The Booty Barre: Total New Body

BootyBarreTNBAnother exhausting workout by Tracey Mallett! I have had this one on my shelf for a month or so but after doing F.I.T. I had to give this one a try. This one is different than her F.I.T. workout. F.I.T. was “functional total body conditioning alternated with cardio athletic drills.” This workout is a barre workout but it is fast paced, giving you cardio along with some painful barre work. It is actually excellent. There is also some upper body and some core work but the main focus of this workout is lower body barre work.

Booty Barre is a workout series developed by Tracey and Total New Body is just one workout in this series. The other workout of hers I am eyeing right now is apparently part of a completely different series: Bikini Body; it is called Bootylicious. I like everything Tracey Mallett that I have done so far, so I am sure that workout will also eventually end up in my collection.

The reason I bought this workout is because after I reviewed Xtend Barre: Lean & Chiseled, I mentioned in the review how much I loved it and how disappointed I was that the trainer, Andrea Rogers, hadn’t created anymore barre workouts. I got several recommendations for similar barre workouts. One was Physique 57 workouts which I did like but I didn’t think was anything like Xtend Barre. Booty Barre workouts were the other recommendation. Well, having finally sampled a Booty Barre workout, I have to say that this workout comes much closer to Xtend Barre than Physique 57 does.

The DVD menu on Total New Body is broken down into 6 segments: Introduction (39 seconds), Play All (65 minutes), Booty Barre Warm up (8:47 minutes), Booty Barre Sculpted Arms (9:57 minutes), Booty Barre Workout (32:42 minutes) and Booty Barre Abs and Flexibility (12:42 minutes–final 4 minutes is the stretch). The warm up btw, actually felt like a workout! The first time I did this workout I did the Play All and it was very exhausting! The Booty Barre Workout in particular. Below I will break the workout down by segment. The equipment needed for the entire workout is 3 or 5 pound dumbbells (I used 5 pounds), a chair and a mat. There is a modifier for all of exercises.

Booty Barre Warm Up (8:47 minutes): From first position, close and open feet (keep heels together, but open and close toes). Stay in first position and rise and lower to toes. Step out to plie squat then back in to first position. Do this for a while–first all to one side then alternating sides, then pulsing in plie. Hold in plie squat and alternate heel raises. Pulse with one heel raised. Plie squats w/ alternating heel raises. Come down into deep plie with torso leaned forward and arms out straight and overhead; pulse deep in this position. Hold lower body in this position and pulse straight arms up higher. Keeping lower body in this position, place hands on floor, straight and bend legs. This changes to pulsing in the squat 3x them straightening legs. Hold w/ legs straight and place hands on the floor; shift hips side to side in this position. Stand up, still shifting/shaking hips. Legs still wide w/ toes turn out, side lunge and straighten to right side. This changes to pulsing in the side lunge. Pivot into crescent pose. Pulse down in deep crescent. Lower and raise torso over front leg while still in crescent. Place hands on ground on either side of front foot; straighten and bend legs (pyramid to runners lunge). Come into plank. Go to down dog; alternate between plank and down dog. Return to crescent. Repeat on the other side of the body starting at the side lunge and ending after the pyramid to runners lunge.

Booty Barre Sculpted Arms (9:57 minutes). For this workout you need 3 or 5 pound dumbbells. You will use the dumbbells for every exercise and you will do 14 reps of each exercise.

  1. Side shoulder raises
  2. Overhead press
  3. Holding arms in goal post, bring elbows/DBs together then back to goal post
  4. Bent over rear delt flys
  5. Starting low in a close squat, pulse up to standing to count of 3, as you stand you bring your arms up into a side shoulder raise
  6. Repeat 1-5
  7. Squat while pushing arms back into a straight arm tricep press (palms to ceiling) then stand bring straight arms forward into a front raise
  8. Continue #7 but now when your arms are back you pulse them and when you stand you alternate knee lifts
  9. Tricep kicbacks
  10. Repeat 7-9
  11. Bring elbows to sides of waist, forearms/DBs raised and held out; press arms/DBs out straight to sides of body then bringing back so elbows are at waist
  12. Hold straight arms out to side and bringing DBs together overhead, then back down to sides of body
  13. Overhead tricep extensions
  14. Repeat 11-12 but this time you do the entire sequence on your toes

Booty Barre Workout (32:42 minutes). For this workout you need a chair.

  1. Stand behind chair but turned to side w/ hand on chair back, bring heels together into ballet first position; raise and lower onto toes; stay on toes and squat and stand; this changes to pulsing squats; return to single squats; pulse down low in this position; while holding in squat shift hips side to side; while continuing to shift hips side to side, squat lower then stand.
  2. Turn to face the other direction and stand w/ legs wide, toes still turned out; plie squat, raise heels, stand, lower heels; this changes to squatting and standing while on toes; continue to plie squat and stand on toes but now at bottom you pulse 3x; return to single plie squat and stands; pulse in plie squat; rock hips side to side in plie; while continuing to rock hips side to side, squat lower then stand.
  3. Turn to face the other direction (still behind chair but facing side), foot closest to chair is turned out and other leg goes out straight behind you, toe on floor, from this position swing the back leg forward in front of you high and straight, then return to starting position; position changes to a curtsy lunge position; first you pulse in curtsy lunge then you curtsy lunge and kick out diagonally with straight leg; bring straight leg behind you and lift and pulse (arabesque); bend knee in attitude and continue pulsing; this changes to 3 arabesques and 1 attitude; do a figure 4 stretch and repeat this sequence on other leg.
  4. Stand beside chair, still turned to side w/ hand on back of chair, come into second position (wide plie) and lower into plie squat; from this position, lean torso/arms over chair then come up, bringing leg farthest from chair up and tapping same side elbow to knee; continue this move but now pulse the elbow and knee together 3x; go into pulsing wide squat, toes forward; from this position squat then stand, raising straight leg to side; continue this move but now pulse straight leg high 3x; hold leg straight out to side and bend and straighten knee (pushing leg in and out); hold leg high and straight pulse; rotate pelvis so your hips are facing the chair back and leg is straight out behind you, still pulsing; return to side position–still pulsing straight leg; pivot again to facing chair back–still pulsing straight leg; you will continue to go slowly between these two positions, pulsing straight leg the entire time; start w/ leg raised and straight to side and turn hips toward front, bending leg and bringing knee in under you, then kick back out high and straight to side–alternate between these, bringing bent knee in and kicking out straight to side; repeat this entire sequence on other leg.
  5. Come around to front of chair; place one hand on chair seat and come into deep lunge (front leg is the one closest to chair) and raise other arm overhead; in this position bring back knee in while bringing elbow to knee–do this move fast; continue this move but the fingertips now touch the floor (instead of elbow to knee); come to plank on floor and do mountain climbers; repeat the chair segment on other leg; when finished, come to floor into plank again; in plank, bend knees and pulse, then jump feet out wide and bend knees and pulse–jump feet in and out like this (so bent knee plank jacks).
  6. Stand behind chair w/ both hands on back of chair, legs/feet together; raise on toes and squat; squat even deeper; hold in a partial squat and tilt pelvis in and out; squat low while continuing the pelvic tilt; turn toes out while keeping heels together, come up on toes and squat; squat very low (grand plie); alternate between regular squat and a deep squat; do a quad/hip flexor stretch; move farther back from chair but still facing it with hands on back of chair and lean over, raising one leg straight behind you; raise and lower leg tapping floor with toe; this changes to bringing toe behind other foot, but still raising and lowering straight leg; hold leg high and pulse; repeat on other leg; fold forearms over back of chair and place forehead on hands, bend knees; in this position bring one knee in toward chair then press it up and back (knee still bent); this changes to a pulse up high; raise and lower to side in hydrant; pulse in hydrant; repeat on other leg; this segment ends with a deep stretch

Booty Barre Abs and Flexibility (12:42 minutes); all you need for this segment is a mat.

  1. Get on your knees, legs hip width apart; raise and lower hips almost to heels; hold w/ hips slightly back and tilt hips front and back; continue the tilts but add raising and lowering the the bottom almost to heels and also twisting hips/torso from side to side.
  2. Push ups on knees
  3. Sit on bottom, legs in front of you and bent and spine in a C curve; pulse back w/ hands straight beside legs; this changes to pushing arms in front of you then high while still crunching torso in C curve; add raising and lowering alternating knees; place feet back on ground and turn arms and torso to side and pulse in C curve; this changes to pushing arms to the side at chest level then high while still crunching torso in C curve (to the side); add same side leg (raised) straightening and bending; do oblique sequence on other side;
  4. Lower back to ground while keeping head/shoulders raised, legs are raised off ground and bent; in this position do bicycle legs; add arms behind head and rotate (doing full bicycle); lay on back with legs straight, one in the air and one a few inches off ground, you are holding the one in the air w/ both hands; in this position do a pilates move–pulse raised straight leg in to body then switch legs; this changes to single count.
  5. Get into plank and rotate into straight arm side plank; while in side plank extend the bottom leg straight out in front of you and off the ground; return to plank and do on other side of body.
  6. Lay on stomach w/ arms stretched out overhead and legs straight; raise arms/head and legs off ground and hold; raise and lower head/arms/legs; it ends holding w/ arms/head/legs raised.
  7. Stretch for final 4 minutes.





7 thoughts on “The Booty Barre: Total New Body

  1. Love your reviews and always come here 1st to check before I buy. So, what is your favorite Barre workout and why? I would like to get a few but have NO idea where to start. I need a cardio effect to it too. What’s your opinion?


    1. Hi Peg! I’m definitely not an expert on barre workouts since they are new-to-me (outside of Cathe’s barre offerings)–I just discovered all that is out there in the past year. But I can tell you what my favorites are. My absolute favorite is Xtend Barre: Lean & Chiseled. It is an excellent barre workout that gives you a cardio workout, too. The Booty Barre: Total New Body is a close second for the same reason, but it is much harder than Xtend Barre, in my opinion. And finally, Tracy Anderson. I don’t know if her workouts are considered barre, but they are very effective. I lump them in the same category as barre workouts. I only use Tracy Anderson for the lower body. Her lower body work is not fun btw. Some of it may get your heart rate up but never to cardio level. And it frequently hurts and gives me DOMS the next day!


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