Cathe’s Cardio Fusion

Cardio Fusion is another one of Cathe’s compilation workouts. She has four of these compilations and what they really are is premixes of 3 or more workouts. Her other compilation collections include: Terminator, Hardcore Extreme and Timesaver from the Body Blast series. Since I adore Cathe’s premixes, I love her compilation DVDs. It’s very cool, … Continue reading Cathe’s Cardio Fusion

Cathe’s Body Max 2

Holy cow! What a workout! Body Max 2 is 97 minutes of EVERYTHING. This workout is no joke! Cardio, HIITs, total body strength work and intense abdominal work. Cathe has created a monster cardio + strength workout. I am in awe. Obviously, at 97 minutes, I will not be able to do the full workout … Continue reading Cathe’s Body Max 2