Boot Camp Body Blast

IMG_2240Boot Camp Body Blast is a new workout by Cathe Friedrich. Unlike her other workouts, it was not produced by her and it is not sold by her. It is sold through IDEA, a health and fitness association. They had a conference this year and Cathe taught a class to other trainers to teach them new training techniques to integrate into their classes. It is labeled as a “master class” and when Cathe was asked about it on her forum, she said it was advanced level. So, of course, I had to have it. An advanced bootcamp class from Cathe? A must own. Like I said, you cannot purchase it from Cathe’s website or Amazon (or, at least not at this point) and I actually pre-ordered it through It’s listed as $44 but I only paid $34 + shipping and handling. I don’t know why either but that’s what they charged me. I am not a member but I did create an account to place the order.

I was psyched! A new advanced bootcamp DVD workout from Cathe! I couldn’t wait. It used some unusual equipment, too–a step at 6 inches, a body bar and a handled resistance tube. Nothing else. So I did this workout this morning and I have to be honest. I was a little disappointed. Let me first say that I did like it. It is a very good workout. But first I had to get past the fact that this is not an advanced workout. No where near advanced. It is intermediate if done the way it is presented and my first time through, that is how I did it. I used my step at 6 inches, my 15 pound body bar and my medium resistance band. And I was never terribly challenged. But I did get a good workout. The time flew by–I seriously was surprised when the workout was over–it was that much fun. My disappointment was totally from my expectations of a hardcore, advanced workout. Now that I know what it is, I will definitely do this workout again. I will do it as presented for days I don’t want something super intense but still want a good workout. However, I will also return to this workout with modifications to make it more challenging. I will raise my step to 8 inches. I will use dumbbells and a barbell for some of the exercises rather than a body bar. Since this workout is currently fresh in my mind, I will be noting below how I plan to increase the intensity when I do this workout again–but that is for my information only since I do not have time to also create a workout card for this workout today.

This is a cardio + strength workout. The workout is set up in 7 rounds. Each round consists of 4 parts: cardio, lower body, upper body and core. Many of the moves are also compound moves, so even if you are working lower body your upper body will be working too. I don’t know the weight of Cathe’s body bar–I only own a 15 pound body bar and a 9 pound body bar, and I only used the 15 pound one in this workout. Due to the fact your hands will be on the step several times, you might want to wear lifting gloves. I didn’t wear them because I knew that you don’t use dumbbells, but I wish I had! The step hurts my hands when used for burpees and push ups. You also do some band pulls and if yours hands are sweaty (mine were) your palms will slip. So again, lifting gloves will help will all of these issues.

This workout is filmed live so there are sound issues. I had to really jack my volume up to hear Cathe talk and you can barely hear the music. But it really didn’t interfere with me enjoying this workout. I could heard the base/beat of the music which was enough for me, and Cathe makes every workout fun. The DVD is broken down into chapters and there is a “Play all” option. Finally–Cathe offers easier modifications for almost every single exercise.

9/21/16 Update: I did this workout again this morning, this time using all of the modifications listed below in the breakdown to increase the intensity–plus my step was at 8 inches. Big difference! I would say that definitely kicked this workout up to the advanced level! I worked so much harder! Again–excellent workout! Oh–and I also cranked the volume up before the workout even started so this morning I heard Cathe tell the class her body bar is 12 pounds–so that solves that mystery!

Boot Camp Body Blast is 55 minutes long; the first minute of it is an intro by Cathe and she is also making sure the sound equipment/music is set up properly, 7:30 minute warm up, and 2 minute stretch. Equipment used by Cathe: step at 6 inches, a medium resistance tube and a 12 pound body bar. My body bar is 15 pounds. Any additional information noted in the breakdown below is for my information in the future when I create the workout card (ideas for making the workout more challenging). Also, for every cardio move (the first move in every round) you will always be on the step, so I will not be noting that in the break down unless needed in the description.

Round 1:

  1. Straddle jump w/ double jump on top of step
  2. Elevated lunges w/ body bar across shoulders (back foot on step) (or 15# DBs)
  3. Tricep dips off step w/ body bar on hips; overhead tricep extensions w/ body bar; ends w/ more tricep dips (or one 25# DB)
  4. Lying on step, do pull overs w/ body bar while also alternating bicycle legs (or one 25# DB)

Round 2:

  1. Jump up on step 16x (these are like power 15s but with shooting a basket arms)
  2. Clean and press w/ body bar while squatting on and off the step (or a barbell at 25#)
  3. Push ups: 8 incline (hands on step–toes), 8 decline (feet on step–toes), 8 close grip tricep push ups–on floor and on knees
  4. Sit on end of step and fold band in half; pull band tight between hands and lean back in C sit–do a Russian Twist w/ band

Round 3:

  1. Burpee w/ double jump on top of step
  2. Side/lateral plie/sumo walks to side w/ body bar across shoulders (or two 12# DBs)
  3. Bicep curls using both body bar and resistance tube at the same time (or instead of body bar use the barbell at 25#–but still use band with it)
  4. Knee in’s in high plank (bring knee to same side elbow on outside of body)

Round 4:

  1. Jump wide on top of step, jump down and do a plyo jack
  2. Curtsy lunges w/ body bar on shoulders, both pulsing and singles (or use a 25# barbell and do the lunges off the top of the step)
  3. Reverse curl w/ overhead press using body bar while also doing alternating front lunges onto the step (or use 25# barbell)
  4. Lying on your back, plant one elbow on the ground with the fingers pointing straight up in the air; the other arm lifts up, raising your torso while your other elbow remains planted on the mat

Round 5:

  1. Fast feet tapping step
  2. Marching sumo squats holding body bar (or holding a 25# DB)
  3. Straight arm side lateral raises using resistance tube
  4. Get into a straight arm plank, hands on end of step; bring one foot up to step, bring foot back and do 2 plank jacks; alternate legs. The move ends with just alternating bringing feet up to step and that changes to a wide jumping mountain climbers

Round 6:

  1. Power turning jump squats w/ one foot always on step
  2. Push press squats (squat off step, alternating sides while also doing overhead press w/ body bar) (or use 25# barbell)
  3. Alternating front lunges onto step while doing posture pulls w/ resistance band (chest fly w/ band); this is alternated with band pulls (hold band in both hands w/ about a foot between hands, palms facing ceiling and elbows close to sides–pull band)
  4. Swim planks (in elbow plank, bring arms around like doing a breath stroke)

Round 7:

  1. While straddling the step, jump forward, jump back then jump on and off step
  2. Single leg deadlift w/ body bar into a front raise then into an upright row (or use 25# barbell)
  3. W bicep curls w/ band
  4. Tricep kickbacks w/ band
  5. Step on band then grab both sides of band in one hand (but not handles–grab lower on the band for more tension), opposite hand is behind head; do standing side bends



6 thoughts on “Boot Camp Body Blast

  1. Thanks for the breakdown and review! Still on the fence on this one, since it’s kind of pricey. I’ll probably end up getting it, though, knowing me… 🙂


    1. I really like it. I need to stop spending money on workout DVDs because I have so many but then my “autobuys” (Cathe, Kelly Coffey-Meyer, Jillian Michaels) keep coming out with new workouts!


      1. I went ahead and got it. I had to get the digital version because the DVDs are sold out. Apparently the digital version gives you access for 36 months, which I’m not thrilled about, but I agree that it is a very good workout! It’s a pretty good level for me for most days; a few of the upper body exercises were too easy, but I can just up the weight instead of using a bar, like you said. But I could see where it wouldn’t be hard enough for many hardcore Cathletes.

        The workout is similar to the version that we did at Cathe’s Road Trip this summer, so that was another reason I wanted it, to remind me of the RT. I’m curious to see how it compares to the new workout coming out with the new series. I asked Cathe about it, but at that point it was too early for her to tell exactly what would be in the new DVDs.

        Thanks again for your review! I agree with the sound issues. Since I was playing it on my computer, I was able to boost the sound a bit, but the music was pretty quiet. Like you said, at least I could still hear the beat, which was the important part. (We’re so spoiled with the great video production that Cathe usually gives us, aren’t we? Even in Cathe Live.)

        I posted a link to your page in one of my Facebook Cathe groups, so hopefully that will send some more traffic your way!


      2. Thanks! I really want to do this workout again soon–using the heavier weights and higher step. I’m considering just subbing it out for tomorrow’s workout. Whenever I do (tomorrow or later) I will update the review.


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