30 Minutes to Fitness: Bootcamp

bootcampBootcamp is part of Kelly Coffey-Meyer‘s 30 Minutes to Fitness series that I have been obsessively collecting (yes, there are more 30 Minutes to Fitness reviews to come). Like Circuit Burn, I approached these workouts a little differently. Instead of doing the 30 minute workouts individually, the first time I did it, I did the premix that combines both workouts into a 55 minute workout. I love bootcamp/circuit style workouts and though they will be great as 30 minute doubles workouts, I love them even more as an hour long morning workout. And I really liked this one. It was high intermediate and an excellent metabolic weight training workout.

In the introduction, Kelly tells you that she uses a set of 10 pound dumbbells, a set of 7 pound dumbbells, one 5 pound dumbbell and one 3 pound dumbbell. Since this is a fast-paced bootcamp workout, I decided first time through to use the same weights as Kelly. I actually found them adequate for most exercises, though on a few exercises I will increase the weight the next time (I have noted this in the reviews, but this is for my own information–so I remember to use heavier dumbbells next time). Each workout is made up of 10 combos; 5 cardio and 5 strength. The workouts alternate the cardio with the strength work. The cardio is made up of combos that include high impact moves (lots of jumping) and strength is usually a compound move that works upper and lower body (but not always–sometimes it just works upper or lower). Each combo is done for 2 minutes. However, during that 2 minutes the exercises frequently change slightly; they either become more advanced or she ends with drills of one of the exercises. Now, this 2 minute time frame is the reason that, for most of the strength work, Kelly’s dumbbell choices were adequate–there are a lot of reps! So even if at the beginning of the move you think you could go heavier–you might change your mind at the halfway point or near the end of the two minutes when your muscles really start burning. There are two exercisers with Kelly and one of them is doing the beginner modifications.

In addition to the two 30 minute workouts, Kelly includes a long 19 minute stretch that I really like. It is some very deep stretching that focuses on the lower body. Kelly holds the stretches for a long time and even comments that you will feel some discomfort–so be prepared!

And finally, the warm up is listed separately from the workout and is 4 minutes long. So you have to choose the warm up, then choose your workout.

Workout #1 is is 27:30 (or 31:30 with the warm up); training period is 25:30 and cool down is 2 minutes. Remember, each combo is done for 2 minutes and what I am listing is the finished combos; she builds them throughout the 2 minutes. 1. 4 step side-to-side, 4 leaps, 2 squat hops and 2 v-steps with hop back, 2. grab heavy dumbbells, alternating reverse lunge with a pulse and iron cross (you hold the iron cross for 3 counts), 3. grab one 5 pound dumbbell, step to the side for two counts while pushing the dumbbell in front you, squat and push overhead, jump and push overhead, step out to side while push out to the side twice, 4. grab heavy dumbbells, squat with tricep kickbacks, 5. 2 jacks, mark 4, 8 high knees, squat shuffle 3 and squat with turn, 6. grab lighter dumbbells, palms facing forward at sides, 2 standing chest flies, then chest fly into tricep extension (I’ll probably go a little bit heavier on this one next time), 7. wide burpee with jump at top, double knees, single knees, two plank jacks and while in plank twist knee to opposite elbow, 8. grab heavy weights, step and curtsey lunge, alternate sides; for the last 30 seconds you put one dumbbell down and do plyo curtsy hops; 9. jump rope 2, 4 jacks, 2 step knees, step front with 3 knee repeater and 3 split jumps, 10. grab one lighter dumbbell (I will go heavier on this move the next time) for a “shot put” move; get into a lunge with dumbbell down by knee, curl up (bicep curl), rotate body to other side while pressing dumbbell up.

Workout #2 is 26:30 (30:30 with warm up); training period is 25 minutes is and cool down is 1:30 minutes. Remember, each combo is done for 2 minutes and what I am listing is the finished combos; she builds them throughout the 2 minutes. 1. low impact jack, squat, fight back and lunge front; 2. grab heavy weights, alternating Arnold press, reverse bicep curl and squat, 3. heel click (plie jump), squat to side, curtsey back twice; 4. get in plank and plank walk side to side for one minute, for second minute lift each leg and each arm, 5. baseball combo: swing bat, throw ball and catch ball; 6. grab one heavy dumbbell, lift knee while curling dumbbell, side lunge and swing dumbbell, lift knee as you swing it overhead (I will go heavier next time); 7. 4 jacks, two power walks front and back, step and hamstring curl; 8. grab heavy dumbbells, squat and one arm rear delt fly, alternate sides; 9. side to side leg lifts (working outer thighs), halfway through they turn to pendulum leg lifts–same move but just with more power/hopping; 10. grab 3 pound dumbbell for some “fencing” moves, push out to side, overhead block and low block (next time I will go heavier).

Premixes: Double Session (warm up, workouts 1 & 2 and cool down) 55 minutes; Strength Session (warm up, all weight combos and cool down) 30 minutes; Cardio Session (warm up, all cardio combos and cool down) 30 minutes; Stretch Session (warm up and bonus stretch) 22 minutes.

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