Barlates: Overload Training

Overload Training contains 4 workouts from Linda @ Barlates. These workouts are not available for free on YouTube. You can purchase them on Amazon, Total Fitness DVDs or as DVDs or downloads from Linda's website. The idea behind these workouts is that you "overload" whatever muscle group Linda is focusing on, working it to full fatigue before … Continue reading Barlates: Overload Training

The Perfect Design: Level I Beginner

I never intended to purchase The Perfect Design: Level I Beginner, but my world has changed so much in the past few months that I decided to give this one a try. I have already done The Perfect Design Level 2 & Level 3 and enjoyed the lower body portions of both. Now that I … Continue reading The Perfect Design: Level I Beginner

Barlates: Interval Barre Fusion Lower

Interval Barre Fusion is actually a 3 DVD series but the only DVD I purchased is the one for the lower body (there is also an upper body DVD and a core DVD). They all contain three 25 minute workouts. Lower Body also has a warm and stretch (the other two probably do, too, but … Continue reading Barlates: Interval Barre Fusion Lower

Cathe Live: Lovin’ Those Legs

Lovin' those Legs is another excellent lower body workout from Cathe Live. If there is one thing Cathe never neglects, it is the lower body. Between DVDs and Live workouts, she has created a plethora of lower body workouts. And here is yet another one I love. I actually liked it a lot more than … Continue reading Cathe Live: Lovin’ Those Legs

Popsugar: Butt Lift with Blogilates’s Cassey Ho

Some of these Popsugar 10 minute workouts get a little confusing. On my workout rotation chart, I wrote Popsugar Butt Lift. Well, on my YouTube 10 Minute playlist I had two different Popsugar Butt Lift workouts. Which did I mean? Since I didn't know--I did both! So this morning, I had a 20 minute lower … Continue reading Popsugar: Butt Lift with Blogilates’s Cassey Ho

Targeted Training Boot Camp

As I mentioned in my review of Element: Cardio & Conditioning Yoga, while browsing the workout DVDs at the library I noticed they not only had new workouts but workouts that had just been released in December 2015. Tracy Anderson's Targeted Training Boot Camp was one of them. I really like Tracy Anderson's lower body … Continue reading Targeted Training Boot Camp

ICE: To the Mat: Legs & Glutes

To the Mat: Legs & Glutes is part of Cathe's ICE (Intermediate Conditioning Extreme) program. It is very different from her other lower body workouts. She frequently includes mat work in her lower body workouts, but she has never had an entire workout devoted to nothing but mat work. And it was painful. I am … Continue reading ICE: To the Mat: Legs & Glutes