JessicaSmithTV: 13 Minute Quick Stretch

13 Minute Quick Stretch is a nice, gentle total body stretching routine. Perfect to finish off a total body strength workout or to stretch you out after any other workout. I have already mentioned in several other reviews that are all posting today (but it is still relevant to this review), that this morning I stacked together 4 of Jessica‘s workouts and got an awesome workout that was 68 minutes long. I started with Calorie Crushing Cardio, went right into Fastest Fat Blaster, directly into Cardio Yoga Flow and ended with this Total Body Quick Stretch. The 55 minutes before this stretch were pretty intense so this worked very nicely to finish my workout off–completely cool me down and stretch out my entire body. Another excellent and effective flexibility workout from Jessica.

For 13 Minute Quick Stretch all you need is a mat and a wall. It starts with deep breaths. Head nods, head side to side, head rolls. Shoulder rolls. Spine extension (arching spine, leaning head back). Forward fold w/ legs wide. Standing cat/cow (hands on knees). Tricep stretch w/ side lean. Eagle arms. Place palm on wall, arm straight and turn body away (stretching arm, shoulder and chest). Sit on floor, one leg extended straight and the other leg bent w/ sole of foot against inner thigh–reach forward, grasping foot. Lunge w/ back knee on ground and lean forward; lower elbows to ground. Sitting cross-leg do a spinal twist and side bend. Shoulder rolls.

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