JessicaSmithTV: Calorie Crushing Cardio

At the end of most of Jessica Smith‘s shorter free YouTube workouts she always says that if you feel like you can do more, keep going with some of her other short (and free) YouTube workouts. I frequently do that anyway–stacking together several workouts done by both Jessica and Linda Wooldridge. This morning I stacked together 4 of Jessica Smith’s workouts and got an awesome workout that was 68 minutes long. This morning I started with this workout, went right into Fastest Fat Blaster, directly into Cardio Yoga Flow and ended with 13 Minute Total Body Quick Stretch. I got an awesome workout! Seriously! I felt so good by the end of this workout and burned almost 400 calories, too. Thank you Jessica for all of these amazing workouts that I can stack together in various ways to create whatever I happen to need that day.

Calorie Crushing Cardio is a short but intense little cardio workout. And at only 20 minutes there are so many ways you can use this. Use it to finish off a shorter strength workout. Stack together several of Jessica’s cardio workouts for a longer cardio workout. Use it as a warm up before doing yoga. It is effective, fun and so versatile. I love it!

Calorie Crushing Cardio is 20 minutes long; 45 second intro while marching in place, 2:30 minute warm up and 2 minute cool down. No equipment is needed.

  1. Side to side squat while raising arm overhead; changes to squat jacks
  2. Tap back corner to corner w/ jump rope arms; changes to jacks while turning side to side
  3. Squat jacks raising arms overhead; changes to jacks w/ jump rope arms while turning side to side
  4. Alternating side lunge, reaching hands to floor w/ each lunge and reaching hands overhead between lunges; add a jump between lunges
  5. Repeat #3 then add the alternating side lunges w/ jump between lunges on to the end
  6. Two steps side to side w/ a tap back and reach overhead; steps change to side shuffles
  7. V step forward and back while reaching arms overhead (she calls it an X step); changes to jacking forward and back
  8. Side shuffles w/ reach; changes to jacking forward and back
  9. Forward lunge, reverse lunge, side squat–alternate sides; changes to alternating jump switch lunges + jump squat
  10. Repeat #8 then add alternating jump switch lunge + jump squat to the end

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.






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