Targeted Training Boot Camp

As I mentioned in my review of Element: Cardio & Conditioning Yoga, while browsing the workout DVDs at the library I noticed they not only had new workouts but workouts that had just been released in December 2015. Tracy Anderson's Targeted Training Boot Camp was one of them. I really like Tracy Anderson's lower body … Continue reading Targeted Training Boot Camp

Method Express

The Method Express contains six approximately 10 minute workouts by Tracy Anderson. I chose to try this because I am a big fan of Tracy's lower body work but she never chapters. This actually has things broken down into 10 minute blocks--so it is similar to chaptering. I can go to whatever body part I … Continue reading Method Express

Precision Toning

I decided to try one more of Tracy Anderson's offerings (for now). I have zero interest in her cardio workouts, but the reviews for this collection stated it is the most focused of all of her workouts. She actually keeps track of how many reps you do and you do the same amount of reps … Continue reading Precision Toning

The Tracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout‏‏

The Tracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout ‏is the second workout I have done by Tracy Anderson. And this one is different from The Perfect Design. Just like with Perfect Design I have a lot to say about this workout. I actually like it more than Perfect Design. Mat Workout is a total body workout (though … Continue reading The Tracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout‏‏

The Perfect Design: Level II Intermediate

I have read a lot about Tracy Anderson over the past year and none of it has been good. I don’t mean I haven’t read reviews by people who love her workouts. I have; but it seems you either love her or hate her. There are some strong feelings associated with this trainer. Plus, it … Continue reading The Perfect Design: Level II Intermediate