PopPhysique: Original Butt

OriginalButtI had never heard of PopPhysique before but Popsugar/Anna Renderer had PopPhysique trainer Sam Harper as a guest trainer and I really enjoyed her 10 minute Leg & Butt workout, so I looked PopPhysique up on Amazon. There were two workouts with “butt” in the title that were cheap if purchased used. The covers of the PopPhysique DVDs say “Burn 500 Calories.” So I was expecting a barre workout with a cardio factor like The Booty Barre and Xtend Barre. Sounded awesome to me.

Well. Original Butt workout did not deliver a 500 calorie burn. Not even close. In 54 minutes I burned 99 calories according to my Fitbit. There was zero cardio, I barely broke a sweat, and it did not work my glutes hard as I expected. I’m not even sure why “butt” is in the title. This workout worked the upper body, the lower body (quads & hamstrings, too–not glute focused) and the abs. The butt didn’t get any more work than any other body part. In addition I did not enjoy it. Some moves I barely felt and others were kind of painful. I will definitively not be returning to this workout. And I no longer feel compelled to try the other PopPhysique workout I purchased: Cardio Butt School. So that one may sit on the shelf collecting dust for a while (or forever, who knows?).

Original Butt is led by Sam Harper. Her two background exercisers were wearing lace lingerie tops with workout pants. Lace one-piece thingies with lace bras. And close fitting sweat pants. Interesting combo.

I’m not going to do my usual break down of a workout because I disliked it so much that I know I will never return to it. So just the basics.

Original Butt is 54 minutes long. The warm up is one minute of knee lift variations. Since you stretch frequently throughout the workout, I’m not going to count the final stretch as an end stretch. I will just group each segment together. Equipment needed–light dumbbells, a chair and a fitness mat. Sam and crew used a set of 2 pound and a set of 3 pound dumbbells. Due to the nature of the exercises you cannot use heavy dumbbells but that is typical of most barre workouts. I used 3 and 7 pound dumbbells. The first segment is an elbow plank series, a lot of knee push ups that actually get a little painful, and tricep dips in tabletop; this lasts approx 5 minutes. Then you grab your hand weights for about 8 more minutes of upper body work. Next you grab your chair for 17 minutes of barre work. Come down to your mat for 13 minutes of ab work. The workout ends with 3 minutes of bridge work plus some leg raises while on your stomach to work the glutes. I would have to say this final segment is the only segment I actually liked, but not enough to bother with returning to this workout–not for a 3 minute segment. It ends with 2 more  minutes of stretching, but like I mentioned before, you stretch frequently throughout this workout.



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