Boss Bands: Glutes & Core

Boss Bands: Glutes & Core is the newest DVD/download offering from Cathe Friedrich. The other workout in the Boss Bands series is Total Body. As the series title indicates, these are strength workouts that use bands. You can buy the workouts with or without the bands. I pre-ordered the whole package: 2 DVDs plus the … Continue reading Boss Bands: Glutes & Core

FLAMING LEGS – Leg Day Workout | EPIC Heat – Day 7

Flaming Legs is Day 7 in Caroline Girvan's Epic Heat program. That title is no exaggeration! My legs were on fire! I previewed this video and could tell it would be very challenging but I was optimistic about my weights and had the full selection of heavy dumbbells laid out. I ended up only using … Continue reading FLAMING LEGS – Leg Day Workout | EPIC Heat – Day 7

Legs & Booty Workout // No Equipment

Legs & Booty Workout // No Equipment is a burnout workout! Heather Robertson fries your lower body without anything but a mat. Some parts of the workout were more painful than others, but the end result was the same--fried glutes and legs! This workout is made up of 3 circuits. Each exercise in the circuits … Continue reading Legs & Booty Workout // No Equipment

Day 21 of EPIC | Leg Workout at Home

Day 21 of EPIC / Leg Workout at Home is part of Caroline Girvin's first Epic series (or Epic I). Yesterday I did It's Row Time! from her Epic II program, so I am obviously not doing her workouts in program form. I am just previewing them and doing the ones that look like something … Continue reading Day 21 of EPIC | Leg Workout at Home

No Squats Leg Workout

No Squats Leg Workout is another one of Heather Robertson's awesome finisher workouts. It is short and it has no warm up so you can easily tack it onto the end of another workout to finish yourself off. I had just finished another one of Heather's total body workouts that had worked me hard and … Continue reading No Squats Leg Workout

Ripped with Ripkins: 5 Must Do Booty Exercises

5 Must Do Booty Exercises is a short but tough lower body workout from Dustin Ripkins. I did this in combination with one of Dustin's other lower body workouts: 10 Minute Barre Leg Workout and, between the two, my lower body was fried. Seriously fried. Not bad for 25 minutes. I also did Dustin's 6 … Continue reading Ripped with Ripkins: 5 Must Do Booty Exercises

Brutal Booty & Leg Slimming Workout! / No Equipment & No Repeats

Wow! This was brutal for a bodyweight strength workout! I hit muscle burn out a few times in the course of this workout. Brutal Booty & Leg Slimming Workout is a lower body strength workout from Heather Robertson, and it is awesome! This workout is done in typical Heather Robertson fashion--timed intervals, set to music … Continue reading Brutal Booty & Leg Slimming Workout! / No Equipment & No Repeats

Standing Side Booty (Hip Dip) Workout

My ability to workout has been rather limited due to shoulder surgery. I ride my recumbent bike and put together my own strength workouts to work my lower body and my right upper body. I also do some walking workings by Jessica Smith and AngieFitnessTV while wearing an arm sling. Then Heather Robertson posted this … Continue reading Standing Side Booty (Hip Dip) Workout

At Home Butt & Thigh Workout

At Home Butt & Thigh Workout is short, fast-paced and thorough (for being only 14 minutes) lower body strength workout from Heather Robertson. I used to finish off another workout and it worked well for that. I stacked several of Heather's workouts together to get my hour of work this morning. I started with her … Continue reading At Home Butt & Thigh Workout

Fit Tower: Legs, Glutes & Core

Legs, Glutes & Core is one of Cathe's advanced Fit Tower workouts. The only equipment you need for this workout is all of the Fit Tower equipment: the Fit Tower, a flat 6 foot resistance band, a resistance loop (firewalker) and a yoga mat. This workout also includes an 11:30 minute core bonus--this is in … Continue reading Fit Tower: Legs, Glutes & Core