Barlates: Interval Barre Fusion Lower

Interval Barre Fusion is actually a 3 DVD series but the only DVD I purchased is the one for the lower body (there is also an upper body DVD and a core DVD). They all contain three 25 minute workouts. Lower Body also has a warm and stretch (the other two probably do, too, but since I didn’t purchase them I don’t know that for sure).

This is one of those mixed bag collections. I do usually love Linda‘s collections and am usually happy with every workout in a collection, but sometimes I love some of the workouts in a collection and 1 or 2… not so much. I loved Cardio Interval Tone 50 and Barre Intervals 40–and disliked Micro & Iso Mat. But that’s ok! That’s two workouts I love–so money well spent. They are perfect done alone or I can do the two I love back to back (plus warm up and stretch) for a 62:30 minute workout. These workouts are body weight barre and mat work and they are done using timed intervals. All of the workouts have a counter in the top left corner counting down your intervals until the end. Linda also uses a timer with an audible (and rather unpleasant) noise alerting you when an interval is over. The DVD menu lists everything separately–so you choose the warm up (or workout, or stretch) and once it’s done, it takes you back to the menu. This makes it easy to structure the workout however suits you.

The warm up is 6 minutes long and contains lots of side lunge variations, leg swings and some dynamic stretches. The stretch is 6:30 minutes long.

Cardio Interval Tone 50 is 25:30 minutes long (or 38 minutes w/ warm up & stretch). The set up is 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds or rest. You do 25 intervals (Linda calls them rounds). In top left hand corner there is a graphic that counts down your rounds. This was the first workout I did on this DVD and I loved it. It was fun and intense and sometimes it really burned out whatever muscle it was working. I did have to use a chair for balance on several moves–but I still got an awesome workout. I loved everything about this workout–the warm up, the workout and the stretch. A winner!

  1. Switch up (in 5th position, hop, switching which foot is in front)
  2. Plie squats w/ heels together
  3. In wide plie squat, pulse 3x then hop
  4. Wide pulsing plie squats
  5. Curtsy lunge into straight leg side kick
  6. Pulsing curtsy lunge
  7. Repeat 5 & 6 on other leg
  8. Side lunge into side leg raise
  9. Side leg raises
  10. Repeat 8 & 9 on other leg
  11. Fast and narrow alternating front lunges
  12. Stationary forward leaning lunge
  13. Fast and narrow alternating rear lunges
  14. Repeat 12 on other leg
  15. Reverse lunge into front kick
  16. Hinge forward and do straight leg glute raises
  17. Repeat 15 & 16 on other leg
  18. In plie squat, alternate raising heels
  19. Pulsing stationary lunge
  20. Repeat 19 on other leg
  21. Straight leg raises on a diagonal behind you
  22. Repeat 21 on other leg

Barre Intervals 40 is 24:30 (or 37 minutes with warm up & stretch). Equipment: a barre or chair. Each exercise is done for 40 seconds, one right after the other with no breaks. OMG–this workout was so painful. I had some serious burn out happening. You spend a lot of time on your toes and the nonstop barre squats burned my calves and quads out big time. By the time I got to #4 my stationary/supporting leg was shaking. And when the workout was over, my inner glute muscles were stinging. What an incredibly intense and painful barre workout. A winner of course!

  1. Stand w/ feet close together, one hand on barre or chair and raise onto toes, keeping spine straight and pulse up and down; stay low and pulse; stay low and tuck hips in and out; hinge torso back and do tiny hip tucks; push hips side to side; push hip out to one side; push hips side to side again; push hip out to other side
  2. Open legs into wide plie squat and raise and lower; stay in low wide plie squat and pulse; hinge forward and push hands between legs; stay low and pulse, pushing hands between thighs; alternate one full plie squat w/ one plie squat pressing hands between thighs; raise onto toes and pulse; return to alternating one full plie squat w/ one plie squat pressing hands between thighs; stay hinged over, heels raised and pulse push hands between thighs
  3. Bring heels together, toes turned out and do narrow plie squats; stay low in pulse; stay low and tuck hips in and out; stay low and open and close knees; stay low and circle hips, tucking hips in front; push hip out to one side; repeat stay low and circle hips, tucking hips in front; push hip out to other side
  4. Straight leg glute raise (lift leg straight behind you); keep leg raised and pulse; attitude raise (leg still behind you but leg is bent now (hydrant)); keep leg raised in attitude and pulse; large straight leg circles; large straight leg circles in opposite direction; repeat everything on other leg

Micro & Iso Mat is 25 minutes long (37:30 w/ warm up & stretch). The structure of this workout is 50 seconds of a micro move followed by 20 seconds of isolation hold. This workout was truly nightmarish and not the good kind. I usually love Linda’s painful burnout workouts (see Barre Intervals 40 above, on this same DVD) but this one was too much for me. Part of the problem for me could have been due to the fact my lower body was already sore, but I have done her painful barre and mat workouts before with sore muscles and still loved them. Maybe this is perfect for someone else, but this took the burnout to a new level for me–one I am not interested in revisiting. Who knows? Maybe one day I will give this workout another try but for now I will steer clear of it. Too much misery for me.

  1. In modified straight arm side plank (bottom knee on the ground), raise and lower top straight leg; hold leg straight out to side
  2. Same position as #1, raise top straight leg and tap toe behind you then raise leg and tap toe in front of you (as if drawing a triangle w/ toe); hold straight leg behind you
  3. Same position as #1, then bend top leg behind you and raise and lower bent leg (hydrant); hold in hydrant
  4. Same position as #3, bend and straighten top leg; hold leg straight out to side
  5. Same position as #3, lower knee toward ground then lower toe toward ground; hold w/ toe facing floor and knee facing ceiling
  6. Repeat #1-5 on other leg
  7. Lay on stomach and raise and lower on straight leg behind you (glute raise); keep leg raised and hold
  8. Still on stomach, bend leg so toe is pointing to ceiling, raise and lower thigh, pushing toe up to ceiling; hold leg up, toe pointing to ceiling
  9. Push torso up so you are almost on side (using top hand as support on floor), bottom elbow on floor and raise and lower straight leg; hold raised leg
  10. Same position as #9, bend top leg behind you and raise and lower leg w/ toe angled up behind you; hold bent leg (toe angled up behind you)
  11. Combine the two leg movements in #9 & 10 (extend leg straight then bend and raise leg w/ toe angled up behind you); hold leg out straight and raised slightly behind you
  12. Repeat #7-11 on other leg
  13. Lay on belly, knees wide, soles of feet together, raise and lower thighs, pushing feet to ceiling; hold raised legs



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