Barlates: Stretch Flex Tone Lower

Stretch Flex Tone Lower is a workout that I purchased directly from Linda Wooldridge via her website. She also has a series DVD that has 3 Stretch Flex Tone workouts but since I was only interested in the lower body workout, that’s all I ordered. FYI–when you order directly from Linda, she will put multiple workouts all on a single DVD. So I ordered 4 different Barlates workouts (including this one) and she put them all on the same DVD.

I wanted this workout because I am so enamored with Linda’s Stretch Sculpt Lower workout and I was hoping for another, similar workout. But alas, you do not get that with this workout. I did like it, it is very effective, but it didn’t give me the same kind of workout. For one, there is no cardio factor to this workout. It is all barre work. She also works dynamic stretching in throughout this workout. I did really like it, but just not nearly as much as Stretch Sculpt Lower. Prior to doing this workout I did Jessica Smith‘s Quick Cardio Fat Blast, which is an intense 12 minute cardio workout. I used it to warm me up and really get my heart rate elevated before starting this workout–which after doing it, turned out to be a really good idea. Another thing to note is that you spend a lot of time up on your toes in this workout so wear the appropriate footwear (or do the workout barefoot). I have screws and plates in both of my heels so I always have to wear shoes and my feet started to cramp a few times. Not sure if was due to my footwear or due to the plates and screws in my heels–but either way, it is something to keep in mind. Next time I do this workout I will have to try different shoes since my normal workout shoes have a very stable neutral base. This is not a workout I could do barefoot (but again–that is due to the metal in my heels–Linda does this workout barefoot and has zero issues).

Stretch Flex Tone Lower is 51 minutes long and 3 minute stretch. Here is a video clip. Equipment: a fitness mat and a barre or chair.

  1. Plie squats w/ heels together; continue plie squats but w/ heels shoulder width apart; changes to wide plie squats
  2. Remain in wide plie squat and keep pushing knees out wider; remain in wide plie squat and shift side to side; stay shifted to one side, one leg straight and hands on floor, stretching inner thigh then raise and lower the heel of bent leg; return to center plie squat and come down low w/ hands on knees or floor while raising and lowering heels; shift to other side, other leg straight, hands on floor and raise and lower heel of bent leg; return to center in deep plie squat and reach both hands through legs behind you, tapping the mat as you pulse
  3. Stand w/ one hand on barre/chair, heels together, toes pointed out w/ heels raised–squat in this position w/ spine straight; remain in plie squat w/ heels together and tuck hips/pelvis in and out
  4. Bring feet into 5th position and raise up onto toes and continue to squat w/ spine straight; remain in squat w/ heels raised and tuck hips/pelvis in and out; swap foot position and repeat
  5. Kneel on mat w/ barre or chair beside you, heels together and knees separated, lower hips toward heels then tuck hips up and forward; bring one leg forward so you are in a kneeling lunge w/ front leg slightly to side and continue to lower hips toward heels then tuck hips up and forward; raise heel of front leg and do small hip tucks while keeping spine straight; move front bent leg out to side, still raised onto toe, and lower hips to heel then tuck hips forward; straighten leg out to side and do small hip tucks while keeping spine straight; do a quad stretch then repeat everything on other leg (starting w/ the double leg hip lowers and tucks)
  6. Stationary/static curtsy lunge; raise up onto front toe and raise back leg behind you and do single leg squats; lower heel to ground and bend leg behind you in attitude (or hydrant, but knee facing back of room) and pulse leg; sweep leg around in front of you, crossing ankle over knee and lower hips to stretch then sweep leg back around to attitude behind you and pulse 4x
  7. Place bent leg on top of barre to stretch and hold; cross ankle over knee again and push hips back and hold; pigeon stretch on mat; sitting straight leg forward fold stretch
  8. Repeat 6 & 7 on other leg
  9. Additional 3 minutes of stretches





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