Toby Massenburg’s AfterBURN

I had to clarify in the title line that this AfterBURN is from trainer Toby Massenburg because Cathe also has an Afterburn that has been reviewed here. They are both very intense metabolic weight training workouts, but that is where the similarities end. Now, this isn't a comparison review, so I am not going into … Continue reading Toby Massenburg’s AfterBURN


Max 30

Max 30 is Toby Massenburg's first workout DVD. It contains two 30 minute HIIT workouts (one cardio and one metabolic weight training) and a 10 minute ab segment. There is an intro that explains the structure of the two 30 minute workouts. Each workout contains 6 blocks. Each block has 3 intervals and each interval is … Continue reading Max 30


Chiseled is a tough cardio + strength/metabolic strength training workout from Toby Massenburg. It is advanced, but very doable for all fitness levels. This is my second workout by Toby and what I like is how in both of his workouts that I've done, he incorporates just the right amount of recovery so you can … Continue reading Chiseled


Ignite is my first workout by Toby Massenburg and I love him! The workout was advanced and really challenged me. It was well put together and I really, really like Toby! What a great find! It is an all out HIIT workout. It is short but does an incredible job in very little time. It is … Continue reading Ignite