JessicaSmithTV: Metabolic Circuit

Metabolic Circuit is another excellent metabolic strength training workout from Jessica Smith. There is no cardio in this workout but by using exercises that work the upper and lower body at the same time, high reps and a fairly brisk pace, you will get your heart rate into the cardio zone and burn calories while sculpting muscle. I love these types of workouts by Jessica and they are free on YouTube! (and for the curious–yes, I have ordered Jessica’s Walk Strong 3 and it is supposed to arrive today). I didn’t use this workout as one of my main strength training workouts this week, because I knew I couldn’t lift heavy due to the rep tempo, but I did use it as more of a maintenance/cardio workout. I really enjoyed it and got an excellent workout.

Metabolic Circuit is 42:30 minutes long; 45 minute intro, 6:30 minute warm up and 2:30 minute stretch.

Equipment: square step at 10 inches, at least two sets of dumbbells one heavy and one lighter (Jessica is using 5 and 10 pound dumbbells)

  1. Squat w/ overhead press w/ one foot on step; changes to squatting then stepping on top of step (one foot always remains on top of step) (Jessica uses #5 DBs, I used 8# DBs)
  2. Stand on top of step, legs close together and lower into narrow squat and do rear delt flys while doing small squats (Jessica uses 5# DBs, I used 8# DBs)
  3. Repeat #1 on other leg
  4. Repeat #2
  5. One arm back row w/ one foot on top of step; changes to bringing other foot on top of step and tapping w/ each row (Jessica uses one 10# DB, I used one 15# DB)
  6. Overhead tricep extension w/ one foot on top of step; add extending leg on top of step out to side then tapping top of step w/ each tricep extension (Jessica is using 10# DB, I used one 15# DB)
  7. Repeat #5 & 6 on other side of body
  8. Decline push ups (feet on step)
  9. Sit on step and lean back and forward (in a sort of crunch) while doing one arm bicep curls, pass single from hand to hand (so alternating single arm bicep curls); add raising feet off ground and push feet/legs in and out as you crunch (Jessica uses one 10# DB, I used one 15# DB)
  10. Single leg squat w/ one arm bicep curl; changes to raising knee as you stand (Jessica uses one 10# DB, I used one 15# DB); repeat on other side of body
  11. Repeat #8-10
  12. Put one foot on step and lean forward doing double arm tricep kickbacks (Jessica uses 5# DBs, I used 8# DBs)
  13. Stand on top of step and do straight arm press backs; add lowering one foot to floor, tapping foot and raising back up (Jessica uses 5# DBs, I used 8# DBs)
  14. Still standing on top of step, raise one leg behind you and hold while doing a front raise; add bringing left forward and doing a knee raise then returning to back raise (front knee raise to rear leg raise) (Jessica uses 5# DBs, I used 8# DBs)
  15. Step up and down on step w/ hammer curls (Jessica uses 5# DBs, I used 8# DBs)
  16. Repeat #12-15 on other side of body
  17. Side elbow plank w/ elbow on step, raise one DB overhead then press under body (Jessica uses 5# DB, I used 8# DB)
  18. Tricep dips off top of step
  19. Bicycle twists while in C-sit
  20. Repeat #17-19 on other side of body
  21. Chest press w/ hip raises (heels are on step) (Jessica uses 10# DBs, I used 20# DBs)
  22. One leg hip raises (one heel on step)
  23. Straight arm plank w/ hands on step, step hands down on either side of step then back up on top of step

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


6 thoughts on “JessicaSmithTV: Metabolic Circuit

  1. I know! I’m also looking forward to Cathe’s new series. I refer to your website a lot when trying a new video. You are so thorough, and seeing what weights you use, is so helpful. Although, I go way lighter! In other words, thank you so much for what you do- It’s appreciated, for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh no! I was hoping you’d start reviewing the WS3 series soon! I love reading your feedback on workouts…and seeing what weights you’re using. 🙂 I’ll have to be patient. 😉


    1. Sorry! I do feel the pull to try them right away but I am also pretty excited about Cathe and Kelly’s programs, so I am really looking forward to starting my new year with a hybrid rotation using the 3 of them. So I am restraining myself from jumping into any of them as soon as they arrive!


  3. Haha! I was going to ask you if you ordered Walk Strong 3! I ordered it too. All that variety was hard to pass up. I also ordered KCM’s Build & Burn. I don’t have a lot from KCM, but this new series sounded like it had some really good stuff.


    1. I agree! I am not doing any of the new stuff until January. I hope to have all 3 systems (Cathe, Jessica and Kelly) by December then I can create a New Years rotation using all 3 systems. I am really looking forward to all 3! I plan to start them January 1.


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