Cathe’s Drill Max

Drill Max is incredible! I almost didn’t buy this workout (amazing, I know, because when it comes to Cathe, I haven’t been very discriminating–if she creates it, I will buy it). However, I do avoid the majority of her step-cardio workouts because the choreography in those is very complex. I knew there was step involved in Drill Max, so initially I didn’t bother with it while hoarding Cathe workouts because I was associating it with her Imax and Body Max workouts–all of which have complex choreography. Come to find out that Drill Max is a bootcamp style workout with very basic but intense choreography.

Drill Max is a cardio + strength full body workout–my favorite kind of workout. And it is long. It says it’s 72 minutes long, but it is longer than that–77 minutes, actually. I adore this workout.  I was drenched in sweat and, due to the length and intensity of the workout, by the end my form was starting to suffer a tad–but nevertheless, I loved the length. Drill Max, of course, has premixes so you can have shorter workouts if you wish, but I really love it just the way it is. With that said, it has 3 cardio-only premixes that I know I will use frequently.

My one warning is, don’t expect to get the best strength workout. It is good but not great. I would have liked more back work and most of the muscle groups (except the lower body) are hit only once. The lower body gets a good amount of work since it is hit in every drill. The real value in Drill Max is the cardio. It is a great cardio workout with good strength work. The best way to use it is in combination with other strength work. For example, lifting heavy 2 days in the week and using Drill Max as your 3rd strength workout the same week. Or doing muscle splits all week and finishing the week out with Drill Max. At least, that’s how I plan to use it.

Equipment needed: a step at 6 inches, a stability ball, dumbbells, a yoga mat and a dynaband. She uses the dynaband as a resistance band and as a firewalker, so if you have firewalkers, grab those, too. Cathe uses 3, 5 and 10 pound dumbbells. Normally I would think these are too light, but this is a fast-paced workout in which you are constantly moving. For most of the moves, I found the weights adequate. There were a few exercises I would pyramid up the next time, but for the most part, it worked.

The workout consists of 6 circuits and each circuit starts with cardio, followed by lower body strength work and ending with upper body strength work.

It is 77 minutes long; 10 minute warm up, 62 minute training time and 5 minute stretch.

Drill circuit #1:
Cardio using 5 pound dumbbells
Low Squats with hammer curls w/dumbbells
Military presses w/dumbbells
Rotational lunges with overhead presses and front raises w/dumbbells

Drill circuit #2:
Cardio using the 6 inch step
Plie squats/plie hops w/ dumbbells
Scapular retractions with dynaband
Dive bomber and core push ups

Drill circuit #3:
Cardio using the stability ball
Wall squats with stability ball and dumbbells
Bicep curls on stability ball

Drill circuit #4:
Cardio using 6 inch step
Leg work with the firewalker (or using the dynaband as a firewalker)
Glute squeezes on stability ball
Stability ball push ups
Rear delt presses with dumbbells

Drill circuit #5
Cardio is agility training–lots of jumping
Walking lunges with lateral raises (using dumbbells)
Leaning on stability ball, front and side raises w/ dumbbells
Wide/straight rear flys (still on stability ball) w/dumbbells

Drill circuit #6
Cardio is football drills using the step as a prop (you don’t actually climb it)
Squat thrusts with tuck jumps and jumping on/over step
Lunges and power scissors while holding stability ball
Tricep dips on stability ball
Seesaw push ups on stability ball
Side plank push ups with dumbbells


Timesaver Cardio Blast (just the cardio portion of the drills) 39 minutes

Ultra Cardio Blast (just the cardio portion of the drills, each done twice) 64 minutes

Scrambled Cardio Blast (just the cardio portion of the drills, the order scrambled and two of them repeated) 46 minutes

Cardio Leg Blast 57 minutes

Cardio and all Upper Body 60 minutes

Total Body (no cardio) 52 minutes

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