Bikini Body: Bootylicious

bootyliciousI am now a big fan of Tracey Mallett. After doing the fabulous F.I.T. and The Booty Barre: Total New Body, she is filling up my wishlist. Her workouts are hard, effective and she brings such a warm and personable presence to her workouts. She is encouraging and likable and I just love doing workouts led by her, even when she is torturing me! Well, Bootylicious is another tough but effective workout from Tracey. For some reason I thought this one wouldn’t be as tough due to the shorter length and, in a sense, it wasn’t–but for that reason alone–the shorter length! Otherwise it was just as hard as her longer workouts. This DVD contains two 20 minute workouts. You can either do each workout separately or you can do them back to back for a 40 minute workout, which is how I did them today.

The first workout is a cardio + strength workout that works both the upper and lower body, but the focus is the lower body. The second workout is a barre inspired lower body workout that includes mat work. They are both tough and effective workouts. You need light dumbbells for the first workout (I used 5 pound dumbbells) and for the second workout you need a chair or a high step–Tracey used a high stool. You also need a mat.

There is a timer in the lower right hand corner of the screen counting down the the workout time. Tracey shows low impact/easier modifications for many of the exercises.

Workout 1 is 19 minutes long. There is no real warm up; you go straight into the first exercise. There is a 1 minute stretch at the end. For this workout you need light dumbbells and a mat.

  1. “Present” into fly (standing on one leg w/ other leg raised, knee bent, holding DBs w/ elbows at sides and palms facing the ceiling; push arms/DBs out straight in front of you while also straightening raised leg; do this 4 times then you transition to the next part of the move by leaning forward and bringing raised leg out behind you where you will hold it while bringing DBs together under body w/ palms facing each other and fly arms out 4x; do 2 reps of each move 5x and repeat entire sequence on other leg
  2. Long jump/shuffle back (start at back of mat, legs wide enough to straddle mat; jump forward and shuffle back)
  3. Start in a side sumo squat, feet straddling mat and squatting so deeply that elbows are on inside of knees; in this position you will pulse your bottom; this changes to a low curtsy lunge w/ hands on floor–so sequence is deep sumo into curtsy, back to deep sumo then curtsy to other side, back to deep sumo; alternate sides, never raising torso–so staying deep the entire time; it ends with more of the deep pulsing sumos
  4. Standing pendulum hops w/ torso leaning forward slightly and arms out straight at side–straight legs will go far/high out to sides
  5. Curtsy passe (kick one leg out to side, bring toe to side of other knee (balance move) then behind you into curtsy lunge; you will be doing a ballet-type move with your arms while holding DBs)
  6. Circle skaters/shuffle back (you will do skaters straddling the mat but rather than traditional skaters you you bring the leg forward, kind of circling it; 4 skaters forward then shuffle back)
  7. Pulsing plie squats w/ straight arm side lateral raises (holding DBs); she adds a releve (coming up onto toes–while still pulsing in plie squat and doing arm movements); this transitions into holding the plie squat w/ releve and bringing DBs from side of body to overhead, arms still straight
  8. Alternating plyo jump lunges
  9. Modified tricep push ups (get into elbow knee plank; push up from elbows to hands–both hands at the same time)
  10. Raise into a bent knee down dog but on elbows; raise one leg straight behind you and raise and lower it; this changes to bringing knee underneath you toward chin and then pushing toe straight up to ceiling; this changes to hydrant leg to side; this changes to hydrant into kick–still to side of body; repeat entire sequence in bent knee elbow down dog on other side of body
  11. Start in straight arm/wide leg plank (so feet are wide enough apart to straddle mat); push back into down dog, return to plank, then tap one foot forward (bringing foot up to same side hand to tap), tap the other foot forward; keep repeating this sequence

Workout 2 is 19:30 minutes long; again, there is no warm up, you just got straight into the first exercise. There is a 1 minute stretch at the end. A chair/high stool and a mat are needed for this workout. If you are using a chair, the back of the chair will be facing away from you so you can place your palms on the seat of the chair–this will be the position the chair will be in for all of the moves using the chair. You can also use a stool or a high step.

  1. With hands on seat of chair, raise one leg behind you, knee bent, and lift and lower leg; add releve (coming up onto toe of standing leg) while continuing to raise and lower leg; extend this move even more by bringing knee in close to chair and pushing up higher behind you; repeat on other leg
  2. Round house kicks to side with hands still on chair seat; this changes to a round house kick then step/hop to side of mat; this move ends holding leg high out to side of body and bending and straightening knee; repeat on other leg
  3. Hover lunges (get into a lunge on floor, hands still on seat of chair and raise back knee off ground just a few inches; from this hovering position, raise and lower body; then hold in hover and pulse; from hover, abduct knee in and out; this changes to pressing knee in under body while still in hover; repeat on other leg
  4. Arabesque (feet in first position, hands on seat of chair, extend one leg out straight behind you and opposite arm out straight in front of you; from this position bring foot in to back of other knee (attitude) then press back out behind you while also bringing elbow in and pushing arm back out straight in front of you; return to starting position and hold while pulsing leg behind you; add releve while continuing to pulse; repeat on other leg
  5. Get rid of chair and get down on mat and into straight arm side plank; from this position kick straight top leg forward, return to other leg then raise top straight leg, keep alternating these two moves; repeat on other side
  6. Get on hands and knees and lift one straight leg out behind you; keeping leg straight, swing it around to side of body and return to start position; this changes to holding leg straight out to side of body and kicking leg in and out in this position; repeat on other leg
  7. Bridge series: lay on back, feet together, knees bent, hips raised off ground (hips will never touch ground throughout this series), raise one leg; raise and lower hips in this position; straighten raised leg and raise toe to ceiling and down so heel almost touches the ground, hips raised and leg straight; w/ leg held straight to ceiling, raise up on toe of bottom leg and hold; repeat on other leg; next bring both feet back to ground, feet together, hips still raised and pulse hips up; continue this pulse but come up onto toes; hold in bridge, hips raised high and up on toes–in this position, open and close knees





4 thoughts on “Bikini Body: Bootylicious

  1. In your opinion, would you say this is a toning workout with cardio blasts? This and her other bikini body are on my wish list. Thanks for your detailed reviews!


    1. There are two 20 minute workouts on this DVD and the first one is toning alternated with cardio blasts. The second 20 minute workout is a lower body barre and mat workout–no cardio. I loved them both!


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