ICE: Boot Camp Circuit

ICEBCCBoot Camp Circuit is a fun, intermediate level total body metabolic strength + cardio workout. I really enjoyed it. However, it is definitely a step down from Cathe‘s original Bootcamp workout as well as her Drill Max. Having done all of the ICE workouts at least once, I would rate this one as the most “intermediate” of the 7 workouts in the ICE (Intermediate Conditioning Extreme) fitness program. I automatically lifted heavier than Cathe on nearly every exercise to get the best workout possible. And I did get a good workout. Amanda modifies some exercises taking the workout down to beginner level if necessary. Some of the cardio blasts are modified versions of more intense blasts (from other Cathe workouts) even without an Amanda modification. For instance–one armed burpees… on a 10 inch step. Not a terribly difficult move on a 10 inch step. On the floor–very challenging. And you could do that (take it to the floor) to increase the intensity, but the exercise goes by much quicker using a step than on the floor, so you won’t get in as many reps as Cathe is doing on the step. Other obvious things you could do (other than lifting heavier weights) is doing all of your push ups on your toes and on the floor (rather than incline push ups). Uneven squats (#13) hold a dumbbell. Straddle jumps (#5)–don’t take the breaks between sets; when Cathe does straddle jumps in other workouts she does 16-24 without any break–so just do straddle jumps straight through the entire sequence. You can actually do that last one on a few other cardio blasts as well.

Also included on this DVD is the Blizzard Blast, Muscle Meltdown for biceps and Icy Core #1. The first time I did this workout I did premix #2 which adds the Muscle Meltdown to the end of the workout and the second time I did this workout I did premix#4 which adds the Blizzard Blast to the end, and finally, for my doubles workout today I did premix #7 which is 4 rounds of the Muscle Meltdown. So far I have really liked all of the ICE workouts but those Muscle Meltdowns are very awesome little bonuses and with the right weights you can make them any level you want–from beginner to advanced. They will completely fry whatever muscle group they are focusing on.

Boot Camp Circuit is 45 minutes long; 5:30 minute warm up and 4 minute stretch. Equipment: step at 8 inches + 2 extra risers and a variety of dumbbells. Each circuit is cardio followed by lower body strength, followed by upper body strength and ending with core.


  1. Plunge lunge off back of step
  2. Elevated lunges (back foot elevated on step); Cathe uses 12# DB, I used 15# DB
  3. Tricep overhead extension; Cathe uses 10# DB, I used 12# DB
  4. Heel tap crunches (lay on back, legs bent and raised off floor, head/shoulders raised; finger tips will tap heels in this position in a fast pulsing pace)
  5. Straddle jumps on step
  6. Marching sumos (hold one DB in both hands and squat down into sumo squat and march in place while turning in a circle); Cathe uses 8# DB, I used 20# DB,
  7. Incline push ups (push ups w/ hands on step; Cathe alternates between push ups on your knees and push ups on your toes)
  8. Single arm swimmer strokes (in elbow plank, alternate circling each arm as if swimming)
  9. Straddle jumps w/ burpees off the step
  10. Back lunges off step (reverse lunge off step and pulse); Cathe uses 10# DB, I used 15# DB
  11. Overhead press/Upright row superset; Cathe uses 10# DB, I used 12# DB
  12. Standing side bend crunches; 15# DB
  13. Uneven squat (add extra risers to step, bringing it to 10 inches; with one foot on step pulse squat then jump over; do 3 pulse squat/jumps and 2 single uneven squat/jumps)
  14. Step ups (one foot stays on step, the other foot lunges back then you raise up, stepping onto step); Cathe uses 12# DB, I used 15# DB
  15. Bicep Curls; Cathe uses 10# DB, I used 15# DB
  16. Forward swooping lunge w/ twist
  17. One arm burpee (hand goes on step)
  18. Cross back curtsy lunges off step (first set you pulse 15x, last 2 sets you pulse 7x); 15# DB
  19. Lateral raises (start alternating raises, then raise both arms, then pulse 4x at the top, finish with holding isometrically); Cathe uses 5# DB, I used 8# DB
  20. L crunches (lay on back, head/neck raised, legs raises in L position; pulse up once, then twice, then 3x, then 4x; switch legs and repeat)
  21. Step knee tap down w/ lift on corner of step
  22. Drop squat off end of step; Cathe uses 15# DB; I used 20# DB
  23. One arm wide row; Cathe uses 15# DB, I used 20# DB
  24. Squat w/ knee twist (holding one DB in both hands, squat and raise knee, twisting DB toward raised knee; alternate sides); Cathe uses 8# DB, I used 12# DB

Blizzard Blast (12 minutes): This blizzard blast is set up the same as the main workout, all Cathe does is add on two more rounds. The rounds are a bit more intense than the rounds in the main workout but not crazy intense. The blast starts with the step at 10 inches (3 risers each side), so the main workout flows right into to the blast, no equipment changes necessary.

  1. Jump wide onto step, jump of and do plyo jack
  2. Leg abduction w/ front swing (one foot on step and swinging DB like a kettlebell); Cathe uses 8#DB, I used 10# DB
  3. Rear delt fly, 3 sets of 10 reps; 10# DB
  4. Side plank hip lift
  5. Plie jack butt kicks (plie jack then place hands on step and butt kick), 3 sets of 8 reps
  6. Air squats
  7. Tricep dips off step (32 fast w/ both hands, 8 slower w/ one leg, change legs and do 8 more)
  8. Butterfly sit ups (on back, knees bent, soles of feet touching and legs open; alternate sit ups w/ straight arms w/ hands behind head)

Muscle Meltdown/Biceps (15:30 minutes): for this workout you need a stability ball and dumbbells. Cathe used 10 and 12 pound dumbbells, I used 15 pound dumbbells for everything. You do 5 exercises, 12 reps of every exercises and you repeat all 5 exercises 3 times.

  1. Standing bicep curl
  2. Standing hammer curl
  3. Preacher curl w/ stability ball
  4. Incline hammer curl on ball
  5. Concentration curls sitting on ball

Icy Core #1 is 11 minutes long; you will need a mat and a set of dumbbells; Cathe uses 5 pound dumbbells and I used 8 pound dumbbells. This is an excellent core workout. Not the hardest I’ve ever done but I was challenged and felt it.

  1. Side to Side Rowers holding one DB in both hands (this is similar to a Russian Twist except you do a rowing motion w/ arms/DB)
  2. Pullover Extensions: lay on back holding both DB and raise bent knees; extend both feet and arms/DBs to 2/2 count and bring back in
  3. Sit Up Leg Lift w/ Weight: holding one DB in both hands and do full sit up, at top of move lift one leg, reaching DB toward lifted leg; alternate legs
  4. Lying Up and Pullovers: put one DB on floor between feet, legs straight and hands behind head; lift one leg up and over DB tapping heel to other toe; while doing this move you will be crunching upper body
  5. Hands to Heels Crunches: lay on back with legs raised and bent, head/shoulders raised; pulse up while tapping fingertips to heels
  6. Leg Chasers: lay on back, hands behind head and bicycle bent legs while also lifting head/shoulders; similar to bicycle except you do not rotate torso, you just lift straight up (so it is not an oblique move)
  7. Slow Bike Maneuver: this time you actually do a bicycle maneuver except you do it slow and hold isometrically each side while pulsing the straightened leg 2x; after doing that for a while you go into regular bicycle maneuver
  8. Reverse Crunches
  9. Swimmer Stroke Planks: get into elbow plank and circle arms in a back stroke; alternate arms
  10. Elbow to Knee Planks: still in elbow plank bring knee to same side arm on outside of body; alternate legs
  11. Full Body Breast Stroke: lay on stomach, lift legs, arms, head and chest off ground and circle arms around like in a breast stroke while also opening and closing legs
Basic Premixes
  • #1 Warm Up + Main Routine + Icy Core 1 + Stretch – 55:42
  • #2 Warm Up + Main Routine + Muscle Meltdown – Biceps + Stretch – 60:01
  • #3 Warm Up + Main Routine + Muscle Meltdown – Biceps + Icy Core 1 + Stretch – 71:04
  • #4 Warm Up + Main Routine + Blizzard Blast + Stretch – 56:39
  • #5 Warm Up + Main Routine + Blizzard Blast + Icy Core 1 + Stretch – 67:41
  • #6 Warm Up + Main Routine + Blizzard Blast + Muscle Meltdown – Biceps + Icy Core 1 + Stretch – 83:02
  • #7 Muscle Meltdown (4 Rounds): Warm Up + Muscle Meltdown – Biceps Rounds 1-3 + Round 3 Repeated + Stretch – 30:10
Timesaver Premixes
  • #1 Warm Up + Blizzard Blast + Stretch – 21:48
  • #2 Warm Up + Muscle Meltdown – Biceps + Stretch – 25:12
  • #3 Warm Up + Blizzard Blast + Muscle Meltdown – Biceps + Stretch – 37:10
  • #4 No Abs: Warm Up + Main Routine (no abs) + Stretch – 35:54
  • #5 No Upper Body: Warm Up + Main Routine (no upper body) + Stretch – 34:54
  • #6 No Abs or Upper Body: Warm Up + Main Routine (no upper body or abs) + Stretch – 26:06
  • #7 Upper Body Only: Warm Up + Upper Body Only Exercises + Stretch – 19:36
  • #8 Upper Body & Abs: Warm Up + Upper Body + Abs Only Exercises + Stretch – 28:23
MishMosh Premixes
  • Scrambled #1 Changes the order of some rounds and mixes in Blizzard Blast intervals. – 56:39
  • Scrambled #2 Mixes all 3 Muscle Meltdown – Biceps rounds throughout the workout. All ab sections at end of workout. – 71:04
  • Scrambled Express with Blizzard Blast Mixes in all of the rounds from Blizzard Blast with some of the rounds from the main workout. – 38:52
  • Double It #1 Warm Up + Main Routine + Main Routine + Stretch – 79:31
  • Double It + BB #2 Warm Up + Main Routine + Main Routine + Blizzard Blast + Stretch – 91:29

5 thoughts on “ICE: Boot Camp Circuit

  1. First, I just love your reviews! I’m a huge Cathe fan – been working out to her exclusively for about 15 years. I was looking for unbiased reviews to help plan my rotations and found your awesome blog! 😁 I wanted to make a comment specific to ICE Bootcamp. I think your original post was more negative in that you felt it just wasn’t challenging enough. I agree that the base workout is lacking a bit but found that if you tack on the blizzard blast it definitely tips it over the edge. I only do it with the blast now and feel I get a very nice cardio/weight workout. Please keep doing your reviews … I love them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I actually have done ICE boot camp with the blizzard blast–a lot! When I was going through cancer treatment in 2018 it was one of my go-to workouts. It was the perfect level for me. I did that review back in 2016 when I was probably at my strongest and fittest. I honestly cannot workout at the level I did back then anymore, so workouts that were too easy for me back then are frequently the perfect level for me now.


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