Total Body // HIIT Bootcamp Workout

Total Body HIIT Bootcamp Workout is another tough and excellent workout from Heather Robertson. She has so many! And more coming--a free 12 week program I have already signed up for. I will not be doing the program as she posts the workouts but I will probably do the workouts at some point. Anyway, back … Continue reading Total Body // HIIT Bootcamp Workout

Bootcamp/Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Bootcamp/Bodyweight HIIT workout is yet another awesome workout from Yvette Bachman. I loved this one! I know, I say that about all of Yvette's workouts but there are different levels of love and this one is up there in the top levels. Just like all of her workouts, this was intense, however, it was slightly … Continue reading Bootcamp/Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Cathe Live: Fit Body Boot Camp

This week has been (and still is through the end of the week) Cathe Live catch up for me--and there have been a lot of bootcamp workouts! But that's okay because I love bootcamp workouts. Especially Cathe's. This one is a cardio + strength bootcamp workout. It is set up in 8 rounds. Each round … Continue reading Cathe Live: Fit Body Boot Camp

Cathe Live: Rock Body Boot Camp

Another bootcamp workout from Cathe Live! I really enjoyed this workout but it definitely was not her most intense. I did use it for a metabolic cardio day workout but even the cardio/metabolic aspect wasn't super intense. But it was still a good workout and worked well for a Sunday when I normally try to … Continue reading Cathe Live: Rock Body Boot Camp

Cathe Live: Body Blast Boot Camp

Body Blast Boot Camp appears to be based on the Strong & Sweaty series Boot Camp workout. That is an excellent bootcamp workout and so is this one. It is intense and fun. I like to use these bootcamp workouts more as metabolic cardio workouts rather than strength training, so I used the same weight … Continue reading Cathe Live: Body Blast Boot Camp

Strong & Sweaty: Bootcamp

Another bootcamp workout from Cathe. I love bootcamp workouts so I was looking forward to this one. I love her Boot Camp Body Blast and her original Bootcamp workout, as well as her Cathe Live bootcamp workouts. The ICE Boot Camp Circuit workout was a bit of a disappointment for me because it was so easy … Continue reading Strong & Sweaty: Bootcamp

30 Minutes to Fitness: Bootcamp

Bootcamp is part of Kelly Coffey-Meyer's 30 Minutes to Fitness series that I have been obsessively collecting (yes, there are more 30 Minutes to Fitness reviews to come). Like Circuit Burn, I approached these workouts a little differently. Instead of doing the 30 minute workouts individually, the first time I did it, I did the premix that … Continue reading 30 Minutes to Fitness: Bootcamp