Reboot: Real Evolution, Vol 2

I enjoyed Tracie Long's Real Evolution, Vol 1 so much I decided to purchase her Vol 2. Real Evolution Volume 2 is a cardio workout with some core work at the end. I found this to be an intense intermediate level cardio workout. Tracie uses props to get the cardio burn but it is not a … Continue reading Reboot: Real Evolution, Vol 2

Longevity: Defined Lines

Defined Lines is the 6th and last workout in Tracie Long's Longevity Series. I have done all of her other workouts in this series except Step Forward, which I have no interest in. So far I have loved them all except for Back Up. I am not sure how I feel about Defined Lines. I did like … Continue reading Longevity: Defined Lines

Longevity: Back Up

Back up is part of Tracie Long's Longevity series. I wanted to like it more than I did. It is a good total body cardio + strength workout. I finished it several hours ago and my shoulders and upper back are still feeling it. But so does my neck and not in a good way. … Continue reading Longevity: Back Up

Focus: Break Through

Break Through is also subtitled Volume 5. It is the last workout in Tracie Long's Focus Series. The other 4 workouts are Power Up, Lift Higher, Kickback and Reach Further. She created those 4 workouts first then apparently decided to add this one on to the series later. And I am glad! I really liked … Continue reading Focus: Break Through

Longevity: Staying Power

Staying Power is a 52:30 minute cardio + strength/metabolic workout by Tracie Long. This workout is currently also available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and it's telling me it is free for Prime members though I have not tried to do it that way. This is the first time I noticed that. I checked … Continue reading Longevity: Staying Power

Stronger Longer Volume 1

Stronger Longer Volume 1 is an excellent workout by Tracie Long. This (and Volume 2) are what inspired me to start looking at Tracie Long workouts again. I checked out one of her workouts several years ago (Figure 30: Hips), hated it and never bothered with her again. Recently I was perusing the library's workout DVDs when I … Continue reading Stronger Longer Volume 1

The Firm: Slim & Trim

Slim & Trim is a pink Firm workout that came with a 4 pound medicine ball. It is led by trainer Tina Smalley. Currently, this workout is only available on Amazon prime video. I don't see it listed anywhere else, even used! Obviously the prime video version does not come with the medicine ball but … Continue reading The Firm: Slim & Trim

Bootcamp/Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Bootcamp/Bodyweight HIIT workout is yet another awesome workout from Yvette Bachman. I loved this one! I know, I say that about all of Yvette's workouts but there are different levels of love and this one is up there in the top levels. Just like all of her workouts, this was intense, however, it was slightly … Continue reading Bootcamp/Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Fat Burning Cardio/Core Mashup

Fat Burning Cardio/Core Mashup is a fun and intense workout that alternates core work with cardio intervals and you use lots of equipment. About 40 minutes into the workout you get a short water break and when you return, you also add in some shoulder strength work, in addition to the cardio and core work. … Continue reading Fat Burning Cardio/Core Mashup

Medicine Ball HIIT Workout

Medicine Ball HIIT Workout is another excellent and fun workout by trainer Yvette Backman. For the majority of the workout you use a medicine ball for everything--you never put it down. I love workouts that let me use all the equipment I accumulate but don't use that frequently and this gave me the opportunity to use … Continue reading Medicine Ball HIIT Workout