JessicaSmithTV: Cardio Mat Fusion #1

I did Cardio Mat Fusion #2 before I did Cardio Mat Fusion #1–not on purpose. I just never realized there was a #1 until I was already doing #2. Though this is also a low impact, no equipment workout, I found it different from the second one in several ways. First, this one was more of a body weight strength workout than a cardio workout, tho there is some low impact cardio in it. The cardio in #2 was more intense. I barely perspired during the first part of this workout tho there was some good standing body weight strength work. It got more intense when you moved to the mat. That’s when I started sweating! The most difficult part of this workout was the core work at the end. That was actually very challenging.

This was a great low impact workout–perfect in fact for traveling, a hotel room workout. Not only does it use no equipment but minimal space, too. Jessica did the workout in what looked like a small corner of her house. We did not get Peanut appearances during the workout, but she did make an appearance at the end. Well, not an appearance. The camera focused on her and she was passed out sleeping.

Cardio Mat Fusion #1 is 32 minutes long; 8 minute warm up and 2 minute stretch. The standing portion consists of lots of squat variations, side to side step variations (w/ cross kicks, back taps, etc). On the floor you do some mat lower body work (a hydrant variation, pizza presses), tricep push ups, regular push ups, hip/glute bridge raises. The workout ends with tough pilates-type core work that also hits your inner thighs.

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5 thoughts on “JessicaSmithTV: Cardio Mat Fusion #1

  1. Hi, I found another winner on Youtube. Wow, she looks tough too. She only has 3 classes out there but they look awesome. Here name is
    Yvette Bachman.



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