JessicaSmithTV: Quick Cardio Fast Blast

Quick Cardio Fast Blast is also called 150 Calorie Fat Blast. But unlike other trainers, at the beginning of this workout Jessica explains that calorie burn is relative to a lot of things–how intense you go (are you giving the workout 110% effort?), your height, your weight, your age and other things. I will also note that your fitness level plays a part. More fit people will burn less calories. Unfit people will burn more–it’s the law of diminishing returns, unfortunately. So the fitter you are, the harder you need to push for that maximum calorie burn.

Anyway, with that said this is a short but intense little cardio workout, probably HIIT level for many people. I really enjoyed it. This morning it was used as a warm up before doing a lower body Barlates workout and it was perfect for that. The Barlates workout I did, Stretch Flex Tone Lower, is not a big calorie burner but very effective. By doing this intense 12 minute workout prior to doing Stretch Flex Tone Lower my heart rate remained elevated for a while afterward; even tho Stretch Flex Tone Lower isn’t a huge calorie burn you are still working your lower body, which means your heart rate takes longer to lower. Anyway, the point is–that is a good use for short but intense workouts–to warm you up and get your heart rate elevated prior to doing a less cardiovascularly intense workout. Another good use is to finish off a strength workout. And finally–string several of Jessica’s intense little cardio workouts together for a longer cardio workout. I love these little workouts she creates; so many uses and I enjoy them all.

Quick Cardio Fast Blast is 12 minutes long; 1 minute warm up and 1 minute cool down. Each exercise is done for one minute (all out intensity) followed by 30 seconds recovery. Jessica shows low impact variations–in fact, each exercise starts with a few reps of the low impact version before she punches it up to the high impact version.

  1. Tap feet side to side while punching in front of you; taps turn to jack feet
  2. Recovery: hamstring curls
  3. Squat side to side; changes to squat jacks
  4. Recovery: march or jog in place
  5. Alternating knee drives (knee raises punching arms overhead; changes to high knee skips w/ same overhead punch
  6. Recovery: tap feet back
  7. Shuffle feet side to side while twisting torso w/ arms bent (so elbows go hip to hip)
  8. Recovery: heel digs
  9. Alternate tapping legs back while swinging straight arms overhead; changes to scissoring legs w/ same arms
  10. Recovery: side to side step
  11. Sweep arms in big circles while doing wide squats; squats change to squat hops
  12. Recovery: small low kicks side to side

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.





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