Reboot: Real Evolution, Vol 2

I enjoyed Tracie Long‘s Real Evolution, Vol 1 so much I decided to purchase her Vol 2. Real Evolution Volume 2 is a cardio workout with some core work at the end. I found this to be an intense intermediate level cardio workout. Tracie uses props to get the cardio burn but it is not a low impact workout. There is impact and plyometrics–including tuck jumps. But like all of Tracie’s plyometrics it is never crazy. I was working hard but I found the entire workout doable. Tracie is always so good with her pacing. She gives you rest periods and pays such good attention to form. There is a good bit of weighted plank work and that is what challenged me the most. Tracie looks amazing as always–she is ripped!

The workout is chaptered. I have structured the breakdown by chapters just like it appears in the chapter menu. Other than the warm up, stretch and core work, every chapter is 8 minutes long. The Weighted Core chapter is 10 minutes long.

Reboot: Real Evolution Vol 2 is 53:30 minutes; 5 minute warm up and 5 minute stretch. Equipment: dumbbells and a medicine ball. Tracie doesn’t share the weight of her medicine ball but she does use 7 pound dumbbells. That is what I used as well and I used a 5 pound medicine ball.

Medicine Ball Cardio:

  1. Make an X with med ball pushing it up to both sides then down to both sides + jack feet 2x; add stepping out side to side while pushing ball out in front of you 4x between each X jack combo; add double squat then hop to side while arcing ball overhead
  2. Stand with legs wide and shift side to side in shallow lunge while bringing ball from hip to hip
  3. In lunge, pass med ball under front leg 2x then do 3 alternating pulsing jump lunges; changes to passing ball overhead after passing it under front leg then do 4 alternating jump lunges (no pulses, just singles) bringing ball hip to hip with each lunge
  4. Mambo forward and back while bringing ball hip to hip
  5. Stand still and pass ball around waist in a circle (passing from hand to hand)
  6. 4 lateral skaters passing ball from hip to hip + 4 large figure 8s w/ ball while standing still
  7. Push ball straight out to right side, push ball straight out to front, push ball straight out to left side then jump pushing ball overhead
  8. Combine #6 & 7
  9. Repeat #4 & 5
  10. Pulse lunge to one side, pivot to other side while arcing ball overhead and pulse lunge to other side then do 4 singles (pivot side to side into lunge while arcing ball overhead)
  11. Weave ball under thighs then bring the ball overhead before passing under other leg
  12. Combine #10 & 11
  13. Wood chop ball from overhead to between thighs while squatting
  14. Alternating knee lifts holding ball in both hands in front of chest; add passing ball under thigh

Power Cardio: (no equipment)

  1. Burpees w/ 2 push ups
  2. Reverse lunge then stand and raise knee with a hop
  3. Alternating pulsing reverse lunges
  4. 3 lateral hurdle jumps + 3 fast steps to side
  5. Side squat + reverse lunge
  6. Squat jacks
  7. Repeat #4-6
  8. Stationary side lunges side to side
  9. Burpees, while in plank, jump feet in and out 3x
  10. March to quick-quick-slow tempo; changes to moving laterally–3 quick steps to side + one knee raise; changes to slow high knee runs (balancing for a second each time you change legs)
  11. Repeat #8
  12. Three 180 squat jumps + one reverse lunge
  13. Hopping knee repeaters

Weighted Cardio: (Tracie uses 7 pound dumbbells)

  1. One arm kettlebell swings w/ a DB–do 3 reps then pass around opposite leg to change arms
  2. Squat w/ one arm upright row at top of squat
  3. In straight arm plank with a DB in each hand, alternate punching DBs out in front of you 3x then lower knees almost to floor then return to plank
  4. Still in straight arm plank, do one arm tricep kickbacks
  5. Start in straight arm plank then rotate into side plank while raising one DB straight overhead and hold, alternate sides
  6. Hold DBs at shoulders and hop 2x; stationary side lunge to one side while doing a one arm row, reaching DB down toward foot
  7. Squat w/ overhead press; remain in partial squat and continue doing overhead presses; return to squats w/ overhead press
  8. Repeat #6
  9. Alternating reverse lunge; add bicep curls; hold lunge isometrically while continuing to do bicep curls
  10. Squat and do a bent arm side raise at top of squat; hold in partial squat while continuing to do a bent arm side raise
  11. Repeat #9

Fast Cardio:

  1. 3 knee pulls + 1 scissor run
  2. Straight leg front kick + rear lunge
  3. Combine 1 & 2
  4. 2 scissor runs + 1 straight leg front kick
  5. 3 knee pulls across body + one jump, alternate legs
  6. 1 tuck jump + 4 marching in place
  7. Repeat #5
  8. Repeat 1-4 on other side of body
  9. Lower into partial squat and tap feet side to side; changes to pendulum legs
  10. Dynamic stretches: squat then straighten legs while hinging forward
  11. Step squat side to side

Weighted Core: (medicine ball, dumbbells and fitness mat; it looks like Tracie is using a 7 pound dumbbell again)

  1. Windmills (one 7# DB)
  2. Sit on mat, knees bent and heels on floor, rotate to one side, holding med ball in that hand and pulling ball back to ribs, alternate sides
  3. Hold med ball in both hands and rotate ball side to side (hip to hip); add lifting one leg; raise both legs (continue to rotate ball side to side)
  4. Push ups on knees w/ one hand on ball
  5. In straight arm plank, pass ball to opposite hand then pass back and do a full push up on toes w/ one hand on ball
  6. Plank rotations (holding med ball in one hand, rotate into side plank raising ball to ceiling then rotate back into one arm plank, pushing ball under body)
  7. Repeat 4-6 on other side of body
  8. Lay on back, knees bent and feet on floor, put the ball under one foot, raise and lower hips; changes to pulsing hips at top of bridge; hold at top of bridge isometrically
  9. Lay on back w/ knees bent, feet raised and ankles crossed, hands behind head, do basic crunches in this position; changes pulsing at top of crunch; raise head/chest and extend arms around and behind thighs, hold briefly before lowering head/chest and returning hands behind head

3 thoughts on “Reboot: Real Evolution, Vol 2

  1. Hi there! I have a dvd or two of almost each of the series she has now. In your opinion what are the differences in the series? I wonder about the types of workouts I’d call them because I know a lot of MWT, but her names are Reboot, and focus, and longer stronger, and grand total. I just can’t figure out how they are any different from each series. They are very similar. But not boring if that makes sense. And I just wonder what each series is more focused on.


    1. Honestly, I don’t really understand what makes her series different from each other. Focus is all 30 minute workouts. That’s what makes that one different but as for her other workouts, they all seem to be metabolic weight training to me. Some have more cardio than others but the amount of cardio can vary within a series. Sorry I am not of more help–and I have done a lot of her workouts recently. My favorites of Tracie’s workouts are her Stronger Longer workouts and her Metabolic Strength workouts. I do think those are her best work but I love a lot of her other workouts, too! She is one of my favorite trainers now.


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