Reboot: Real Evolution, Vol 1

Real Evolution Vol 1 is the first workout in Tracie Long’s Reboot series and from what I see there are only 2 workouts in this series. I have not bought Vol 2 yet but I am going to now! Vol 1 is excellent! I loved this workout. The time flew by! This is a cardio + strength circuit workout in which Tracie alternates cardio intervals with strength intervals. She says that the intervals (#1-50 below) are done in a pattern: 75 seconds work + 45 seconds recovery. I really don’t know how accurate that is–I didn’t time it. Some of 45 second recovery periods seemed shorter than 45 seconds. The cardio was not super intense cardio but I loved it. A lot of it was double-duty cardio–lower body conditioning work that elevated your heart rate. This is a total body workout that worked me well and was a lot of fun. There are no premixes but the workout is chaptered and there is a chapter menu.

Real Evolution, Vol 1 is 48:30 minutes, 5 minute warm up and 4 minute stretch (as noted at bottom of breakdown, the stretch includes plank holds). Equipment: dumbbells and a fitness mat. Tracie has two sets of dumbbells, her heavy set is 10 pounds and her light set is 7 pounds. The weights listed below are what I used.

  1. Lateral leaps + triple step
  2. Wide step to side + 3 jumps
  3. Repeat 1 & 2 three more times
  4. Alternating mambos to corner of room w/ triple step between sides
  5. Squats; changes to alternating rear lunges while remaining in squat (15# DBs)
  6. Stationary lunges (no DBs)
  7. Forward and back mambo (remain on same side) 7x, do one knee lift w/ hop and change legs; changes to 3 mambos each leg; changes to one mambo + 3 alternating knee lift hops
  8. Dynamic leg stretches (alternate pulling knee into chest)
  9. Deadlifts (18# DBs)
  10. Bent over back rows; changes to alternating rows (18# DBs)
  11. Repeat #9
  12. Alternating stationary side lunges (no DBs)
  13. Crouch into a track & field start position then stand and shuffle 2x to side, lower again to start position, keep repeating this combo side to side
  14. Add 3 front lunges after 4 sets of #13
  15. Stationary wide toe taps w/ alternating overhead reaches; changes to torso twists w/ pivots
  16. Stationary lunges holding one DB at shoulder and other arm extended straight out to side; add a glute lift after each lunge; add an overhead press when doing glute lift; keep arm w/ DB extended straight overhead and continue to do stationary lunges but now she has you hold each position (bottom and top of lunge) isometrically for a few seconds (never lowering DB) (one 9# DB)
  17. Stand w/ legs together and do a single arm overhead press while also leaning upper body slightly to side (one 9# DB)
  18. Dynamic inner thigh stretches w/ arm sweeps
  19. Long jump forward and step back
  20. “Dive” (hop forward landing on one leg, extending other leg straight behind you and both arms overhead), alternate legs
  21. Alternating forward step + glute lift; glute lift changes to hamstring curl
  22. Repeat #16-18 on other side of body
  23. Shuffle 3x to side + one knee lift
  24. Double squat then pivot jump into lunge, jump back to wide squat and pivot jump into lunge on other side of body and jump back to wide squat
  25. Repeat #23 & 24 four more times
  26. Cross back taps side to side
  27. Push ups holding DBs (18# DBs)
  28. Alternating renegade rows; add 3 pulses to each row (18# DBs)
  29. Repeat #27
  30. Stand for upper body stretching
  31. Front kick + back kick 2x, 3 alternating back kicks, jack feet once
  32. Stationary jump lunges 8x each leg (jump to switch legs)
  33. Repeat #31
  34. Repeat #26
  35. Alternating side lunges w/ DBs on shoulders (15# DBs)
  36. French press (one 18# DB)
  37. Dynamic side stretches
  38. Lower into a squat and hold while tapping legs side to side; add a hop and do 4 with a hop and 4 without hop and keep repeating
  39. Double side step + side leg lift; add a hop when lifting leg to side and do 4 with a hop and 4 without hop and keep repeating
  40. Double side step tap; add shoulder rotation to side when tapping
  41. Bicep curls (9# DBs)
  42. Clock squats (narrow squat + wide squat to side/back + narrow squat + wide squat to other side/back) (9# DBs)
  43. Repeat #41 & 42
  44. Dynamic arm/shoulder stretches
  45. Side step side to side; changes to 8 quick lateral skaters + 4 slow lateral skaters
  46. Squat pulse 4x + 4 squat jumps
  47. Slow punches side to side while also pivoting heels and rotating torso
  48. Wood chops (start in a narrow lunge to side w/ DB at knee and pivot to other side while bringing DB from knee to opposite shoulder (one 9# DB)
  49. Repeat #48 on other side of body
  50. More dynamic stretches for back and lower body

Get mat: (I used 9 pound dumbbells for everything)

  1. Lay on back, one knee bent w/ foot on floor, opposite hand/arm on floor, other arm is holding DB pushed straight to ceiling, and other leg is extended straight, sit up partially, pushing DB overhead to ceiling while rising onto forearm and palm of other hand then roll back down to ground
  2. Lay on back w/ knees bent and feet on floor, do chest presses; changes to alternating chest presses w/ head and shoulders raised
  3. Repeat #1 on other side of body
  4. Lay on back, knees bent and feet on floor, hips raised into bridge, bring one knee into chest and hold; changes to marching legs while keeping hips raised in bridge
  5. Side elbow plank hold
  6. Stretch begins but during stretch you do side elbow plank hold on other side of body and you will also do a reverse plank hold

3 thoughts on “Reboot: Real Evolution, Vol 1

  1. I’m SO GLAD you’re doing these! I love Tracie Long! I even traveled to her studio to work out with her once when I was in the area. And I’ve had her DVDs forever but haven’t gone through them all because I can’t stop doing Cathe’s. Now that you’ve broken them all down, you’ve put the fire back in me! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad I gave her another chance! After Figure 30 Hips I never intended to bother with any of her other workouts. I am so glad I changed my mind! She is now one of my favorite trainers! In fact, right now, I am only doing her, Cathe, Jessica Smith and Kelly Coffey-Meyer. I am sure I will eventually start looking at other trainer’s workouts again but right now those 4 trainers have everything I need!

      I have gone on one of my trainer binges with Tracie, too. I have bought almost all of her newer workouts so I still have a lot more Tracie Long workouts to try! But I keep coming back to my favorites of hers–this is one of them!


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