JessicaSmithTV: Straight Up Strength Training

Straight Up Strength Training is just what the title indicates–a total body strength workout. Jessica says she doesn’t want you to do this workout unless you are fresh and ready to lift heavy–not sore from another workout. Well, I am always sore from some workout but I did this workout anyway. I really enjoyed this workout as I do all of Jessica’s workouts. I do not think it is possible for her to create a workout I don’t enjoy. But I will say it is not the most intense or challenging strength training workout I’ve ever done. It is a good and effective one–especially for being so short, but I do think in the future I will need to lift heavier for this workout to be more effective for me. But I still really enjoyed it and I still got a solid workout. I really love Jessica’s strength training workouts. Once I sample them all, I want to start combining them for longer strength training workouts.

Straight Up Strength Training is 36 minutes long; 5:30 minute warm up and 2 minute stretch. You do 12 reps of each exercise.

Equipment: at least two sets of dumbbells, one light and one heavy (Jessica uses 10 and 20 pound dumbbells)

  1. Side lunges, alternate sides while passing one DB from shoulder to shoulder (Jessica uses one 10# DB, I used one 12# DB)
  2. Squat w/ DB swing (Jessica uses one 10# DB, I used one 15# DB)
  3. Repeat 1 & 2
  4. Split stance squat (looks like a narrow lunge) (20# DBs)
  5. Overhead press (one 20# DB)
  6. Repeat #4 on other leg
  7. Repeat #5
  8. Repeat #4-7
  9. Deadrow (20# DBs)
  10. Chest press (25# DBs)
  11. Repeat #9 & 10
  12. Bicep curls while in plie squat (Jessica uses 10# DBs, I used 15# DBs)
  13. One arm tricep kickbacks (Jessica uses 10# DBs, I used 12# DBs)
  14. Repeat #12 & 13
  15. Single arm wall push plank (with head towards wall, get into in straight arm plank and press one arm against the wall in front of you; alternate arms)
  16. Hip raises in bridge
  17. Straight leg full sit up
  18. Repeat #15-17

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.



5 thoughts on “JessicaSmithTV: Straight Up Strength Training

  1. I’m so excited for this series and for Cathe’s new series. I’m curious about Kelly’s workouts, I tried a couple, but they were older. Are there newer videos you would recommend trying?


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