Cathe Live: Cardio Core Circuit


Cardio Core Circuit is one of Cathe’s Live workouts that is based on one of her DVD workouts. I am trying to prep for these better than I have in the past. So a few days ago I did the DVD version of this workout for comparison’s sake. I actually haven’t done the DVD version in a while even tho I know I always liked it a lot. And I still do! It is a tough HIIT level workout. The Live version is structured exactly the same as the DVD Cardio Core Circuit. It is set up in 5 circuits. Each circuit contains 3 cardio blast-type moves that are repeated then you do a core move. The Live workout is structured the same way, but that’s where the similarities end.

Here are the differences. First, the Live workout contains a few of the same exercises, but for the most part, the exercises in the Live version are different. Second, the Live version is shorter and easier. It’s still an intense workout but very few of the cardio blasts are HIIT level. In the DVD version the majority of them are! However, they are blasts–so they are intense, just a lower level of intensity. Third, the core work in the Live version is all standing, weighted core work. In the DVD version it is all done on a mat and no dumbbells are used anywhere in the DVD workout. The final difference is that in the DVD version, when the 5 circuits are over, the workout is over–you move into the stretch. In the Live version, after you finish the 5 circuits, you do a 6th circuit but it is weighted core work only. You take the 5 core exercises from each circuit and do them again, one right after the other. Also, I guess there is one more difference, but this difference is across the board in all Cathe Live workouts versus her DVD workouts. The stretch is much shorter in the Live workout than it is in the DVD workout. The DVD workout has a 7 minute stretch–more than twice as long as the Live version stretch.

Personally? I love both workouts. I love this one a lot. Sometimes I want an intense cardio workout but not as intense as Cardio Core Circuit (DVD version)–which IMHO, is very intense. Well, this one fits that perfectly. I also really love the standing, weighted core work. Excellent cardio workout!

Cardio Core Circuit is 46 minutes long; 7 minute warm up and 3 minute stretch. It aired live on 3/12/15 and here is the video clip. Equipment needed: one 10# dumbbell and one 20 pound dumbbell.

Circuit 1:

  1. Squat digs
  2. Apple pickers (lateral jumps)
  3. Snowboarders
  4. Repeat 1-3
  5. Core: Shovel w/ one 10# DB; 12 shovels each side

Circuit 2:

  1. Jump forward, double jump back, squat jump–repeat; then box jump twice; do this 4x (2 times each side) with 8 jacks in between each pair
  2. Lateral slides (circle the arms)
  3. 4 air jumps + 4 air jacks; repeat 4x
  4. Repeat 1-3
  5. Core: Hold DB in one hand, other hand behind head and lean to side; 12 each side (Cathe holds two 10# DBs in one hand, I just held one 20# DB)

Circuit 3:

  1. Ice breakers
  2. 3 lateral jumps + one tuck jump
  3. Split jumps (stay on same leg for 4 jumps then switch; keep switching every 4 jumps)
  4. Repeat 1-3
  5. Core: Knee raises w/ one 10# DB, twist DB toward raised knee; 12 each side

Circuit 4:

  1. Quarter turn squat jumps (side, center, other side, center)
  2. Grapevine + 6 power scissors
  3. Shuffle, shuffle, drop (“drop” is a squat where fingertips touch the floor)
  4. Repeat 1-3
  5. Core: Vertical wood chops w/ one 10# DB; 12 each side

Circuit 5:

  1. Lateral shoot burpees (burpees but shoot legs out to side; alternate sides)
  2. Snow angel jacks
  3. 3 hops, turn and do 3 hops the other direction; keep turning and hopping
  4. Repeat 1-3
  5. Core: Circumference circles w/ one 10# DB; 12 each direction

Core Only Circuit:

  1. Shovel w/ one 10# DB
  2. Hold DB in one hand, other hand behind head and lean to side
  3. Knee raises w/ one 10# DB
  4. Vertical wood chops w/ one 10# DB
  5. Circumference circles w/ one 10# DB





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