Cathe’s Cardio Core Circuit

Cardio Core Circuit is a 51 minute cardio workout; 5 minute warm up, 39 minute training time and 7 minute cool down. Another amazing, intense cardio workout that I am in love with! Has it displaced Crossfire as my favorite? Not quite—but close! The last 3 Cathe cardio workouts I’ve done: Crossfire, Cardio Supersets and now Cardio Core Circuit are amazing, intense, advanced, fun and even better—the time flies. And there is something else that is pretty exciting—the Cathe workout library is VAST (see for yourself). Yes, I am in for a big investment. I just can’t stop buying them. They are addictive! I can’t believe it took me so long to discover how amazing Cathe’s workouts are. 

The title of this workout really explains the concept. It is primarily a cardio workout, set up circuit fashion, with a core component to each circuit. More specifically, there are 5 circuits. Each circuit has 3 cardio moves that are repeated and the circuit ends with one core move that is not repeated. The cardio moves are primarily high impact and many are plyometric. It’s basically a HIIT workout as she gives you short breaks between each move. She doesn’t show a lot of modifications but the ones she does show are related to the moves where you are rolling on your back. 

Circuit One: 1. squat digs, 2. plank mountain climbers (she instructs to point toes toward opposite hand), 3. jump side-to-side. Repeat all 3 moves. Core: knee ins (tuck to hollow man basically).

Circuit Two: 1. jump forward twice then burpee and 4 jumping jacks while turning to repeat move in opposite direction, 2. sumo squats side to side, 3. lateral slides. Repeat all 3 moves. Core: triangle chokeholds (an MMA move).

Circuit Three: 1. 4 air jacks + 4 hops, 2. scoots into a repeater—knee, abductor lift, knee, and 3. split jumps (basically 3 static lunge jumps then lunge jump to switch legs and repeat). Repeat all 3 moves. Core: butterfly sit ups.

Circuit Four: 1. 3 double leg lateral jumps and low tuck jump then jog around mat and repeat, 2. grounded switches (180 jump squats while touching floor with one hand), 3. squat, drop and roll (Cathe gives an alternate move: 4 jacks + 2 plyo jacks). Repeat all 3 moves. Core: cross-body push ups.

Circuit Five: 1. T jumps, 2. double hops around mat into high runs (or high knees basically), 3. straight leg high kicks. Repeat all 3 moves Core: start sitting, roll back then up, then jump back (like a squat thrust), do a push up, repeat.

Again, another excellent workout from Cathe. No fancy choreography, just a high intensity, athletic cardio workout.

And of course, it comes with the wonderful premixes I have come to adore. There are 3 on this one. A 43 minute cardio only mix, a 7 minute core only mix and a 34 minute Express mix.

9 thoughts on “Cathe’s Cardio Core Circuit

  1. I love all of Cathes workouts!! There was even a few I didn’t like at first when I first started with her, because they were hard and I didn’t understand the meaning behind it like this one CCC. I had it for a while and I did it once and was like no way I cant do that she is nuts, but I can do it and it is now very fun!! I am doing Cathe January rotation and this is in there. wow it is wonderful she also has Gym style weight lifting in this rotation. It is great so far I am having so much fun. Yes she is addictive I now have all of her dvds!! Well I don’t have the timesaver for bb or the Hardcore extreme.. I don’t think I NEED them as of yet. lol


    1. Hi there Renee–I meant to comment sooner, but it has been a busy week for me. I feel the same way. I need to go back and retry a few that I wasn’t in love with early on and see if my opinion has changed. I know it has for some of them. The first time I did Body Max I hated everything about it except the upper body strength section. But then I came back to it a few months later and LOVED it! I adore it now. I’m doing Cathe’s bodybuilding rotation (it’s about a year long) and I plan to use her January rotation for the Gym Styles month. I got her calendar too and the January rotation in it looks awesome, too. I want to do so many of her rotations! But obviously you cannot do them all at once! BTW–I do have Timesaver but haven’t do it yet. I love Hardcore Extreme–very tough workouts!!!!


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