JessicaSmithTV: Total Body Sculpt

Total Body Sculpt is another awesome total body metabolic strength training workout. With the right weights it is intense and will give you cardio with your strength training. And in only 31 minutes! This is the area that, in my opinion, Jessica really excels at. The workout is made up of primarily compound moves--exercises that … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Total Body Sculpt

JessicaSmithTV: Straight Up Strength Training

Straight Up Strength Training is just what the title indicates--a total body strength workout. Jessica says she doesn't want you to do this workout unless you are fresh and ready to lift heavy--not sore from another workout. Well, I am always sore from some workout but I did this workout anyway. I really enjoyed this … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Straight Up Strength Training

Cathe Live: Muscle Max (no step)

Muscle Max Live (no step) is based on the DVD Muscle Max. So in order to prep for this workout I did Muscle Max (DVD) on Saturday. There are a lot of differences between this workout and the DVD version but we will get to those in a minute. When I set up my workout … Continue reading Cathe Live: Muscle Max (no step)

Cathe Live: Push Pull Total Body

Another excellent total body strength workout from Cathe. I prepped for this one! I did the DVD version of Push Pull on Tuesday. I love Push Pull, always have. It is not advanced but if you use heavy enough weights, you are getting an excellent and thorough total body workout. And in only 44 minutes. … Continue reading Cathe Live: Push Pull Total Body

Cathe Live: Total Body Barbell & Bands

Total Body Barbell & Bands was another excellent (and long) total body strength workout. Cathe doesn't have too many long workouts on Cathe Live but the ones she has are challenging and thorough. I really like the set up of this one, too. She starts you out with lower body then hits the majority of … Continue reading Cathe Live: Total Body Barbell & Bands

Cathe Live: Stability Ball Total Body Weights

Stability Ball Total Body Weights was an excellent live workout--much better than I expected. I like stability ball work, but I am wary when it is used in every single exercise in an entire workout--especially when lower body is involved. It is great and very functional for lots of exercises, but not every exercise. But … Continue reading Cathe Live: Stability Ball Total Body Weights

Cathe Live: Strong Total Body

Strong Total Body is an awesome total body strength workout. It is fairly fast paced and you can go moderate to heavy on most exercises. I got an excellent workout in only 47 minutes! I loved it! Also, Cathe was very even and consistent in this workout. Both sides of the body are worked equally … Continue reading Cathe Live: Strong Total Body

Drop Set Strength

Drop Set Strength is a very long total body strength workout by Amy Bento based on the drop set method of lifting. The structure of Drop Set Strength is you do 3 setsĀ of each exercise; set 1 consists of 8 reps at the heaviest weight, set 2 consists of 10 reps at a moderate weight … Continue reading Drop Set Strength