Cathe Live: Crush it/Low Impact

crushItLowImpactLive-1-7-16I was very excited when Cathe announced this Live workout because I love her new Low Impact Sweat workout from her ICE fitness program so much. And this is a good workout, but I did not love it nearly as much as Low Impact Sweat. It’s not nearly as intense and it is not completely low impact either. None of this makes it a bad workout. At 35 minutes it is a good little cardio workout and I will probably return to as a doubles workout, but neither is it an “awesome” workout. My heart rate never got super high but I did burn 249 calories according to my Fitbit–so not a major burn, but decent for 30 minutes. The workout starts with a lot of low impact moves that use the mat as a marker on the floor then halfway through you put the mat away and use dumbbells. That’s when the intensity goes up a bit higher, IMHO. She uses a lot of the non-step moves from Low Impact Sweat, but a lot of other moves as well. And as I mentioned above, there is jumping in this workout. No tuck jumps or burpees, but there is impact.

Crush it: Low Impact is 35:30 minutes long; 5:30 minute warm up and 4:30 minute cool down. You need a mat and some dumbbells. Cathe used 3s and 5s, I used 5s and 8s. It aired live on 1/07/16 and here is the video clip. As soon as the warm up is complete, open up your mat so it is straight out in front of you (lengthwise).

  1. Wide steps across the mat, traveling to the top of the mat and back to the end where you started;
  2. 3 side lunges into an abductions, you lunge across the mat; 7 reps each side;
  3. L slides around corner of mat (you are using the mat as a marker and just making the shape of an L as you step);
  4. Squat digs;
  5. L slides on other side;
  6. Squat digs;
  7. Sumo pulse walks (use mat as marker, straddling and holding DBs under chin) (Cathe uses 5# DBs, I used 8# DBs);
  8. (change position of mat so it is now horizontal in front of you) Circle jumps w/ knee up (circle arms and jump with one foot on corner of mat then bring outside knee to opposite elbow 7 times, alternate sides);
  9. (put mat away) Shot put throw (hold 5# DB in one hand, shuffle forward then punch DB forward, shuffle back);
  10. Ice breakers;
  11. Shot put throw (other side);
  12. Pivoting apple pickers (she is actually jumping);
  13. Forward pick up lunge (lunge forward and place DB on floor, stand and raise knee at top, lunge forward and pick up DB) (Cathe uses 5# DB, I used 8# DB);
  14. Squat press squat lunge (Cathe uses one 5# and one 3# DB held in one hand, I used one 8# DB);
  15. Long reach lunges;
  16. Dynamic explosive side lunges (Cathe uses one 5# DB, I used one 8# DB);
  17. Lateral jumps holding the same DB from #16;
  18. Pull and pound (while in lunge, jump while pulling down with both arms, then jump again while pounding down fist with one hand);
  19. High/low jabs with little jumps;
  20. High speed squat abductions;
  21. Alternating side leg abductions;
  22. Do leg abductions faster with overhead arm movements but all to same side.



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