathe‘s Maximum Intensity Cardio–except not as intense. To be honest, I did not know when the warm up ended and the old school cardio began because for the first 12 minutes of the workout I hardly broke a sweat. That’s when I didn’t think I was going to like this workout. The beginning is made up of a lot of grapevines and side steps. But then, after 12 minutes, Cathe speeds up the music and the cardio gets a lot more intense–more in line with Maximum Intensity Cardio, tho it never gets that intense (MIC is a very intense cardio workout). Lots more jumping/high impact moves, but no plyo.

Since the workout starts with old school cardio, Cathe and the class members never put on boxing gloves. The cardio kickboxing starts at around 25:30 minutes…  maybe. Around 20 minutes she is mixing a lot of cardio boxing with old school cardio, then at 25:30 minutes you get your first actual boxing combo. After the first combo she gives you a water break so if you want, you can put your gloves on at that point. Of course, the first time through I had no idea there would be a break, so I paused the workout at 25:30 when I realized the boxing had begun and put on my 2 pound weighted gloves. But if I had just done one combo sans gloves I would have gotten a break to put them on anyway. The cardio kickboxing keeps the intensity up throughout the rest of the workout, so that in the end, I really liked this workout. Very long warm up (I guess…?) but in the end it was intense and fun. It is done traditional Cathe cardio kickboxing style–boxing or kicking combos alternate with cardio blasts. She doesn’t do any combos that combine boxing and kicking. Some of the boxing combos got a little confusing for me and I would lose my place sometimes. I think even Cathe did a few times but it went so fast it was hard to tell for certain.

Overall another good cardio workout from Cathe Live. Not her best but good nonetheless.

Old School Cardio + Kickboxing is 47:30 minutes long; as mentioned above, I am not positive how long the warm up is but I didn’t really break a sweat until after the first 12 minutes, so maybe a 12 minute warm up? Old School Cardio (including any warm up time) is approx. 25 minutes and cardio kickboxing is 20 minutes (or maybe 25 minutes, too, if you count that they overlap…). Stretch is 2 minutes. Cathe and class use no equipment. But if you want to wear weighted or boxing gloves to increase intensity, there are several places where you could put them on. At 20 minutes when the old school cardio and cardio kickboxing seem to be merging/overlapping/fusing, or at 25:30 when you do the first boxing combo or when Cathe gives you a water break at 26:30. It aired live on 9/29/16 and here is the video clip.




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