Barlates: Glide Standing Lower

Glide Standing Lower is part of Linda Wooldridge‘s Fit in 5 Series and it is free on YouTube. It is the second workout in that series that I’ve done. The first one was Glide Cardio Sculpt which I really enjoyed. I liked this workout, too, but not nearly as much as Glide Cardio Sculpt. This is a high rep, endurance level barre-sliding disk lower body workout that will hit your legs from all angles. It really is an excellent workout if you really work to get full range of motion with all of your slides. I am already pretty sore from another very intense Barlates lower body workout I did as a doubles workout yesterday plus I did Cathe‘s Butts & Guts this morning–so my lower body is already talking to me. I felt this workout in every sore muscle in my thighs and glutes as I was doing it. So it is a great workout but it didn’t have the cardio factor that Glide Cardio Sculpt had plus, though it worked my lower body very well, I didn’t get any muscle burn out.

Glide Standing Lower is 35:30 minutes long; no warm up and 4 minute stretch. Equipment needed: sliding devices and a chair or barre.

  1. Slide out squats (narrow squat, regular squat, wide squat), alternate sides
  2. Slide one leg forward, slide back into rear lunge, slide to curtsy lunge, slide leg back into single leg deadlift
  3. Alternating low/deep slide back rear lunge (holding on to barre/chair back); changes to pulsing lunges (still alternating legs)
  4. W/ knees bent slide one leg behind you 4x, alternate legs (4x each leg)
  5. Combine #3 & 4 (reverse lunge + 3 reverse pulsing lunge + 4 slide backs each leg)
  6. With hands on barre/chair back, alternate sliding legs forward while pressing hips behind you; changes to pulsing forward 3x (still alternating legs); changes to sliding one leg forward and lifting straight leg 4x (still alternate legs); combine all of these moves (forward slides + pulsing forward slides + slide forward w/ 4 leg lifts)
  7. With hands on barre/chair back, alternating rear curtsy lunges; changes to alternating pulses (pulse 3x each leg); changes to doing a curtsy lunge and sliding same leg in and out 4x (still alternating legs); combine all of these moves (curtsy lunges + pulsing curtsy lunges + sliding leg in and out of curtsy lunge 4x)
  8. With hands on barre/chair back, do what Linda calls seesaws but the are forward leaning deep rear lunges (your sliding leg will extend until it is straight behind you), alternate legs; changes to pulsing 3x (still alternating legs); changes to sliding one leg behind you then raising and lowering that leg 4x (still alternating legs); combine all of these moves (seesaws + pulsing 3x + raising and lower leg 4x)

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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