JessicaSmithTV: Lunge Free Lower Body Workout

As I mentioned in my post about Jessica Smith's 1 Mile Belly, Buns & Thigh Walk, I am getting back to working out today but starting slow with short, low impact and lower body focused workouts. So I started with Jessica's 15 minute walk and finished with this 15 minute barre workout. This wasn't the … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Lunge Free Lower Body Workout


Barlates: Standing Barre Abs

Linda Wooldridge has created 5 workouts that she calls Standing Barre Series. They are all available for free on YouTube and you can also get all 5 workouts on a single DVD. I plan to try at least 4 of her Standing Barre workouts and Standing Barre Abs is the first one I am trying. … Continue reading Barlates: Standing Barre Abs

Barlates: Stretch Flex Tone Lower

Stretch Flex Tone Lower is a workout that I purchased directly from Linda Wooldridge via her website. She also has a series DVD that has 3 Stretch Flex Tone workouts but since I was only interested in the lower body workout, that's all I ordered. FYI--when you order directly from Linda, she will put multiple … Continue reading Barlates: Stretch Flex Tone Lower

Barlates: Stretch Sculpt Lower

Wow! What a workout! I didn't know what to expect from the title Stretch Sculpt Lower but from past experience of doing Linda's workouts, I suspected it would not be a gentle stretching routine. And it wasn't! Linda describes it as "lengthening and strengthening" your lower body. I'll be honest, I didn't see any real … Continue reading Barlates: Stretch Sculpt Lower

JessicaSmithTV: Kickboxing Ballet

Kickboxing Ballet is 29 minutes long; 45 second intro. The warm up is about 3 minutes and, since the workout starts with the ballet/barre portion of the workout--that is what the warm up consists of: gentle dynamic ballet type of moves. Then you go into some more aggressive (but not difficult) ballet/barre work, then you … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Kickboxing Ballet

Barlates: 5 Best Hip Exercises

***Just like w/ 5 Best Butt Blasting Exercises, this review will eventually be double posted. It is available for free on YouTube (this review) but it is also part of Linda Wooldrigde's 5 Best Exercise Series DVD which contains 11 mini workouts. I am using the DVD version but I am posting individual reviews of … Continue reading Barlates: 5 Best Hip Exercises

Lose the Belly Flab

Lose the Belly Flab is another new-to-me workout by Tracey Mallet. I decided to get this one because she mentioned it in Get Your Body Back. She tells you to use the two workouts together. So I checked this one out and though it is core focused it also has lower body work, so I … Continue reading Lose the Belly Flab