Cathe’s Cardio Fusion

Cardio Fusion is another one of Cathe’s compilation workouts. She has four of these compilations and what they really are is premixes of 3 or more workouts. Her other compilation collections include: Terminator, Hardcore Extreme and Timesaver from the Body Blast series. Since I adore Cathe’s premixes, I love her compilation DVDs. It’s very cool, IMHO, that she creates a workout, then uses premixes to make the workout adaptable to so many different situations. So a single workout, is really multiple workouts. And on some of her DVDs that contain two workouts, you will also get bonus premixes that combine the two workouts into something completely new. Compilation DVDs always combine more than two workouts.

Cardio Fusion is an all cardio compilation that combines the cardio segments from three cardio + strength workouts in various ways. The workouts are: Body Max 2, Drill Max and Low Impact Circuit. I own all three of these workouts and love them–all are excellent workouts on their own. I use the main workouts and the premixes on all of them–and yet I still adore this compilation DVD.

The main workout is 75 minutes long, but there are also 3 additional premixes of various lengths that mix the cardio segments of these workouts up in different ways. Pretty cool idea! However, there are some potential problems with this workout for people who are unfamiliar with Cathe choreography and/or do not own the workouts in this compilation–Body Max 2 in particular. I’ll explain that in the workout review.

You will need a step at 8 inches and at 6 inches, a stability ball and a 5 pound dumbbell.

The main workout is 75 minutes long; 10 minute warm up, 58 minute cardio, 8 minute stretch. You start the warm up on the 8 inch step. The warm up is from Body Max 2. It is step cardio and fairly basic choreography. The next section is the finished step combos from the step portion of Body Max 2. The step portion of Body Max 2 is made up of 3 combos. After you learn them you run through them all merged together into a long combo. Well, that’s what the “finished step combo” is–all of the combos strung together. The problem with this is that the three combos are not taught in Cardio Fusion–all you do in Cardio Fusion is the finished step combo. So there is no learning curve. She just throws them at you–and the choreography is not basic. It is moderately complex. Even if you have done Body Max 2 before, this is a little disorienting. If you’ve never done Body Max 2 before–or haven’t done it recently, it is very disorienting and may make or break whether this workout is of interest to you at all.

The next section is from Low Impact Circuit–it is the bonus step combo on Low Impact Circuit that is not included in the main workout. Though I have done Low Impact Circuit (and love it), I have not done the bonus step combo, so it was new to me. However, like all of the choreography in Low Impact Circuit, the bonus segment was fairly basic and I caught on quickly. Next, you return to Body Max 2 and do the power circuits, minus the lower body strength work. So you do a fairly basic step combo 6 times, then a blast (HIIT). There are 4 power circuits.

The final segment is all six of the cardio drills from Drill Max. You will lower your step to 6 inches for Drill Max. The Drill Max drills are also where you need the 5 pound dumbbell and the stability ball. The choreography in the Drill Max portion is extremely basic and high impact. The main workout ends with the stretch from Body Max 2.

There is a bit or a problem with the way this ended for me. This is a long workout and the very last drill in the Drill Max portion is very high intensity. So you are seriously winded and in your anaerobic zone. It ends with you sucking air. You get a screen that instructs you to cool down for 3 minutes, then goes straight to the Body Max 2 stretch–where you are sitting on a mat! I personally think she should have taken a short cool down portion from one of the workouts and inserted it here.

Even with these complaints, I loved this workout. It was intense and awesome and I look forward to also doing one of the premixes–which I will break down below. But first I will share why I am only interested in one of the premixes. The first premix is the one that truly interests me. It is basically the main workout minus the Drill Max portion which saves some time. The second workout–mixed cardio–isn’t much different from a Drill Max premix. In fact, Drill Max has the same premix–the only difference is it uses the Drill Max warm up and cool down/stretch. And the final one, Mix & Match, is the same as the main program, except you do the sections in a different order and you do the Body Max 2 finished step combo two times, making it longer. All it really does is mix up the exact same workout. So, to me, the only premix of real value is All Step Cardio.

All of the workouts in this compilation are long workouts on their own. Drill Max is the only one in which ALL of the cardio is utilized in Cardio Fusion. There is a lot more cardio in Body Max 2 and Low Impact Circuit than what appears in the main workout (or the premixes, obviously, since they contain the same segments as the main workout). So why not use those other cardio segments in the premixes? So that you are get multiple completely different workouts, while still pulling from the same 3 workouts? That’s basically what she does with the other compilation DVDs. Terminator has 3 completely different workouts on it–and all of those workouts are compiled from different parts of the same 4 workouts; why couldn’t she do something similar with Cardio Fusion? Also, why was Body Max 2 the only workout that the warm up and cool down was pulled from? Why not vary the warm ups and cool downs in the premixes? (Again, like she does in other compilation DVDs.) I guess I’ll never have these questions answered. Nevertheless, the main workout alone makes Cardio Fusion a great buy.


All Step Cardio 48 minutes
Body Max 2 warm up
Body Max 2 bonus cardio (finished step combos)
Low Impact Circuit bonus cardio
Body Max 2 power circuits
Body Max 2 stretch

Mixed Cardio 42 minutes
Body max 2 warm up
Drill max drills 1-6
Body max 2 stretch

Mix & Match 80 minutes
Body Max 2 warm up
Low Impact Circuit bonus cardio
Drill Max drills 1-6
Body Max 2 bonus cardio done twice (finished step combos)
Body Max 2 power circuits
Body Max 2 stretch

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