Max 30

max30Max 30 is Toby Massenburg’s first workout DVD. It contains two 30 minute HIIT workouts (one cardio and one metabolic weight training) and a 10 minute ab segment. There is an intro that explains the structure of the two 30 minute workouts. Each workout contains 6 blocks. Each block has 3 intervals and each interval is 1 minute long. In the first two intervals you learn 4 new exercises; two low impact the other two higher impact (max moves). In the third interval you combine all 4 of the exercises. Between each one minute interval you get 30 seconds of recovery. Let me break it down further. For each interval, the first 30 seconds of the move are the low intensity exercise and the last 30 seconds is the max move. So in the final interval of a block, you will combine the two low intensity moves the first 30 seconds and the two max moves the final 30 seconds. Comprehende? It sounds a little confusing but in practice it isn’t. Toby is very good at explaining the exercises. I will say he wasn’t as comprehensive in this workout as he is in the other two I own: Chiseled and Ignite, but he still does a good job. This is his first workout DVD after all!

These are great, intense workouts with some crazy hard moves! I italicized any moves that I found particularly insane. I attempted them all tho! Max Sculpt had me seriously sucking air. Insane! I have no idea how heavy Toby’s dumbbells are but for the Sculpt workout you have a set of heavy and a set of moderate. I used 12 pounds and 8 pounds and OMG. I was dying! Some of the max moves in sculpt are so very, very hard with the dumbbells. I tried lowering my weight on a few, but then I felt like I wasn’t getting a good muscle burn in the low intensity portion of the exercise–but it moves too fast to change dumbbells before the max move. I guess I need to just keep doing it until I can do it more smoothly! Toby packs a crazy intense punch in just 30 minutes!

Max Sculpt is 35 minutes long; 3 minute warm up, 25 minute training time and 7 minute stretch. You need at least two sets of dumbbells for this workout–maybe more! One heavy, one moderate. Block 1: interval 1 (heavy dumbbells) squat deep, put dumbbells on floor and reach arms straight out in front of you the grab dumbbells and stand / squat deep, set dumbbells on the floor and jump forward then jump back and pick up dumbbells; interval 2 one hammer curl and one outside curl; interval 3 combine all 4 exercises. Block 2: interval 1 (keep heavy dumbbells) triple reverse lunge / jump lunges; interval 2 deadlift into high pull / deadlift to high snatch, jumping when snatching and bringing dumbbells overhead; interval 3 combine all 4 exercises. Block 3: interval 1 (grab moderate weights) alternating curtsey lunges / plyo curtsey jumps; interval 2 burpees (still holding dumbbells / burpees with two push ups; interval 3 combine all 4 exercises. Block 4: interval 1 (keep moderate dumbbells) double side lunge / side to side hop and one side lunge; interval 2 alternating iron cross / double iron cross with squat; interval 3 combine all 4 exercises. Block 5: interval 1 (grab heavy dumbbells) turning lunge, alternate sides / turning lunge with a pulse and fast switch; interval 2 step out to the side and do a one arm row / pistol row–3 quick rows with a fast switch to other side; interval 3 combine all 4 exercises. Block 6: interval 1 (keep heavy dumbbells) bring dumbbells to shoulders, do a reverse lunge bring dumbbells down, side squat bringing dumbbells back up, reverse lunge bringing dumbbells back down and then stand, bringing dumbbells back to shoulders / same move but jump all the leg moves; interval 2 one arm overhead press into tricep extension, alternate arms / take one leg back and do double arm overhead press into tricep extensions, alternate leg; interval 3 put all 4 moves together.

Max Cardio is 35 minutes long;warm up is 4 minutes long, 27 minute training time and 4 minute stretch. You need an 8 inch step for this workout. Block 1: interval 1 switch job (fast toe taps to top of step) / run lunge (plyo lunges onto step); interval 2 jump onto step, step down / jump on and off step; interval 3: combine all 4 exercises. Block 2: interval 1 jump rope / tuck jumps; interval 2 alternating knee raise on step / alternating knee raise with jump; interval 3: combine all 4 exercises. Block 3: interval 1 starting on top of step, uneven pulse squats then turn around and do them in the other direction / 180 plyo squat jumps while still straddling step; interval 2 start on top of step, jump down, squat thrust and jump back on top of box / same move but do a push up with the squat thrust; interval 3 combine all 4 exercises. Block 4: interval 1 sprinters / high knee runs; interval 2 jumping jacks / power jack; interval 3 combine all 4 exercises. Block 5: interval 1 remove the top riser from your step and set it vertically in front of you–step over the step and tap the floor / jump tap; interval 2 step on top of step then over and back / jump onto step then jump off (other side), back on and off; interval 3 combine all 4 exercises. Block 6: interval 1 keep step topper in vertical position, straddle step and do a step tap (tapping top of step) / fast taps (jumping); interval 2 get into plank with hands on step topper, do plank jack then tap one foot to the side, alternate / plank jack and “air jack”–while still in plank! interval 3 combine all 4 exercises.

Max Core is 10 minutes long. Starts with a basic crunch then uses one leg to move into oblique crunch variations. V sit with alternating arm holds. Repeat oblique crunch variations on other leg. Repeat V sits. Forearm planks. Pike to plank. Side plank. Hold forearm plank then do side plank on the other side. Max Core ends with standing balance core work.


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