STS Week 19 (Disks 25, 26 & 27)

Meso3For more information on STS see STS Overview and Prep

Mesocycle 3 begins! And since I am doing the 5.5 month rotation (rather than a 6.5 month rotation) I will only be in Meso 3 one month–so the STS reviews will be coming out weekly for the next 4 weeks. I also decided to not do Squat Rack Legs. I’m still shy of using the heavy weights on my lower body after Meso 1, so this time around I am doing plyo legs. The next time I do STS (and there will be a next time because I love STS) I will do the 3.5 month rotation and do Squat Rack Legs. So one day the review for Squat Rack Legs will go up. Just not this time around.

Just like the others, Meso 3 is different. For one, the workouts are longer–the upper body workouts at least. You are lifting heavier (80-90% of 1RM), you do less reps for each set (6-8 reps) and have a solid minute of rest between most exercises (not all–some just 30 seconds, but we will get to that in the actual workout review). And, like Meso 2, the Legs workouts are completely different (unless you are doing Squat Rack Legs, which I am not). For the Plyo Legs workouts you will alternate between controlled plyometric moves and lower body strength work at 70% of your 1RM. You get 30 seconds recovery between each exercise and boy, do you need it! the Plyo Legs workouts are strength + cardio workouts and to be even more specific, the cardio portion is HIIT.

Disk 25 Chest & Back 68:30 minutes; 1:30 minute intro, 3:30 minute warm up, 62:30 training period and 1 minute stretch. Despite the length of this workout, I really like it. It’s kind of exciting to be lifting this heavy–much heavier than I thought was possible. As you can see by my rotation week below, I had to mess with the way I scheduled these workouts due to the length. Chest & Back is now a Saturday workout, because in Meso 3 they are all long. The reason they are so long is because you have the longest rest periods of the 3 workouts. I assume that is because your chest and your back are two large muscle groups, so you are lifting very heavy and therefore, need more recovery than you do when working the shoulders, biceps and triceps (all smaller muscle groups). The recovery/rest periods in this workout range from 65-75 seconds. I didn’t have a problem with this for several reasons. First, I had to change equipment for every exercise–plates on the barbell, moving the barbell from the bench press rack to the floor, redialing up my Select Techs to a new weight. In addition, I was lifting 80% of my 1RM and my muscles were burning out! So I do see the purpose of the rest periods. I was able to come back (kind of) fresh each time because my muscles recovered. This workout is done “push-pull” fashion. You alternate between your chest and your back. You will do 4 different exercises for each muscle group (so 4 chest exercises and 4 back exercises), you will do each exercise a total of 4 sets, and each set a total of 8 reps. With 65-75 seconds of recovery, that makes for a long workout. Also, for this workout, every exercise is at 80% of your 1RM.

Equipment needed: bench or step with 5-6 risers with the ability to incline, barbell, dumbbells and a rack for your barbell. Now, I understand that everyone doesn’t have a bench press/barbell rack. Some people in the workout are using dumbbells rather than a barbell. But without the chest press barbell rack, I’m not sure how you can possibly go 80% of your 1RM. And that is the point of these workouts.


Flat Bench Press (barbell) (warm up set–so lighter weight)
Flat Bench Press (barbell) (warm up set–so lighter weight)

1st Set (repeated 4 times)
Flat Bench Press (barbell)
Barbell Rows

2nd Set (repeated 4 times)
Chest Flys (Flat Bench) (dumbbell)
One Arm Row (dumbbell)

3rd Set (repeated 4 times)
Incline Bench Press (barbell)
Deadlifts (barbell)

4th Set (repeated 4 times)
One Arm Horizontal Row (dumbbell)
Incline Chest Flys (dumbbell)

Disk 26 Plyo Legs 46 minutes; 1 minute intro, warm up 8 minutes, 35 minutes training period and 2 minute stretch. Wow! This was so tough! And I loved it! I figured I would since Xtrain‘s Cardio Leg Blast is one of my favorite workouts and this is similar. I’m writing this review shortly after having done the workout, so I don’t yet know the level of DOMS I will be suffering, but I suspect it will be brutal as I am feeling it in just about every lower body muscle. Near the end of the workout, I was sucking some serious wind and my legs were trembling. Very intense, awesome workout! **Next day–my entire thigh–inner and outer are very sore. Surprisingly, not my glutes, though sore, weren’t nearly as sore as my thighs.

Equipment needed: step with 4 risers, dumbbells, paper plate or Slide N Glide disk, chair and dyna band. The dyna band will only be used as a floor marker.


Squats (dumbbell)
Down- Up Jumps (high step)
Front Lunge Same Leg (dumbbell)
Forward & Backward Jumps (band)
Side Lunge (dumbbell)
Lateral Skates (band)
Leg Press (dumbbell, High Step)
Split Jumps
Back Lunge (dumbbell)
Lateral Jumps (band)
45 Degree Lunge (dumbbell)
Slow Plie Jumps
Deadlifts Wide Stance (dumbbell)
Squat Jumps
Static Lunge (dumbbell)
Half Turn Jumps Right Side (dumbbell)
One Leg Sit N Slide with Paper Plate (dumbbell)
Plyo Jacks
Plie Squats Alternating Hand (dumbbell)
Tuck Jumps
One Leg Elevated Lunges (step w/ 3 risers and dumbbell)
Half Turn Jumps Left Side (dumbbell)
Sit N Stands (dumbbell and chair)
Power Scissors Alternating
Sequential Lunge Into Front Kick Combo (dumbbell)
Slow Air jacks

Disk 27 Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps 67 minutes; intro 1 minute, warm up 4 minutes, training time 61:30 and stretch 30 seconds. This is a deceptive workout. Due to less reps, I was able to lift heavier than usual and it didn’t seem as hard as it should have. Don’t get me wrong–I was lifting 80% of my 1RM and it did seem heavy; however, I felt like on most sets I could have gone more than 8 reps. Afterward? I was so sore! Wow! Especially my triceps. Each exercise is done trio fashion–shoulders, biceps, triceps. You do this trio 4 times before moving on to the next trio of exercises. Overall, there are 3 trios, each repeated 4 times. For the first trio, you get 60 seconds between each exercise, but for the last two trios you get 30 seconds between each exercise, and 60 seconds between the trios.

Equipment needed: barbell, dumbbells, bench or step with 5 risers, stability ball and chair (or you can use the step to sit on)


Standing Barbell Front Press (warm up set with lighter weight)
Standing Barbell Front Press (warm up set with lighter weight)

Trio 1 (repeated 4 times)
Standing Barbell Front Press
Barbell Curl
Flat Bench Tricep Extensions (dumbbell)

Trio 2 (repeated 4 times)
Seated Lateral Raise (dumbbell)
Incline Curls on Stability Ball (dumbbell)
Seated Overhead Extensions One Arm (dumbbell)

Trio 3 (repeated 4 times)
Seated Rear Delts (dumbbell)
Seated Concentration Curls (dumbbell)
Cross Body Kickbacks (dumbbell)

Week 19 Rotation:

Day 1: HIIT #1 + STS Ab Circuits Pilates Abs
Day 2: Disk #27 Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps + Xtrain Hardstrikes premix 16
Day 3 Cardio Core Circuit
Day 4: Disk #26 Plyo Legs + Extended Stretch
Day 5: Kick, Punch & Crunch
Day 6: Disk #25 Chest & Back + Xtrain All Out Low Impact HIIT premix 6
Day 7: Rest

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