Cathe’s Kick Max

Edited/updated 11/2/12

Kick Max is a 72 minute cardio/strength/kickboxing/HIIT workout. It’s pretty amazing. 11 minute warm up, 22 minutes of kickboxing combos, 15 minutes of HIITs, 18 minutes of lower body strength work and 6 minute cool down/stretch. Kick Max is an advanced workout and my legs are sore after doing it! I love Cathe’s workouts and I love her kickboxing workouts. This one is probably the hardest of her kickboxing workouts that I’ve done so far, but not the most enjoyable. I did enjoy it, please don’t mistake me, but I like MMA Fusion and Kick, Punch and Crunch more. However, for a really kick-butt workout, Kick Max is the workout I would come to. In the future, however, I will probably skip the lower body strength drills and just do a 54 minute kickbox/HIIT workout.

After the warm up, Cathe does 4 kickboxing combos; each combo is done on both sides of the body for a total of 8 combos. The kickboxing combos are not difficult to learn but varied enough to keep things interesting. And she keeps you moving when transitioning between combos with jumping jacks, keeping your heart rate up. The combos are taught add on style, but they are also taught with the assumption that you are not new to kickboxing–so the punches and kicks are not taught slowly first, then sped up. You’re already moving double time as soon as she introduces them. And by the way–that is another thing about the combos–they are done fast, so they are pretty intense.

After the kickboxing combos she moves on to the plyo HIITs. Wow! There are 10 of them! 1. jacks/air jakcs, 2. lunge/jump side kicks, 3. zig-zag jumps, 4. shuffle fast jabs, 5. airborn/tuck jumps, 6. plie jacks, 7. sequential kicks, 8. hammer lunge/front kick, 9. power (jump/plyo) lunges, 10. tuck jumps. It was pretty intense and I loved it. You have a short recovery period between each HIIT (which she calls Blasts) in which she has you jogging in place. She ends the workout with the leg strength drills. That wasn’t so much fun. Effective, yes, fun, no. You need a chair to hold on to and you basically do a lot of slow kicks until your legs/glutes are screaming. The stretch at the end was very nice–she focused on the legs that she just brutalized.

Premixes: low impact kickboxing 58, low impact time saver 48, kickbox/bootcamp challenge 50, cardio leg sculpt 52.

I’ll admit, I am a disappointed with these premixes. They are not what I want in a premix selection at all. All of them except the Bootcamp premix include the leg drills and the Bootcamp premix just flip flops the workout (blasts first, combos second) and eliminates the first combo. I wish she had premixes that isolated the kickboxing only and the Blast/HIITs only. Even better, if she created a combo that mixed the combos and the blasts–as in, do a combo, then a blast or two, a combo and a blast or two. But I supposed I can create the first two myself with the skip button. For instance, if I wanted to do kickboxing only (with the warm up and stretch of course) I would just skip over the Blast/HIITs and the leg conditioning and it would clock in at 39 minutes. And if I wanted the Blast/HIITs only (which is where my real interest lays and what I would use for an add-on after a strength workout) I would skip over the kickboxing combos and the leg conditioning and it would clock in at 32 minutes. As for the last idea, she usually chapters her workouts very well (though I haven’t checked the chaptering on this workout), so I could go in and create my own little mix, but to be honest, that is just too much work–work that Cathe usually does for me with her usually amazing premixes (though not in this case). Oh well!

Overall, (and in spite of my premix complaints) this is another Cathe winner. I will do it again and again, but most of the time I will use it as cardio-only workout and do it without the leg strength drills. But the leg drills are effective, so I will do those, too, sometimes.

15 thoughts on “Cathe’s Kick Max

    1. I agree about the actual kickboxing part but it is that string of 10 cardio blasts at the end of Kick Max that makes it more intense. But the kickboxing part–I agree that Kick, Punch & Crunch is more intense.


    1. As long as it isn’t causing you any issues then there should be no problems with it. My biggest problem with the 2lb gloves is arcing shoulder movements–like jumping jack arms. But I have chronic shoulder problems. I just substitute by punching my arms straight up overhead rather than arcing them out to the side, but other than that, I never have issues keeping my gloves on for everything–though in some HIIT workouts, it can make it too intense for me now, but a few years ago that wasn’t an issue.


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