JessicaSmithTV: Cardio Yoga Flow

Cardio Yoga Flow is a a flowing, active yoga routine. I love this type of yoga. As I mentioned in several other reviews that are all posting today, this morning I stacked together 4 of Jessica‘s workouts and got an awesome workout that was 68 minutes long. I started with Calorie Crushing Cardio, went right into Fastest Fat Blaster, directly into Cardio Yoga Flow (this workout) and ended with 13 Minute Total Body Quick Stretch.

This combination worked very well together. Like Jessica’s Dynamic Stretch, this is more aggressive than Jessica’s other more gentle flexibility/yoga routines that I have done (I haven’t done them all–I still have two of her yoga routines scheduled for December that look like more intense/aggressive yoga flows as well) and I really enjoy this type of yoga routine. Because I did 34 minutes of fairly intense cardio before moving directly into this workout, my heart rate was already elevated and stayed elevated through most of this–so I really did get more of a cardio yoga workout than I would have if I had come to this workout cold. Something to keep in mind. It is a short but intense 20 minute routine. Jessica has plenty of even shorter cardio routines (in fact, I will be posting a review tomorrow for one that is about 10 minutes long)–so if you are short on time, then do one of her 10 minute cardio workouts and follow it immediately with this workout. You get more out of both workouts if you combine them together.

Anyway, as always, this was another excellent flowing, active yoga workout and I got a very enjoyable workout this morning.

Cardio Yoga Flow is 20 minutes long. Starts with deep breathes and arm circles overhead. Narrow squats then stand and stretch arms overhead. Hold chair pose; twist torso while in chair pose, extending arms each time you twist; changes to pulsing chair; add extending arms overhead with each pulse. Forward fold w/ arms extended behind you alternated w/ chair pose w/ arms reaching forward. Hinge forward w/ legs straight w/ arms extended straight to side and pulse thumbs up to ceiling. Forward fold w/ hands to floor. Step back into plank and do plank squats (bend knees bringing glutes to heels w/ hands still on floor then return to plank). Alternating modified side planks (one knee on floor); add raising top leg. Plank squats. Down dog to plank. Hold down dog and pedal feet. Runners lunge to crescent lunge; raise and lower in crescent lunge (by straightening and bending front leg). Runners lunge to down dog–alternate legs. Cobra. Down dog. In wide plie, shift side to side. Warrior 2 to side angle; flow between warrior 2 and side angle; hold in side angle and circle arm. Repeat warrior 2/side angle series on other side of body. In wide plie squat, stretch shoulders side to side. Wide plie squat then step one foot to side into a narrow squat, return to plie squat and step other foot to other side and squat; add arms–extended out to sides w/ plie squat and overhead w/ squat. Forward fold into plank into cobra into down dog. Pulsing chair pose, extend arms each time you twist. Narrow squats then stand and stretch arms overhead. Deep breaths w/ arm circles overhead. Side stretches, extending one arm overhead. Stand in prayer w/ eyes closed, taking deep breaths.

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