30 Minutes to Fitness: Circuit Burn

circuitburnCircuit Burn is yet another awesome workout from Kelly Coffey-Meyer in her 30 Minutes to Fitness collection. I love it! But before I go into the review I have to first state the conditions under which I did this DVD. Now, prior to today, when doing Kelly’s 30 Minute to Fitness workouts, I did each of the 30 minute workouts individually, then sometimes the premixes. For this DVD I went straight to the premix that combined both workouts into a 59 minute workout. So I cannot accurately judge each workout on their own. However, I was aware when I came to the end of Workout #1–so I can say that it was a tough 30 minutes. And Workout #2 felt just as hard (actually, cardio-wise, even harder). Now, I will be giving my opinion of the intensity of this workout, but before I do, I have another little disclaimer. Kelly used two sets of dumbbells for this workout: 7 pounds and 12 pounds. I used a much wider variety–8, 10, 12, 15 and 20 pound dumbbells. In addition, since these workouts contain a lot of shadow boxing, I wore 2 pound weighted gloves for the entire workout–so every move I did (not just the shadow boxing) I also had 2 extra pounds on each hand. I also used all of the advanced modifications.

With all that said, I found this a very challenging and very fun workout. Circuit workouts that combine cardio and strength have always been my favorite and this one doesn’t disappoint. The workouts are set up in circuits as the title suggests. Each circuit has 4 components: cardio, compound strength, shadow boxing and lower body strength. The circuits all play out in that order. Each circuit is done twice and each workout has two unique circuits that are repeated for a total of 4 circuits per workout. Now, the intensity of these workouts depends on you. There is a low impact modifier; in addition, Kelly frequently shows more advanced cardio moves to make it even more intense. And then, of course, you also control the dumbbells you choose to use to make it more or less intense. Both workouts use the same warm up which is 3 minutes long and the same cool down/stretch which is 4 minute. These workouts have a ton of premixes! Also, there is a 6 minute abdominal bonus on the main menu–and for such a short little bonus it is tough! In fact, that was my workout this morning: the premix that combines both workouts followed by the ab bonus. Tough workout!

Workout #1 is 26 minutes long (33 minutes with 3 minute warm up and 4 minute cool down/stretch).

Circuit 1: cardio is leap right, leap left, sideline hops and power squat; compound strength (light dumbbells) is lunge forward and “present” (as you lunge, push forward the same arm as the leg that is lunging–as if presenting the dumbbell), at the top of the move raise knee with overhead press, shadow boxing is jab 4 and 4 upper cuts;  lower body (heavy dumbbells) is weighted squat with deep alternating curtsey lunges. Repeat circuit.

Circuit 2: cardio is  jump rope, jacks and shallow lunge back; for compound strength grab a heavy dumbbell and hold with both hands, lunge to side and do back row to one side, raise dumbbell overhead (still in side lunge), then stand and raise dumbbell overhead while standing–alternate sides (the whole time you are holding dumbbell with two hands); shadow boxing is hooks and fast jabs; lower body is lunge steps (heavy dumbbells)–lunge forward and come to standing then lunge back, returning to where you started (she compares these to walking lunges, but in a confined space)–alternate legs. Repeat circuit.

Workout #2 is 25 minutes long (32 minutes with 3 minute warm up and 4 minute cool down/stretch).

Circuit 1: cardio is high knee jog, hold high knees, then skaters; for compound strength grab your lightest weight and do a rolling motion in 4 directions then 4 knee raises; shadow boxing is 4 punches, 4 twists and 4 body shots; lower body strength is deadlifts and alternating side squats (heavy dumbbells). Repeat circuit.

Circuit 2: cardio is cross country skiers alternated with jump lunges; compound strength (heavy dumbbells) is touch elbow to knee, bring arm out (with dumbbell) into goal post, bring back and touch elbow to knee again;, shadow boxing is jab/hook combo, speed bag and duck (with option jump); lower body is a deep static squat with no weights, just get into a deep squat then lower glutes even lower, then up to squat position, never standing upright. Repeat circuit.

Abdominals is 6 minutes and tough! Kelly is by herself for this bonus. All you’ll need is a dumbbell. You’ll start with crunch varieties, then lean back on elbows and you will do different types if leg moves–really burning out your lower abs. Next is a Turkish sit up with the dumbbell. Lay on back and put dumbbell between thighs and do a knee drop (rolling knees side to side). End with bicycles.

Premixes: 30 Minute Total Circuit Burn Mix (32 Min), Combined Workouts (59 Min), Cardio & Sculpting (32 Min), Boxing & Legs (32 Min), Cardio & Boxing (31 Min), Sculpting & Legs (33 Min), Sculpting & Boxing (32 Min), Cardio & Legs (33 Min), Cardio, Boxing, & Sculpting (46 Min), Sculpting, Legs, & Boxing (45 Min)


9 thoughts on “30 Minutes to Fitness: Circuit Burn

  1. This is such a great workout! The premixes are awesome- so easy to tag them on the end of a cathe workout 🙂


  2. I’m looking to purchase a KCM weight/cardio DVD (need some recovery day workouts with all my Cathe workouts) … what would be your top pick? Your list on your web site includes: Lean Body Circuits, Cardio Pump, Shape Up, Circuit Burn, Bootcamp, Trim Down (cardio is boxing so I won’t get this one), Weights, or Your Best Body?


    1. I love all of the workouts you listed and they are all less advanced than Cathe workouts–so they all work well as recovery from Cathe My favorite of those listed is Circuit Burn. Your Best Body is great because the strength work is unique and different from what Cathe does, so it works well not only as recovery, but works your muscles in different ways. Plus, with the premixes in Your Best Body there is a lot of ways you can do that workout.


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