Popsugar: Butt Lift with Blogilates’s Cassey Ho

PSblogilatesSome of these Popsugar 10 minute workouts get a little confusing. On my workout rotation chart, I wrote Popsugar Butt Lift. Well, on my YouTube 10 Minute playlist I had two different Popsugar Butt Lift workouts. Which did I mean? Since I didn’t know–I did both! So this morning, I had a 20 minute lower body finisher (total time of both Popsugar workouts) after my Cathe Live cardio workout. And my glutes are feeling it!

This Butt Lift is led by Cassey Ho, who has her own fitness channel on YouTube–Blogilates. I have several of her mini workouts saved to playlists but I have not gotten to them yet. However Butt Lift is a very good 10 minute finisher workout. Another one that would be particularly great after a lower body workout. It is high rep mat work. And I felt it! Anna Renderer is present, of course; there are no other exercisers present and no modifications offered.

Butt Lift is 10 minutes long. All you need for this workout is a fitness mat.

Cassey was pretty chatty during this workout. So chatty that I think when doing the other leg on the Half Clam Circles (#4 below) she forgot to reverse the circling motion. Since it seemed to me like we were circling in the same direction for a long time, I just reversed the direction myself!


  1. Dancer’s Sweep (sit on mat with legs in a kind of pretzel: one leg bent w/ ankle to opposite side bottom, the other leg is bent over top of that leg, foot on ground; straighten top leg in front of you and sweep it all the way around behind you until it is bent in attitude and bring it back to start)
  2. Cross Butt Lift and Tap (get on all 4s and bring one knee behind the other calf; lift leg up straight behind you and then return to start, tapping knee on ground–or as closet to the ground as your knee can get without leaning body to side)
  3. Clam Shell (lay on side w/ legs together and bent; keeping heels together, open and close knees
  4. Half Clam Circles (starting in same position as Clam Shell, keep knees together and on ground and lift feet off ground, raise top leg straight to ceiling and circle it while holding bottom leg in starting position–knee to ground and heel raised)
  5. Elevated Clam Shell Left Lift (come into side plank but bottom knee is bent and on the ground; raise and lower top straight leg)
  6. Repeat 3-6 on other side of body

For more info on Popsugar and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.







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