Cathe’s Total Body Trisets

Total Body Trisets consists of two strength workouts from Cathe. It is another of her split series workouts: Upper Body Split and Lower Body Split. But of course, that isn’t the only way to do these muscle splits. See the premix section below for the many permutations on different ways to do these muscle splits. Total Body Trisets is also part of Cathe’s Low Impact Series. This is probably just due to my own ignorance, but I’m not aware of high impact strength training. Now, I do know that in some of Cathe’s strength workouts she does lunge jumps as part of a lower body move, which is plyometic/high impact, but that isn’t the norm. For most weight training, there isn’t any impact. However, Cathe does mention when demonstrating some of the exercises that they are easier on the joints. However, to be honest, lunges are probably pretty hard on joints as far as lower body exercises go and there are a lot of lunges in the Lower Body Split. My guess is that she needed some serious strength work in her Low Impact Series, so here it is.

The exercises are separated into trisets and each triset is repeated once. In addition, the body parts are grouped. For instance, chest/shoulders/triceps are worked together. A triset is 3 exercises, so the triset contains a chest move, a shoulder move and a tricep move. There are 3 trisets for each muscle grouping (and, as mentioned before, each triset is repeated). The warm up and stretch is the same for both the upper and lower body workouts.

Upper Body Split is 56 minutes; 4 minute warm up, 48 minute training period and 4 minute stretch. Equipment used in this workout is stability ball, dumbbells and a yoga mat. Another great and effective strength workout from Cathe. It is unique, fast-paced and hits all major muscle groups (some better than others). It is not my favorite Cathe strength workout, but still a very good one. The use of the stability ball added a new element to some of the moves that I really liked.

Upper Body Split consists of 6 trisets (and each triset is done twice). The first 3 trisets work chest, shoulders and triceps and last 3 trisets work back, biceps and core.

Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

1st Triset:

Alternate one arm/one leg plank with push ups

Incline dumbbell press on stability ball

Lying tricep extensions on stability ball


2nd Triset:

Leg crossover push ups

Incline shoulder arcs on stability ball

Tricep kickbacks while in plank


3rd Triset:

Alternating chest flys on stability ball

External rotations with lateral raises

Modified dive bombers


Back, Biceps and Core

1st Triset:

One arm rows w/ other hand on stability ball and opposite leg raise

Incline bicep curls on stability ball

Stability ball crunches with 8 pound weight held overhead


2nd Triset:

Dumbbell pullovers on stability ball

Simultaneous bicep curls

Stability ball exchanges


3rd Triset:

Rear delt flys on stability ball

Concentration curls on stability ball

Reverse crunches with stability ball pressed against shins (legs in air)


Lower Body Split is 39 minutes; 4 minute warm up, 31 minute training time and 4 minute stretch. For this workout you will need the high step at 12 inches, a stability ball, dumbbells and dixie cups (or some other pair of small objects—I used wash cloths; you will be putting them on the ground and picking them up). The lower body has 3 trisets, each repeated once. It is shorter than the upper body split, but in some ways more intense. It moves fast and really gets the heart rate up, so there is definitely a cardio element. It also consists of some unique and effective exercises. I really, really liked this lower body workout.

1st Triset:

Stability ball wall squats with dumbbells

Dixie cup front lunges

Dixie cup side lunges


2nd Triset

Step ups on high step into reverse lunges (when you step down) with dumbbells

Elevated lunges (one foot on high step) with Dixie cups

Dumbbell Squats


3rd Triset

Deadlifts with dumbbells

One-legged crossover dip squats with dumbbells (for this one you use 5 pound dumbbells because you are just putting them down and picking them up; you are also balancing on one leg)

Hamstring/glute roll-ins on ball


Premixes: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps 31 minutes, Back/Biceps/Core 34 minutes, Total Body 86 minutes, Total Body Express 49 minutes, Upper Body Express 19 minutes, Lower Body Express 24 minutes, Total Body Scrambled Express 48 minutes, Lower Body JFO 38 minutes (I don’t know what JFO means).

8 thoughts on “Cathe’s Total Body Trisets

  1. U mentioned that this isn’t ur favorite strength of cathes, which one is? Years ago, I found a list on the forums of cathes workouts listed from hardest to easiest. Did u see it? I would love to find a new list that included the more recent workouts


    1. For upper body strength–her Ripped w/ HIIT upper body workouts are some of my favorites. I also love her Gym Styles upper body workouts. STS Total Body is my favorite total body strength workout. And all of Cathe’s lower body workouts are excellent. Gym Styles lower body is tough, Ripped w/ HIIT lower body is tough, Butts & Guts is super tough.

      And I do remember seeing that list once but I don’t remember where it is. Probably somewhere her forum. You can always search her forum.


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