JessicaSmithTV: 13 Minute Quick Stretch

13 Minute Quick Stretch is a nice, gentle total body stretching routine. Perfect to finish off a total body strength workout or to stretch you out after any other workout. I have already mentioned in several other reviews that are all posting today (but it is still relevant to this review), that this morning I … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: 13 Minute Quick Stretch

JessicaSmithTV: 10 Minute Total Body Stretch

10 Minute Total Body Stretch is a great way to finish off a total body workout. I really love that Linda Wooldridge has her free Barlates warm up and upper and lower body stretches to start and finish workouts but she doesn't have a total body stretch to finish off a total body workout. Well, … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: 10 Minute Total Body Stretch

JessicaSmithTV: Short & Sweet Stretch

Jessica's stretching routine is exactly what the title says--short and sweet. She gives you a total body stretch in just 16:30 minutes. Today I used this workout to finish off one of Linda Wooldridge's Barlates total body mat strength routines. Linda did stretch me out afterward, but I have been doing a lot of Barlates … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Short & Sweet Stretch

Barlates: Weekend Recovery Stretch

Barlates Weekend Recovery Stretch is wonderful. Usually everything Linda Wooldridge creates is difficult and often painful--even her "yoga" workouts. This workout however is full of deep wonderful stretching and I loved it. Zero pain. She even uses a heavy dumbbell to increase the depth of some of the stretches. I did this workout after her … Continue reading Barlates: Weekend Recovery Stretch

Total Body Stretching

I love stretching. I just do. It feels so good to stretch long and deep. I wish I loved yoga as much as I loved stretching in general. I'm a big fan of Cathe workouts for many reasons but one of the many is that she never neglects a good stretch at the end of … Continue reading Total Body Stretching