Livestrong Woman: Open Hips Routine

LSWopenhipsThis is the other Livestrong Woman yoga routine I did this morning. It was also led by Tara Stiles so I got 20 minutes of Tara’s yoga. And what’s not enticing about a yoga routine to open your hips? I had just finished Tara’s Flexibility Flow so I was afraid this one would also have some advanced moves I couldn’t do–and it did! But they were easily modifiable. I did really enjoy this one. Tara was the same as she was in Flexibility Flow–talking very fast like an auctioneer so that I could only understand about 2/3 of what she said, but I was still able to follow the routine just fine. I really liked this one. I liked them both, btw, but this one even more than Flexibility Flow. They are both focused on flexibility and are very dynamic and flowing. This one really did feel like it opened up my hips.

Open Hips Routine is 10 minutes long. This routine starts in down dog. Down dog split. Bring leg around to the outside of body until you are in a deep lunge w/ foot outside of hands. Lower back knee and come down on forearms. Bend back knee and reach back, holding the back of the foot and opening chest. Raise back knee so you are in lunge on toe again; turn front foot out to side and twist torso toward front leg, raising same side arm to sky. Lower back knee to floor again and press forward while arching back, really stretching hip flexor. With back knee on ground, twist torso toward front leg, raising same side arm to sky. Raise both knees off ground and straighten legs, leaning torso over front leg (pyramid pose). Return to down dog. Do down dog split on other leg and repeat entire sequence on other leg. Split dog into pigeon. In pigeon arch back, reaching hands back, then lower torso over front leg then twist torso to side of front leg. Bend back knee and grab back of foot with same side hand (Tara actually had the top of her foot inside her elbow pit!) and raise other arm. Swing foot around so you are sitting cross leg but with ankle over knee/knee over ankle. Length body over legs, reaching arms forward, then to either side. Bring your bent leg up to your chest and wrap your arms around it, pulling knee/calf/ankle into body. Bring that leg behind and over shoulder, grab foot with other hand, lean into leg while straightening leg and looking toward ceiling. Repeat on other side of body.





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