STS Weeks 5 & 6 (Workouts 7, 8 & 9)

meso1For more information on the STS program see STS Overview and Prep.


I was excited about new STS workouts. That is one thing I am loving about this program—every two weeks (every week if you do the 3.5 month rotation) I get new strength workouts. In addition, I am already seeing results—particularly in the strength department. Anyway, I printed out my workout cards for workouts 7, 8 & 9 and look with horror what I am supposed to be lifting in workout 8 for back rows. 105 pounds! I lifted 75 last week! The workout card even says it is supposed to be 65% of my 1RM—which is the same as workouts 4, 5 & 6. It makes no sense! But as it turns out, it is just some glitch in the workout card software. So… where did the extra 30 pounds come from? I went to the STS handbook and read about workouts 7, 8 & 9. It stated that we will not be increasing weight with these workouts and that we will remain at 65% of our 1RM. So, my weights should not have changed. And for the rest of the exercises they did not. So I am just going to lift 75 pounds for back rows. If my workout cards continue to have inconsistencies like that I will figure up my own poundage for the exercises with the software glitch. For these workouts it was only that one exercise. And figuring up your own percentage isn’t hard. Workout manager already figures out your 1RM for the exercise. Just grab a calculator and figure out the weight you actually use based on the percentage. For example, my 1RM for chest flys is 45 pounds. 45 x .65 = 29.25. So 65% of my 1RM for chest flys is 29 pounds, which is exactly what my workout cards say. I just round it up to 30 pounds.


Here is something else I have been noticing. This really isn’t a big deal as it doesn’t detract from getting an excellent workout and it really doesn’t make me like Cathe as a trainer any less; however, I am noticing repetition. Not the obvious repetition—some of the exercises are repeated. The repetition is in things Cathe says. It’s weird, too, because it’s not just similar, but identical. Almost like parts of earlier workouts are edited in—but I know that isn’t the case at all because not only are Cathe and crew dressed differently in each workout, but it each workout is one smooth ongoing sequence–editing cuts like in some of her other workouts (Crossfire, To the Max, Xtrain), which makes them work very smoothly for the many premixes are not present. For instance, in some of the workouts at the end of the warm up she comments on how excited she is to get started with the workout—and, in more than one workout, the comment is identical—including the odd hesitation in her speech when she says it (which btw is not typical for Cathe—she doesn’t hesitate when she speaks, so this stands out). Other identical comments make more sense—she will explain form when doing an exercise. She is a trainer who teaches classes at her own gym and trains people, so I’m sure some of her descriptions are rote and memorized. Still, when you do similar (yet different) workouts each week, you pick up on these things. Finally, there are comments that are referring to earlier workouts as if she has them mixed up! For instance in workout #9 Legs, you do 45 degree lunges once. You don’t alternate legs either, you do 15 reps on one side, then 15 reps on the other side. In Workout #6 Legs, you do 45 degree lunges twice—first you alternate legs, and the second time you do all reps on one side, then all the reps on the other side (just like in workout #9). Well, when you get to 45 degree lunges in workout #9, she states that “this time” we are going to do all of the reps on one side first “instead” of alternating like we did “last time.” Except we didn’t do that exercise earlier—this is the first (and only) time it is done in workout #9. Another time that stands out was workout #5 Back and Triceps. You double up your dynaband and do lat pulls downs. In Workout #2, you do this also, but you do lat pull downs twice. First with the band not doubled as one of your first exercises—kind of a warm up after the warm up. Then when you do it again later in the workout you have the band doubled for more resistance. Well, in workout #5 you only do it one time—no warm up lat pull down. But when you do it, she refers back to doing it in the warm up… except that didn’t happen in workout #5. Anyway, none of these things are big deals, but they do jump out at me.


And finally, during this two week period I had my own glitch. I had planned to do doubles on my strength days throughout STS, but week 6 I had to workout overtime. I cannot workout overtime and do doubles. On a normal day (Monday through Friday) I get up at 4:30am and workout for an hour. Then if I do doubles, I do a 30-40 minute workout when I get home from work. I still have to shower, make dinner and make my lunch for the next day before I can finally relax. Well, none of that can happen when I work overtime. I go into work earlier and get off work later. So I get up at 4:00am to get in my morning workout (and don’t eat breakfast until I get to work). Which means, I have to go to bed earlier as well. So, unfortunately, no doubles on overtime weeks.

*** This is being added at the end of the two weeks, on my rest day. I have a few pounds I need to loose, which I have been unsuccessful doing so far on STS. This past week, the only things I did different was not do doubles–and I finally dropped the pounds I’ve been trying to drop! Since doubles suck up what little time I have anyway (not just the 30-40 minute workout, but showering afterward, too), I decided to stop doing doubles for a while and see if I continue to get the results I want. I have some ideas–sometimes adding on very short cardio segments after my strength workout so that I am getting something. And of course days I am off workout (which I have several coming up in the next few weeks), I’ll just tack a cardio workout on right after I finish my strength work.


Disk 7 Chest, Shoulders and Biceps 55 minutes; 4 minute warm up, 51:30 training time, 30 second stretch. The dropsets, 21s and push ups just don’t stop coming. This was tough! What’s new, right? The first thing I want to point out is that 50 push ups are so much easier at the beginning of a workout (like in Disk #4) than at the end. I did stay on my toes, but I kept thinking all throughout those drops sets that I was not going to be able to stick out, that I would drop to my knees.

Equipment needed: bench or step with 5 risers, chair, stability ball, barbell, dumbbells and dynaband.



Crossover Pushups

Standing Overhead Press Both Arms—dropsets (dumbbell)

Standing Overhead Press Both Arms—dropsets (dumbbell)

Standing Overhead Press Both Arms—dropsets (dumbbell)

Barbell Curl

Pushups on Stability Ball Elmo Style

Standing Front Raise (barbell)

Seated Incline Hammer Curls Both Arms

Chest Flys (Flat Bench) (dumbbell)

Seated Overhead Press (dumbbell)

Preacher Curl on Stability Ball One Arm (dumbbell)

Push Ups – Standard 1.5 count

Push Up Wide 1.5 count

Push Ups – 30 Standard

Alternating Seated Overhead Shoulder Press (dumbbell)

Seated Barbell Isolation Curls (chair)

Chest Flys on Stability Ball (dumbbell)

Lateral Side to Front Combo (dumbbell)

Incline Band Hammer Curl (bench/step)

Straddle Pushups (step)

Side Leaning Lateral Raise (dumbbell)

Seated Curls Alternating + Both Arms (dumbbell)

Staggered Pushups

Bow and Arrow w/ Band

Barbell Curl Wide Grip

Pushups Drop Sets   14  

Pushups Drop Sets   12  

Pushups Drop Sets   10  

Pushups Drop Sets   8  

Pushups Drop Sets   6  

Standing Upright Rows (barbell)

Alternating Standing Curls

Pushups 21s

Standing Barbell Front Press 21s

Barbell Curl Narrow Grip 21s


Disk 8 Back and Triceps 56 minutes, 3:30 minute warm up, 52 minute training time, 45 second stretch. It seems like, at least for Mesocycle 1, the Back and Tricep workouts are my favorite. I just really enjoyed this one. But my back has always been my favorite muscle group to work. And this workout really challenges me in new and heavier ways! After the warm up, you get another warm up—a strength warm up consisting of exercises for the back and triceps that use the dynaband, stability ball, bench/chair and body weight.


Equipment needed: bench that inclines or step with 5 risers, chair (or just use step/bench), dumbbells, barbell, pull up bar or bands, dynaband and stability ball.



Lat pulldowns with band

Double Arm Band Rows High End

Seasaw Pushups (stability ball)

Dips (bench or chair) 


Seated Overhead Extensions One Arm (dumbbell and chair)

T-Pull with band

Flat Bench Barbell Triceps Extensions

Barbell Rows

Y’s with band

Kickbacks One Arm (dumbbell)

One Arm Horizontal Row (dumbbell)

Deadlifts (dumbbell)

Close Grip Bench Press (dumbbell)

One Arm press Down with Band


Seated Overhead Extensions Both Arms (dumbbell)

Barbell Rows

Double Arm Rows with Band

Side Leaning One Arm Overhead Extensions on Ball (dumbbell)

Dumbbell Rows Both Arms (drop set)

Dumbbell Rows Both Arms (drop set)

Dumbbell Rows Both Arms (drop set)

Kickbacks Double Arm (dumbbell)

One Arm Band Kickbacks


Cross Body Kickbacks (dumbbell) (drop set)

Cross Body Kickbacks (dumbbell) (drop set)

Cross Body Kickbacks (dumbbell) (drop set)

Straight Arm Flys Prone on Incline Bench (dumbbell)

Side Lying One Arm Pushups

Scapular Retractions (barbell)

Superman on Floor Arms & Legs Elevate


Disk 9 Legs 55 minutes; 5 warm up, 50 training time, no stretch. Holy cow—it just keeps getting harder and harder. There are some more new exercises along with repeats of exercises from the previous Leg workouts. I’ll tell you the one that keeps reappearing and I wish it would go away—the wall squats with stability ball and dumbbells. OMG. That was is so hard and painful. That one strains my back as well as my glutes and quads. My legs are shaking from the beginning to the end of that exercise. I hate it! It is obviously doing the intended job though, I just hate that damn exercise.


This is the first lower body workout since I began STS to give me DOMS. My inner thighs were aching the next day. I think it is from the plie squats with a 40 pound dumbbell. And I drank my whey protein shake after I worked out, too. So far, that whey protein has done an amazing job—other than some core soreness from Ab Circuits, this is the first DOMS I’ve had during STS, thanks to whey protein. That stuff really works!


Equipment needed for this workout: high step, dumbbells, slide n glide disks or paper plates, stability ball and ankle weights.



Squat Lunge Sequence 8/4 count 

One Leg Sit N Slide with Paper Plate or disk

Lateral Step Ups (dumbbell and high step)

Deadlifts Wide Stance (dumbbell)

Side Lunge onto Six Inch High Step (dumbbell)

45 Degree Lunge (dumbbell)

Squats Narrow Stance (dumbbell)

Static Low End Lunge Same Leg 3/1 Count (dumbbell)

Plie Squats Alternating Hand (dumbbell)

Deadlifts Wide Stance (dumbbell)

One Leg Slide Back Lunges with Paper Plate (dumbbell)

Side Slide Lunges with Paper Plate (dumbbell)

Front Lunge Same Leg (dumbbell)

Squats (dumbbell)

Calf Raises (dumbbell)

Leg Press (dumbbell, High Step)

Stiff Legged Deadlift on Platform (dumbbell)

Wall Squats Double Leg (stability ball and dumbbell)

One Leg Deadlift (Toes Elevated) 3/1 Count (dumbbell)

Leg raises (ankle weights)

Outer Thigh (ankle weights)

Hamstring and Glute Work with Plate (or disk) Alternating leg

Hamstring and Glute Work with Plate (or disk) Both legs

Adductor Glide Ins (plate or disk)

Adductor Hamstring Glide Ins (plate or disk)

Glute Presses


Rotation for weeks 5 and 6


Week 5

Day 1: Disk 7 Chest, Shoulders & Biceps

Doubles CXT 10-10-10 (cardio only)

Day 2: HIIT Pyramid + Ab Circuits No Equipment Abs + Extended Stretch

Day 3: Disk 9 Legs

Doubles: Xtrain Hardstrikes premix 16

Day 4: Disk 8 Back & Triceps

Doubles: Imax 2 Express premix 1

Day 5: Kickmax

Day 6: Bootcamp + Extended Stretch

Day 7: Rest


Week 6

Day 1: Disk 7 Chest, Shoulders & Biceps

Day 2: Intensity

Day 3: Disk 9 Legs

Day 4: Disk 8 Back & Triceps

Day 5: Xtrain All Out Low Impact HIIT Extreme premix 16 + Extended Stretch
Day 6: Drill Max
Day 7: Rest

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