Walk On: 4 Mile Power Walk

4 Mile Power Walk is one of Jessica Smith’s newest cardio walk collections. This DVD contains 4 approx. 15 minute cardio walks plus a warm up and cool down. Choose “play all” and do a 73 minute cardio walk or pick and choose what you want to do. The workout is chaptered so you can do your warm up then skip to whatever walk you want to do then skip on to the cool down/stretch. The first time I did this workout I chose play all but only did the first 3 miles then skipped forward to the stretch for a 57 minute cardio walk. I used Mile 4 another day to warm up for a Tracie Long 30 minute cardio workout. When I did the first 3 miles I found this a steady state cardio walk. In 57 minutes I burned 400 calories. I didn’t break a sweat until Mile 2 and even then it was more of a “sparkle.” But I love Jessica’s cardio walks, so this is not a problem for me but if you are looking for more intensity, you will not find it here. I found these walks less intense than many of Jessica’s other cardio walks. Again, not a problem for me, but FYI to others who need more. I did find Mile 4 more intense than the first 3 miles. I think I also liked Mile 4 the best. But they were all good cardio walks.

As an aside, I am a little frustrated with Jessica. I asked for all of her new workouts for Christmas. They were all ordered for me as gifts but her Get Strong DVD was canceled! It was in stock when the person ordered it and Amazon canceled it on them with no explanation. And now it is out of stock with no ETA on when it will be available again. So my gift giver was quite PO’d by this. I am, too! Especially since, of her 4 new workouts, that one and this one were the ones I wanted the most! I will of course order it when it is back in stock.

The warm up is 5:30 minutes and the cool down/stretch is 6:30 minutes. Jessica has two background exercisers with her: Beth who shows higher impact versions of some of the moves and Jessica’s mother Debbie, who shows easier versions of some of the moves. But IMHO Beth’s variations did not jack up the intensity much and Debbie’s variations didn’t modify much. All of the walks are set in a huge room with a wall of windows behind them and the beach and ocean behind that. Each mile has a workout timer that counts up from zero to 15 minutes. There are arm movements with most of the lower body movements even if it is not mentioned in the break down. However, one thing I noticed in these walks is that Jessica did do some moves with no distinct arm component. Between every move you are also marching in place.

Mile 1 is 15 minutes.

  1. March forward and back
  2. Double side steps
  3. March (or jog) forward and back
  4. Repeat #2
  5. Alternating hamstring curl
  6. Double side step + lift inside leg out to side (leg straight)
  7. Alternating low step kick moving forward then alternating taps to the side as you travel backwards
  8. Grapevine
  9. Wide low shuffle 8 steps forward and 8 steps back
  10. 4 hamstring curls + 8 insole taps
  11. Alternating low step kick
  12. Alternating toe taps to side
  13. Wide stationary toe taps
  14. Side to side steps; changes to a pattern of double side steps then step side to side 2x
  15. 3 steps + one knee raise, alternate knees
  16. March forward and back
  17. Double side steps; add a cross over kick after each double side step
  18. Step side to side w/ scissor/cross arms (arms are straight)
  19. Wide stationary toe taps while pushing arm out across the chest to the side

Mile 2 is 15 minutes. This walk is done to a faster beat than Mile 1.

  1. Step tap side to side w/ bent arm chest fly arms; changes to double side steps (same arms)
  2. Double arm hamstring curl; add traveling forward and back
  3. Repeat #1 & 2
  4. Alternating cross-over toe taps
  5. Double side steps w/ scooping arms; changes to side to side step w/ scoop and clap arms
  6. Heel digs on one foot (tap one heel in and out while other foot remains stationary); add running man arms; changes to heel tap with hamstring curl
  7. Alternating knee lifts; add reaching arms overhead and bringing them down to knee as it raises; add traveling forward and back
  8. Double side steps w/ insole tap
  9. Toe tap out to side–remain on same side, w/ running man arms; changes to two taps to each side; changes to singles (one toe tap to each side)
  10. March forward and back
  11. Lateral skaters
  12. Shallow step squat side to side
  13. Wide double knee lifts
  14. Repeat #11-13
  15. March forward and back

Mile 3 is 15 minutes. This workout starts at a slower pace (like Mile 1) but then about 5 minutes in, the beat speeds up.

  1. Side to side step tap w/ wide arm circles, alternate arms
  2. Double side steps
  3. Repeat #1
  4. Hamstring curls w/ cross chops
  5. Step knee raise corner to corner (alternating knees)
  6. Repeat #1 & 2
  7. Repeat #4 & 5
  8. Double side steps done on the balls of your feet while also twisting your hips; add twisting the upper body/arms
  9. Cross over step side to side w/ a shuffle between sides
  10. Step forward + triple step + step forward with other foot
  11. Alternating cross toe taps to the front; add pushing the arms up overhead
  12. Repeat #8-11
  13. Wide stationary toe taps w/ alternating cross punches; changes to cross punching overhead
  14. Alternating stationary toe taps
  15. V steps, alternating lead leg; changes to a turn step w/ arm movements
  16. Wide heel digs while pushing opposite arm overhead
  17. Step side to side; continue same side to side step, but face the side now
  18. Low impact jacks
  19. Narrow hamstring curl
  20. Repeat 18 & 19
  21. March forward and back

Mile 4 is 15 minutes. I feel like this was the most intense of the 4 walks.

  1. March forward and back; add alternating overhead punches
  2. Wide stationary toe taps w/ congo drum arms
  3. Hamstring curls w/ speed bag arms
  4. Wide alternating knee raises while pushing arms overhead
  5. Repeat #1-4 two more times
  6. Alternating heel digs toward the corners of the room; add alternating single arm reach overhead
  7. Wide stationary toe taps while pressing arms down toward tapping foot
  8. Repeat #6 & 7
  9. Grapevine variation (cross step in front instead of behind)
  10. V steps
  11. Alternating rear toe tap while in semi-squat w/ big running man arms
  12. Lateral skaters
  13. Repeat #10-12
  14. Face the side and march or jog backwards then turn around and march or jog backwards in the other direction (back to where you started)
  15. Walk or jog in two large circles (figure 8 pattern)
  16. Repeat 14 & 15
  17. Repeat #1
  18. Double side steps w/ jumping jack arms out to sides (not overhead)
  19. Repeat #14 & 15
  20. Repeat #1
  21. Repeat #18
  22. Hamstring curls
  23. March or jog in place while pushing arms overhead

4 thoughts on “Walk On: 4 Mile Power Walk

  1. Hi there!
    First of all, thank you for your blog & I hope you’re doing well. You’re an inspiration. I opened your blog today specifically to see if you’ve already reviewed the “Get Strong” by JS. Sorry to hear you had trouble with it being out of stock. I have found it best to buy JS workouts directly from her store (I almost exclusively buy them as digital as I’m in Europe and shipping would take ages).
    I’m a person that always wanted to strength train, but was intimidated of the gym. Cathe was too hard for me, I have also tried Jari Love workouts which also didn’t work for me. I am currently trying to work my way back up in fitness, after struggling with hypothyroid and really bad fatigue. And the Get Strong by JS is PERFECT for me currently. I’ve felt each muscle getting worked and the moves did not feel awkward at all (I also have some joint and back issues that I need to be careful not to aggravate). I also feel that I will be able to progress with the workouts with upping my weights. The only downside I can think of is that there might be too much exercises done in split stance (on one leg) for my liking. Anyway, hope you get your copy soon and looking forward to read your review! Would be excited to hear your opinion, if you think it is *thorough* strength training dvd or if you would pair it with something else to get full strength training routine. Sorry for an essay. Greetings from Lithuania.


    1. Hello Indre! I finally got Get Strong and am very excited to try it. I am focusing on Cathe’s LITE series right now, but I do plan to do Get Strong very soon. I would have done it first if I had been able to get it for Christmas. I have thought about purchasing her downloads but I still prefer DVDs when I can get them. I love most of Jessica’s workouts. I really like the pace of many of her strength workouts. She does everything at such a controlled pace and her form is so spot on!


  2. Hi,
    Out of all of the Jessica Smith walking DVDs you have acquired, which ones do you feel are the most intense? In other words, which ones are perfect for an advanced exerciser who wants to dial it back a bit on some days but still feel like there was some intensity.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is a good question. I would say Walk Off the Weight, 21 Day Weight Loss Plan, Walk Off Belly Fat and some of the walks on her 3 DVD Superset. I would say they are all about the same level–more intense than the others but not super intense. Walk Off the Weight is my favorite of the ones I listed but I think 21 Day Weight Loss might be the most intense of the 4.


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