Strong & Sweaty: Bootcamp

ssbootcampAnother bootcamp workout from Cathe. I love bootcamp workouts so I was looking forward to this one. I love her Boot Camp Body Blast and her original Bootcamp workout, as well as her Cathe Live bootcamp workouts. The ICE Boot Camp Circuit workout was a bit of a disappointment for me because it was so easy and I’ve never returned to it, so I was hoping for something more intense. Cathe delivers with this one. Not the most intense bootcamp workout I’ve ever done, but it did give me a very good total body cardio + strength workout. I do have to add that still, nothing tops Cathe’s original Bootcamp workout. It is still the very best and most intense bootcamp workout out there. (I suddenly feel an intense need to do it again–pulling out rotation calendar and white out….)

The structure of this workout is 6 rounds; each rounds has 4 exercises; a cardio exercise, a lower body exercise, a compound exercise and an upper body exercise. Cathe shows a modified version of every cardio move. She has some different exercises in this workout than what I’ve seen in her other workouts. She has several dumbbell “toss” exercises. When she uses the word “toss,” she just means passing the dumbbell from hand to hand, not actually tossing it. This made it hard to use a sufficiently heavy weight for me. I was able to use 15 pounds for the Squat Toss, but for the Side-to-Side Toss Lunges I had to modify the move slightly to use a 15 pound dumbbell–instead of tossing, I shifted the dumbbell side to side. If I used lighter dumbbells like Cathe did, the “tossing” wouldn’t have been a problem–but then I also wouldn’t have gotten as good of a workout.

Bootcamp is part of the Strong & Sweaty Series. There is a free digital handbook associated with the series that has all kinds of information–including several rotations. I created my own workout cards prior to doing all of the Strong & Sweaty workouts (but Cathe even includes workout cards in the handbook that you can print out and use), so all I am listing below are the weights Cathe uses. I chose my weights prior to doing the workout for the first time. Though I lifted heavier than Cathe on many of the dumbbell exercises, I (surprisingly) found 20 pounds for the barbell appropriate for the exercises that use the barbell. There were one or two (like diagonal front lunges) that I will probably just substitute two 15 pound dumbbells in the future, but most of the barbell exercises worked very well with just 20 pounds.

The first time I did this workout I planned to do the premix that adds the bonus abs onto the end–but the premix was messed up. It skipped right over the first cardio segment. So I just did the main workout then added the bonus abs on afterward. I checked it later on my computer and sure enough, it wasn’t my DVD player that screwed it up. That segment was just cut out. There may be more segments cut out, I don’t know since I didn’t end up doing the premix, but be warned!

Finally, just like all of the workouts in the Strong & Sweaty Series, the Bonus Ab segment is included (breakdown below).

Bootcamp is 44 minutes long; 4 minute warm up and 3:30 minute cool down. Equipment needed: step @ 8 inches, dumbbells, barbell set at 20 pounds and a fitness mat.

Round #1:

  1. Plunge Lunges
  2. Elevated Lunges (20# BB)
  3. Static Lunge & Front Side Raise (8# DBs)
  4. Bicep Curls (15# DBs)

Round #2:

  1. Wide Box Jumps / Plyo Jacks / Power 7s
  2. Marching Sumos (20# BB)
  3. Front Swing Overhead Press (10# DBs)
  4. Push Ups

Round #3:

  1. Squats in a Box
  2. Cross Back Lunge Sumo Squat (one 10# DB)
  3. Single Leg Deadlift w/ Front Raise & Upright Row (20# BB)
  4. Tricep Dips (20# BB)

Round #4:

  1. Squat Thrust / 2 Plank Jacks / Box Jumps
  2. Squat Toss (transfer one DB from hand to hand as you squat) (one 10# DB)
  3. Rear Lunge w/ Overhead Press (2 triples/4 singles) (20# BB)
  4. One Arm Back Fly & Reverse Fly (12# DBs)

Round #5:

  1. 2 Straddle Jumps
  2. Side-to-Side Toss Lunges (one 12# DB)
  3. Cross Over Top Clean & Press (20# BB)
  4. W Curls (12# DBs)

Round #6:

  1. Swim Lunges & Peak Lunges
  2. Diagonal Front Lunges (20# BB)
  3. Pullovers & Chest Flys (12# DBs)
  4. Kickback Planks (one 10# DB)

Bonus Abs is 13 minutes long. This is a tough and unique little Ab bonus. Cathe used a lot of familiar core exercises but put a new spin on them, making this fresh and different from what she has done in the past. I haven’t even seen these moves in her live workouts! Equipment needed: 8 pound dumbbells and a fitness mat.

  1. Roll Downs (as you roll down you pause at 3 different levels and hold to the count of 8 each time)
  2. Reverse Crunch & Pilate Press (lay flat on back, head down, knees bent and raised; do reverse crunch into straight legs twice; then hold straight legs a few inches off floor and raise head/shoulders, arms straight at sides (but off ground); pump arms 8 times; repeat these two exercises)
  3. Side Plank Elevated Toe Taps (straight arm side plank with feet staggered, bottom foot in front of top foot and back leg bent; raise and lower hips while lifting bottom leg and tapping toe with top hand)
  4. Rope Climb (in C sit with feet elevated, do rope climbs)
  5. L Position Leg Circles (lay on back with straight legs in “L” position; do small circles with leg that is raised to ceiling)
  6. Weighted Sit Ups (holding one DB in both hands, do a full butterfly sit up, doing a pullover with DB at bottom and raising DB overhead at top)
  7. Sit Up Twist (still holding one DB in both hands, do a full sit up and at the top, twist DB to side of body while same side leg raises and at bottom do a pullover; this changes to Russian Twists–these are done pulsing and slow singles)
  8. L Position Pull Overs (lay on back holding both DBs straight to ceiling with straight legs also raised to ceiling; slowly scissor straight legs while also doing DB pullovers)
  9. Plank Complex (start in straight arm plank; tap your lower back with same side arm (do both arms), then tap hand to opposite foot under the body (both sides), do a push up and raise into soldier plank (raising opposite hand and arm), do another push up and a soldier plank on other side of body)


Basic Premixes
#1 Warm Up + Rounds 1-6 + Bonus Abs + Stretch (56:14)
Timesaver Premixes
#1 Warm Up + Rounds 1-3 + Stretch (25:29)
#2 Warm Up + Rounds 1-4 + Stretch (31:36)
#3 Warm Up + Rounds 1-5 + Stretch (37:51)
#4 No Cardio Exercises (35:37)
#5 No Lower Body Exercises (33:59)
#6 No Metabolic Exercises (34:39)
#7 No Upper Body Exercises (35:22)
Mish Mosh Premixes
Extreme #1: (Double It) Warm Up + Rounds 1-6 + Rounds 1-6 + Stretch (80:34)
Extreme #2: Warm Up + Rounds 1-6 + Round 2 + Round 3 + Round 5 + Stretch (62:12)
Extreme #3: (Includes Bonus Abs Mixed In) Warm Up + Round 1 + Bonus Abs (Roll Downs + Reverse Crunch & Pilate Presses) + Round 2 + Bonus Abs (Side Plank Elevated Toe Taps) + Round 3 + Bonus Abs (Side Tap Obliques) + Round 4 + Bonus Abs (Rope Climb) + Round 5 + Bonus Abs (L Position Circles) + Round 6 + Bonus Abs (Weighted Sit Ups + Sit Up Twist + L Position Pullovers Plank Complex) + Stretch (57:18)
Scrambled #1: Warm Up + Rounds 4-6 + Rounds 1-3 + Stretch (43:44)
Scrambled #2: Warm Up + Round 1 + Round 5 + Round 3 + Round 4 + Round 2 + Round 6 + Stretch (44:07)


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