Barlates: Glide Cardio Sculpt

Glide Cardio Sculpt is part of Linda Wooldridge‘s Fit in 5 Series and it is available for free on YouTube. As soon as I saw it was a low impact cardio sculpt workout using sliding disks–I couldn’t wait to give it a try! But I had to work it into my rotation so I didn’t get to it as quickly as I wanted to. I finally got to it today (yesterday actually–I don’t always post these the same day I do them)–and it was awesome! #1-3 below serve as a sort of warm up, raising the heart rate before you get into the sculpting. The sliding-sculpting was intense and really burned out my lower body. Some of the combos do require some coordination but I have two left feet and I was able to master the moves–so it can be done! It takes a bit more concentration and focus than other workouts, but it was worth it. I got an excellent workout. I also used a chair for balance purposes for a few of the combos.

Glide Cardio Sculpt is 31:30 minutes long; no warm up and 3 minute stretch. Only equipment needed is a gliding device but you may want a chair handy for balance on some of the exercises.

  1. Side to side slide lunges, reaching arms to floor then to sides then overhead then sweep arms like a swim stroke (then keep alternating between these arm movements while continuing the side to side lunges)
  2. Scissor/ski slide legs; changes to 4 scissor skis + 4 slide jacks
  3. Combine #1 & #2 (4 reps of each)
  4. Squat series: slide out and squat, pivot and slide so you are squatting to side, slide back in and turn foot out into plie squat–alternate sides
  5. Lunge series: sliding device is only under one foot, slide one leg forward into a front lunge, slide back into rear lunge, slide foot back in and raise knee, slide back into rear lunge, place hands on ground and slide leg in and out; you do singles of this move then she changes it to pyramid but only with the last part (you only do one front and back slide lunge, but then you add reps to the slide back into front knee raise and the slid back w/ hands on floor and pull knee in and out) all the way up to 5 reps then you go back down the pyramid to one rep
  6. Sliding disk still under only one foot; front sliding curtsy lunge, back sliding curtsy lunge, keeping legs straight slide leg forward in front of stationary leg, the slide it back behind stationary leg (do straight leg slides 2x); it ends w/ 16 pulsing front curtsy lunges, 16 pulsing rear curtsy lunges, straight leg forward/back slides 16x
  7. Sit on bottom w/ heels on sliding devices, lean torso back and hold arms in front of you, elbows bent, fingertips together in front of chest–slide heels in and out while also raising and lowering torso; changes to twisting torso to one side and tapping elbow to knee as you slide heels in; after doing this move twisted to other side, you then do the same move but change the direction of your torso w/ each rep (side, center, other side, center, and just keep going)

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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