Slo-Mo Strength Challenge

Slo-Mo Strength Challenge is 3 tough and advanced strength workouts by Amy Bento. These are the first workouts I've tried by Amy and I really like them. This collection is set up as a split series--3 workouts that each focus on different muscle groups so that if you do all 3 (plus the core workout) each … Continue reading Slo-Mo Strength Challenge


Breathless Body 4: Going Strong

Going Strong is the newest high intensity workout from Amy Dixon in her Breathless Body series and I love it! I love all of her Breathless Body workouts but this is my absolute favorite. However, it deviates from the first 3 a lot. In fact, it is more along the lines of Patrick Goudeau's awesome … Continue reading Breathless Body 4: Going Strong

Killer Body

Killer Body is Jillian Michael's latest offering. As usual she has given us multiple challenging workouts on one DVD for a great price. This collection is a little different than her usual offerings and I really like it. Usually her workouts are total body, or core focused but this collection is giving you splits, which … Continue reading Killer Body

Body Beast

My review posts have slowed down, but that is because I have been doing the Body Beast program. I'm doing the entire program, so this review will not post until I am finished. First, what is Body Beast? Body Beast is a Beachbody Fitness Program. Beachbody's website describes it as the most advanced, muscle defining, … Continue reading Body Beast

Slim, Strong, & Sexy Body Sculpt

That is a really long name for a workout: Slim, Strong & Sexy Body Sculpt. It's one by Michelle Dozois and it's part of her Your Body Breakthru series. It appears there are 3 workouts in this series and two have been reviewed here already: Your Best Body Circuit and Rockin' Body Cardio Jam. Slim, … Continue reading Slim, Strong, & Sexy Body Sculpt

Max 30

Max 30 is Toby Massenburg's first workout DVD. It contains two 30 minute HIIT workouts (one cardio and one metabolic weight training) and a 10 minute ab segment. There is an intro that explains the structure of the two 30 minute workouts. Each workout contains 6 blocks. Each block has 3 intervals and each interval is … Continue reading Max 30

30 Minutes to Fitness: Plateau Buster

Kelly Coffey-Meyer is another new-to-me trainer and not one I would normally try. But I got a lot of Amazon gift cards for Christmas and around the time I was deciding what to buy with those gift cards, Kelly Coffey-Meyer had a sale on her website ( I went to check it out and was intrigued. … Continue reading 30 Minutes to Fitness: Plateau Buster

Get Extremely RIPPED! Revved to the Max

Revved to the Max is another Jari Love torture session--high rep, endurance level metabolic weight training. This workout seriously burns my muscles out. It has some very cool and unique exercises in it that will train your muscles in new ways. I have always really liked this workout, but there is something of a dread … Continue reading Get Extremely RIPPED! Revved to the Max

Cathe’s Body Max 2

Holy cow! What a workout! Body Max 2 is 97 minutes of EVERYTHING. This workout is no joke! Cardio, HIITs, total body strength work and intense abdominal work. Cathe has created a monster cardio + strength workout. I am in awe. Obviously, at 97 minutes, I will not be able to do the full workout … Continue reading Cathe’s Body Max 2

Cathe’s Circuit Blast

**Note--this review was written in stages--so it is created and formatted a little differently than previous reviews due to things I've learned along the way.Circuit Blast is a rather unusual workout by Cathe. Initially, I was unsure how to categorize it; cardio or cardio + strength? It was created as part of the Shock Cardio … Continue reading Cathe’s Circuit Blast