JessicaSmithTV: Dynamic Stretch

Dynamic Stretch is a flowing active yoga routine. I really, really enjoyed this. I have been doing a lot of Jessica‘s stretching and yoga routines lately and I do like them a lot but they are pretty gentle. I like that this one is a bit more aggressive. Now, it’s definitely not an aggressive yoga routine so do not misunderstand. I am comparing this to Jessica’s other stretching/yoga routines I have been doing and this is much more active. The stretches are deeper and you are flowing between poses. It felt so good this morning. I did a long Barlates Yoga Fusion workout this morning (review will post in a few weeks) which was actually a very intense and challenging body weight strength workout. So finishing it off with this deep and flowing yoga series was the perfect way to finish out my workout this morning. I liked this one a lot and will definitely be returning to it.

Dynamic Stretch is 23 minutes long.

  1. With legs wide stretch arms overhead then lower into plie, round back and wrap arms around opposite shoulders, rounding back.
  2. Flow in and out of triangle pose. Wide leg forward fold then rotate torso, placing one hand on the floor while reaching the other hand to the ceiling.
  3. Lunge side to side, still folded forward w/ arms out straight to sides; add airplane arms (reaching hand to opposite foot as you continue lunging side to side).
  4. Hold side lunge and place opposite hand on floor beside bent leg, reaching other hand to ceiling and hold for a few seconds then rotate body into a regular runners lunge but w/ arm still extended toward the ceiling and looking up toward ceiling
  5. Bring both hands to floor and drop back knee to floor and push forward, stretching hip flexor; push back into pyramid stretch; flow between these two stretches
  6. Repeat #3-5 on other side of body
  7. Hold wide leg forward fold, gripping opposite elbows and swaying torso side to side
  8. Standing, do deep breathes while reaching overhead then bring hands to small of back and arch spine
  9. Rotating chair pose
  10. Alternating front lunges, rotating torso to side w/ arms stretched wide and overhead
  11. Alternate extending legs straight in front of you
  12. Sweep leg forward and back; crescent knees
  13. Walking quad stretches (2 steps forward and 2 steps back; on the two steps forward, pull leg up behind you and on the 2 steps back, pull knee into chest)
  14. Forward fold into plank into down dog into 3 leg dog into pigeon pose
  15. Flow between cobra and plank
  16. Tricep stretch and plie squat w/ crunch (bringing elbow that is behind head down to opposite knee while squatting in plie)
  17. Flow in and out of reverse/twisting triangle pose
  18. In split stance, round forward bringing hips in to stretch hip flexor then reach arms overhead while pressing back heel to floor stretching calf
  19. Repeat 17 & 18 on other side of body
  20. Deep breaths w/ overhead reaching

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.




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