BOUNCE & BANDS Trampoline Cardio and Strength | at Home Rebounder Workout | Cardio • Arms • Booty

Bounce & Bands Trampoline Cardio and Strength is a cardio + strength workout from Michelle Briehler and it was a burner! Never underestimate resistance bands! Every muscle group Michelle hit with the bands were burning by the end of the circuit. Since this is a rebounder workout, most of the exercises are done either on the rebounder or using the rebounder as a prop, but a few of the exercises are done on the floor or a fitness mat. Of course, how challenging an exercise is, is dependent on the strength of your resistance tubes/bands. I used what I think is a medium band. It came in a collection of 4 bands with strengths ranging from light to extra heavy and the one I used comes right after light–so medium? And I used my medium cloth booty band/resistance loop. All of the upper body band exercises felt easy at first–like I should have used a heavier band but very quickly they became challenging then they began to burn! This isn’t quite a total body strength workout but it is close. The lower body and the arms got the most work but Michelle hits your shoulders and chest and I even felt it in my upper back during a few of the exercises. This was an excellent cardio + strength workout. Each circuit is set to a song, so alternating between cardio and strength circuits really made the time fly. Since this workout was filmed live, the intro is kind of long as Michelle adjusts the camera but you can, of course, already be starting to warm up by bouncing on the rebounder. The length of the warm up listed below is when Michelle officially begins the workout.

Bounce & Bands Trampoline Cardio and Strength is 55:19 minutes; 1:40 minute intro, 3:20 minute warm up and 4:40 minute stretch. The last minute is Michelle talking. Equipment: rebounder, fitness mat, resistance band with handles and resistance loop/booty band.

  1. High knee run
  2. Sprint
  3. 3 single leg side kicks (extend arms out to sides in a T when kicking) + jump forward and back + 3 single leg side kicks, other leg
  4. 4 rocking horses (raise one knee + hamstring curl with other leg), repeat on other side of body
  5. Repeat #3 & 4
  6. Alternating low front kicks, open arms out to sides in a T then cross them in front of you
  7. Narrow bounce (legs/feet close together), swing arms overhead and pull arms down
  8. Repeat #5-7
  9. Sprint
  10. (resistance band is looped around the rebounder leg at the front of the rebounder) Stand on rebounder with a resistance band handle in each hand, palms facing ceiling, do bicep curls; changes to 3 pulses at top of curl before lowering; curl arms halfway and hold isometrically while doing a health bounce (low bounce, feet do not leave the rebounder surface)
  11. Repeat #10
  12. Health bounce with alternating bicep curls
  13. Stand on rebounder, curl one arm halfway and hold isometrically and do full bicep curls with other arm
  14. Repeat #13 with arms swapped
  15. Repeat #13 & 14
  16. Still standing on rebounder, curl arms halfway and hold isometrically; pulse arms/band upward
  17. (release resistance band) Hip shift hop side to side
  18. Jumping jacks
  19. Lateral ski hops to single-single-double pattern, alternate pushing arms overhead
  20. One knee raise + one diagonal kick (same leg) + 2 hopping hip twists, repeat this pattern then repeat it 2x on other side of body
  21. Alternating heel dig hops
  22. Repeat #18-21 two more times
  23. (resistance band is looped around the rebounder leg at the back of the rebounder) Kneel on rebounder, hold one resistance band handle in each hand, raise handles overhead (resistance band is behind you), do overhead tricep extensions; changes to 2 partial raises + one full raise; repeat full extensions; hold at bottom of extension for 3 counts then press band overhead
  24. Same position as #23 except arms are at sides, pull elbows down to ribs, then bring hands together in front of body
  25. Same position as #24 except ado chest flys; open arms wide to sides and hold for 3 counts before closing arms/hands together in front of body
  26. Stand on rebounder facing the back of the room, holding one handle in each hand, arms are straight at sides, hinge torso forward and push straight arms behind you, palms facing behind you; keep arms lifted and pulse upward 3x
  27. (release resistance band handles) Tricep stretches
  28. Basic bounce swinging arms forward and back
  29. 2 knee raises (same leg) + 2 cross jacks, repeat pattern on other side of body
  30. 3 single leg front kicks + one jack, repeat pattern on other side of body
  31. Hopping hip twists
  32. Monkey (wide leg high knee run–legs are wide, knees are turned out to sides, arms are open to sides in goal post, bringing elbow to thigh when it is raises while other arm pushes overhead)
  33. Repeat #29-32
  34. (place booty band/resistance loop around thighs above knees) Get on all 4s on rebounder and extend one leg out straight behind you, raise and lower straight leg; add pulsing leg 3x at top of each lift
  35. Same position as #34, cross straight leg down across other leg then raise it to other side
  36. Repeat #34 & 35 on other leg
  37. (lower band so it is around ankles, set rebounder on it’s side to be held for balance during #39) 2 lateral steps to the side and back
  38. Monster walk 4 steps forward and 4 steps back (legs wide and knees bent in partial squat)
  39. (raise band so it is above knees) Face rebounder and hold onto frame for balance, raise onto toes and lower into partial squat, open and close knees in this position; keep legs wide, remain on toes, do barre squats; hold at bottom of barre squat and tuck pelvis under and back out
  40. Lower back into partial barre squat, open and close legs against band; hold at bottom of barre squat, shift hips side to side
  41. (remove band and set rebounder back on legs) Standing figure 4 stretch
  42. (wrap resistance band around each hand so there is 12-18 inches of and between hands) Basic bounce, arms are extended overhead, pulse arms open against band  in time with bounce
  43. Single leg knee raise out to side 8x, arms are still extended overhead, pull same side elbow down to thigh as knee raises, repeat on other side of body
  44. Jack the legs, alternate punching arms/band in front of you and overhead
  45. Hopping hip twists, arms/band are extended in front of you and move in opposition to hips
  46. Repeat #42-45
  47. Hold one hand near same side shoulder, hopping hip twists to one side while doing a single arm tricep kickback with other arm; repeat on other side of body
  48. Repeat #42
  49. Repeat #44
  50. (set band aside) Basic bounce swinging arms forward and back
  51. Repeat #3 & 4
  52. Repeat #6
  53. Wide leg basic bounce swing arms forward and back; continue but with legs/feet close together
  54. Lateral ski hops to single-single-double pattern
  55. Repeat #20
  56. Alternating heel digs
  57. Repeat #29-31
  58. Repeat #51 & 52
  59. Hopping hip shifts side to side
  60. Repeat #53-57
  61. Repeat #32
  62. Repeat #51-56
  63. (place fitness mat on floor beside rebounder and place band around thighs above knees) Lay on back on mat with heels on rebounder frame, raise and lower hips in bridge; lift one leg and continue doing single leg bridges; hold at top of single leg bridge and open and close raised straight leg
  64. Place both heels on edge of rebounder again, lift hips and pulse them upward; keep hips raised, open legs and pulse them open wider against the band
  65.  Still on back, bring feet together on rebounder frame, open knees against band, raise and lower hips in bridge; add shifting hips side to side with each lift; keep hips raised isometrically at top of bridge and pulse them upward
  66. Band is still around thighs, get on hands and knees on mat, do hip circles with leg bent at 90 degrees; changes to raising and lowering bent leg to side (hydrant)
  67. Repeat #66 on other leg
  68. (remove band) Basic bounce on rebounder with various arm movements
  69. Hopping hip twists
  70. Hopping hip shifts side to side

For more info on Michelle Brieher’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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